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My Review : Lakme Rose Powder

My Review : Lakme Rose Powder:

Hello Friends, today i have for you girls, review of Lakme Rose Powder... 

It is a loose powder for face..This product i have been using from last One year....I have been applying this loose powder daily before going to my work...That is because in daily wear i do not wear any foundation or makeup as such...So for this purpose this Lakme Rose Powder is pretty good..
If you are looking for something for a very natural finish with no heaviness at all...This can be the thing for you!!

About the Product:
  • Product is from one of our favorite brand in India- Lakme..Lakme is a well known one of the best Indian Cosmetic Brand
  • Comes in Tub Packaging
  • It is rose coloured loose powder
  • It contains sunscreen, which is a big plus point
  • Very nice and soft fragrance of Rose.
  • Cap is in the screw type..Not the Push type...This makes the fitting of the cap quite good
  • Comes with a Powder Puff
  • I have in the shade 'Soft Pink', which is meant for the light skin tone...Come in one more variance 'Warm Pink' which is meant for more deeper skin tone.
  • Retails for around INR 140 for 40 gram of product
  • Shelf Life is 24 months
  • Contains Paraben
  • Easily Available 
  • Easily Affordable

My Experience:
Firstly,  The colour and Fragrance of this Lakme Loose Powder is so nice and girlish...I love roses and this thing smells like rose so that was a plus point for me..

Now coming to the actual performance of the product..I have been using this from last one year on a daily basis...I apply it before going to my office..I am someone who do not like to wear makeup or foundation regularly to my work...So it just a moisturizer or sometimes my CC cream..But i always use this loose powder on top of it..The reason is the very light finish..It prevents my face to get oily in no time..The coverage and feel is very natural and light...You wont feel at all heavy or cakey or powdery after its application.Blends very nicely with the skin..

But one point i would like to state here is that if i am planning to go for a party, then definitely i would not use this one since the coverage is very minimal.I would like something more strong and a better coverage to combine with my foundation, for a party wear look..
Another plus point for the product is that it contains sunscreen, which makes it even more useful for a daily wear.Sunscreen application should never be left at all girls!
Lakme is something which we all trust for its good quality products..So full points for that. This Rose powder is finely  made..Quite a smooth powder.Price is pretty affordable and you really get a good amount of product to use.

So my final words would be--Good for daily natural look. Not meant for full coverage party wear makeup. If you love Roses.....You gonna love this! :-)

You can buy this at:

Rating- 3/5

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