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Part 2- Mini Beauty Haul + Review :)



Part 2- Mini Beauty Haul + Review :-)

Hi Girls, I am back with a part two of our favourite topic....Beauty Haul
I generally do a small haul since i want to describe and give brief information about the products i got, which would be difficult with too many products. Hope you guys will enjoy...

Here are the 5 products i bought, these are pretty basic stuff which i need and use in my day to day life..

1.Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil: Some of the products of Patanjali are just too good and this hair oil is one of those products. This my repurchase item- my second bottle of this Kesh Kanti hair oil. It is just so good that i cannot stop using it.It is herbal and inexpensive. It retails for INR 130 for 120ml of product. This hair oil contains huge variety of herbs and other herbal stuff which helps to give strength to the roots and prevent hair fall. Whenever i apply this, my hairs become so soft and shiny. I just love this product. I will be doing full review on this very soon . So stay tuned.

2. Patanjali Herbal Kajal: Now some of the Patanjali products are not worth it. Although, the bad ones are really very very few. But this Kajal is definitely one of them. It is really not worth spending INR100 also. It is not that black, nor does it stay for long, smudges flimsy packaging and what not. I Totally agree with the fact that it is herbal and will not be harmful for eyes, but it is not serving its basic purpose as kajal. I swatched it on my hand for you guys, and then just lightly rubbed once and 80% of the darkness was gone. Total thumbs down!

3.Blue Lady Deodorant: This is just a normal deodorant named as Blue Lady. I really likes the fragrance of it. I have been using it from one week now, pretty long lasting. You guys can surely give it a try. Retails for around INR150 for 200ml of product. This product is Made in Dubai. 

4Tropical Hawaian Island.Hand Sanitiser: It is just a random purchase from a local drugstore, as we all know that it is really important for us to carry one hand sanitiser whenever we go out of the house. I liked its fragrance, very mild and fresh. Retails for around INR 50 for 35 ml.It has these little green colored granules which are anti bacterial gel bombs.

5. Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream: This Himalaya product is for hair fall, i still have to use it for some more time to give full review. I have used Himalaya protein cream for hairs, and it worked pretty good for me, so i decided to give this one a try also. Will be doing full review about this product after using it for more couple of weeks. Stay Tuned! Retails for INR 100 for 175ml of product. Texture of this hair cream is very smooth and thick with nice mild fragrance.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my mini and basic beauty haul. Will be doing more very soon! 
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Happy Reading!

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