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My Mini Beauty Haul (Lakme, LotusHerbals, Manybelline,BBlunt)



My Mini Beauty Haul (Lakme,LotusHerbals,BBlnt,Maybelline):

Hi Friends, I am back with another Beauty haul. I will be sharing about few of the Beauty\Skin Care and Hair Care Products, which i added recently in my collection.Since i got these things some time back, so i would be briefly reviewing these products too!
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Here are the Beauty Products I Got:

  1. Lotus Herbals Lip Balm(Raspberry): I got two lip balms. One of them is this Lotus Herbals in the flavour 'Raspberry'.I basically purchased this for my night time routine, since it do not have any pigmentation. It do have a mild fragrance. It contains Raspberry Extracts, honey and other herbal oils such as Almond Oil, Wheatgerm..All these things help to heal cracked and chapped lips...I am personally who liked to wear tinted lip balms for the daytimes, so i am using this for only night time. Retails for INR 135 for 5 grams of products, which is pretty good as compared to other lip balms available in the market.
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips: I do not think this product needs any introduction...Every girl has this in her purse..As i said earlier i like to use tinted lip balms for day time as it helps me to avoid using lipstick, if i am not going any where special...For example if i am going out for shopping, where i know i would be sweating a lot and it will be hot..I Prefer Lip Balms over Lipsticks...And my first choice these days are for sure Maybelline Lip Balms..These also have SPF in it, which is definitely a great added bonus. Hydration wise also they are pretty good..This one has SPF20 in it. The Variance is 'Cherry Kiss'. You can get lot of flavours to choose from.It has an average pigmentation.Over all it is good for giving Translucent Colour with good 5-6 hours of Hydration. Quite travel friendly. Retails for INR 190 for 4 grams.

  3. Parachute After Shower Hair Cream: This is something my husband has been using and loving..I also gave it a try couple of times since it is from Parachute, whose Coconut Oil we all girls have used some or the other time. I must say it is not at all bad for girls also. I loved the fragrance specially..So Fresh! While travelling i used it on my wet hairs and it did made them soft and manageable up to an extent...Not exceptionally good, quite an average product for girls....But for boys short hairs and obviously different texture than girls, it works great..Comes in a basic Tube Packaging...Affordable INR 40 for 50 grams..What more to you expect...It performed quite well on my travel!

  4. Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation:This is the product i have been using since my college days...Such a great affordable product from Lakme..It gives you the minimal coverage you need for daily wear...Not that much suitable for party wear! Great for office and college goers! Pricing is around INR 140. I have mentioned about this in one of my article 5 Beauty Products I Am Using From More Than 5 Years.

  5. BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish: This one i got for going to the upcoming couple of parties...I have still used it just once....It was OK! Not highly impressed....It was not like a one spray and you will get that shiny hairs..It says it gives instant shine.It is is light weight formula, which instantly make dull hairs more glossy and shiny. I got this small packaging for INR 250 for 25 grams, which according to me is costly as compared to the performace it deliver. Till now it is a pretty average product for me!Lets see how it performs for me in future.

  6. Fem Bleach: This bleach is from a brand called Fem. This bleach for facial hairs is quite popular in India. But surely this product always have mixed reviews about it..Some says it ok to use..Some are not that comfortable to bleach facial hairs..I am ok to use it once in a while....Specially before going for some weddings and parties..It do add some amount of extra glow to the face and make my minute facial hairs less visible..It comes in 2 sizes i suppose..You can select according to your need..Easily available everywhere..The Packaging contains one tub of cream and one tub of activator with a spoon to use..You need to mix the right amount of activator with the cream before applying it on the face..Very Affordable. I got for INR 57 for 24 g.

So, friends that was my cute little beauty\hair care haul, all the products i use in my daily routine!
Hope you guys liked it..Do let me know if you have any suggestions\Questions in the comment section below!
Till then Happy Reading!

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