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Foundation Brush Vs Beauty Blender\Sponge

Foundation Brush Vs Beauty Blender\Sponge:

Hi Friends, today lets discuss what exactly the difference is, if we apply foundation using a foundation brush Vs applying foundation using a sponge or beauty blender.

I always see a discussion in various public platforms, about some people using more of a beauty sponges these days for the application of foundation while some people still prefer to use their regular foundation brushes.. So, lets have a look what exactly is the difference between the two.

I personally love my foundation brush which i have been using from quite a while now, it really gives me a fantastic finish.You just need to use it in a correct way, thats all.
And Brush are much more easy to clean!!! :-)

Foundation Brush:
Foundation brush have a flat surface. Now a days N number of companies are selling it. It all depends on from what range you want to pick your makeup products. In India also you have the budget friendly brushes available as well as proper branded options are also there. Can be easily found on Amazon or Nykaa etc.
 * Basically, you apply your liquid or mousse foundation in the forms of dots all over your face and then with the help of the Foundation Brush, you start blending it. Blending motions should always be soft and gentle to avoid harsh lines. Many people who don't like brush for their foundation routine is because sometimes they get a streaky finish or a cakey look. Here, it is very important to know that to avoid this one should always settle down the foundation with a good pressing powder or a translucent powder. So, the technique is really really important to avoid streaks.
Take your time to complete your foundation routine, blend properly with soft motions and use a translucent powder to settle it, definitely there wont be any streaks...

 ** The second very important reason why sometimes people get a streaky finish after applying their foundation with a help of a brush, is because their skin is too dry.Now, this problem is mainly faced by the people having a dry skin. If your skin is not properly hydrated, it is dry then obviously your foundation would not blend perfectly and thus giving a cakey finish. So, if you have a dry skin always apply your moisturizer before starting your make up. Then apply foundation. Definitely no problems of streaks will be there.
*** Foundation brushes gives more coverage than the beauty blender.Beauty Sponges gives more of a natural look. 

Beauty Blender\Sponges:

If you guys are looking more of a natural look rather than full coverage look, then definitely beauty sponges are your thing. Beauty Blenders are known to give more natural and glowy finish.

Blending your foundation with a help of a Beauty Blender gives an airbrush look.
Original beauty blender is quite expensive so many people are not so comfortable in spending this much money on it, but now a days many dupes are also available to choose from. Some are good some are not.
*Proper way to use it is to first put in under running tap water and then squeeze out all the excess water from it. Now use this damp sponge for application of your foundation.
** Damp Beauty Blender helps the product to get absorbed into the skin nicely and thus the coverage looks more natural and glowy.
*** One very important thing to keep in mind while using beauty sponges is to maintain a very high hygiene otherwise it will break you out. You need to wash and clean your sponges as well the brushes regularly.

However, one another trick is to use both- Brush as well as sponges. You can apply your foundation first with the help of your brush, and then settle it with the help of the Beauty Blender. This way you can get the benefits of both the things...:)

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