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Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream Review



Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream:

About the Product:
  • ·         It is from the brand Himalaya, so it is a herbal product which is always a plus point for any skin\Hair  care product.
  • ·         No side effects
  • ·         Smooth texture
  • ·         Packaging- comes in a tub so very easy to use
  • ·         Can be used before or after hair wash
  • ·         Contains Amla and Chickpea. Amla is very good for  overall hair nourishment making it soft and shiny. Chickpea mainly prevents hair loss.
  • ·         Protein rich hair cream
  • ·         Very Economical- Rs100 for 175 ml of product
  • ·         Easily available in the market

    The Review:

  • I have recently bought this hair cream. I have never been a fan of hair creams since i think applying any sort of chemicals to hair is not a good choice. But since it was from a famous herbal brand, i thought of giving it a try. I have used it 3-4 times and result is quite good. It did make my hair soft and silky.

    I have used it before hair wash as well as after hair wash, both ways it can work fine. Very suitable product even for guys.

    Texture of the cream is really smooth. Neither too thick nor too thin, so gets easily spread on hairs and scalp. 

    Smell is typically like a cream. Its not that bad.

    So, as for the nourishment, it did make my hair looks more healthy and soft. But how much long lasting that effect will be i am not sure, might be i will use it for more of a couple of months and do a review again. As of now its working fine for me though i am not applying on a daily basis. I am also doing my regular hair oiling routine with it. So, i plan to continue to use this in future to see how finally it comes out to be.

    In regards to packaging it is not that hygienic since you need to dip your fingers every time you want to use it. A tube packaging is much more hygienic.

    Do comment  if u like my review or about this product, if u r also using it.

    Thanks for Reading!

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