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My Review: Spinz BB Cream

My Review: Spinz BB Cream:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Today I have for you review of Spinz BB Cream..It is recently launched in the market..It says it is a Brightening & Beauty Fairness Cream!! Again Beauty creams and their obsession with "Fairness"...So, I am just going to ignore the fairness part and will focus on the brightening and other benefits and results of this Spinz BB cream....

About the Product:
  • Very Beautiful Rose Gold Colored Tube Packaging...
  • Very convenient to use and carry 
  • It says it gives 2x instant glow and cover spots
  • Provide Sun Protection
  • Highly Affordable: Retails for just INR 100/- for 29 gram of product
  • Very smooth velvety texture
  • Blends easily
  • Yellow colored
  • Have a nice floral fragrance
  • Key Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanuim dioxide, Octylmethoxycinnamate, Butyi Methoxydibenzoyl methane
  • Directions to Use: Apply cream by gently massaging on clean face and neck area using upward circular movements.
  • Product of Cavin Kare 
  • Made In India

My Review:

First comes the Packaging....It is in the Rose Gold Colored tube. Very classy and good quality. Would be a good product to carry in handbag.

Secondly, it has a very soothing floral fragrance. I really love the floral scent of it...It gives a fresh feel!

Now comes the main part......The texture and the performance!!!!
The first time I saw it, it instantly reminded me of our very old Vicco Turmeric cream..... Spinz BB cream is a yellow/mustard colored cream,with an extremely velvety or mousse finish...It just glides on the skin without the feeling of heaviness. It is a very light weight cream for daily use purpose...
Somewhere between a normal face cream and a foundation.

However, since it is in the mousse texture, Dry skin people better moisturize their skin nicely before its application otherwise it can fill and enhance the dry patches of the skin..

I actually liked this BB cream and think it is great option for daily use, where I generally prefer something very skin like light coverage cream...It does even tones the skin and gives a nice glow...Staying power is not much and lasted for 3-4 hours for my oily skin...

I did tried it with a primer also and staying power was increased. I personally liked this very much...the texture....the fragrance...everything worked quite good for me.....
For Dry skin people, I am bit doubtful!! Better apply your regular moisturizer before, for it to be more natural on your skin.

If you are looking for some kind of BB cream with a coverage that will serve as a makeup for parties or outings, then I don't think this is an apt product...This one is best for daily office or college or general purpose. It is not an alternative for foundations. However, there are other BB creams available in the market that can provide medium to good coverage. Do checkout below links to know more:

Full marks on the affordability...Retails for INR 100 only for 29 gram of product, which I think is great and everyone can easily afford and enjoy!

It also says that it cover spots!!!!!I do not think this can cover any spots unless they are very light. It does not have that much coverage to cover spots or marks....But the "Instant Glow" part surely works...It do add a nice & healthy glow to the skin

I would like to recommend this BB cream, if you are looking which will add some glow and a nice natural finish to the skin.

Buy here:

Do share your thoughts & feedback in the comment section below....:)

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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  1. Theses is very nice cream 👌

  2. Very informative review... I enjoyed reading the post, thank you so much for the very detailed review. I definitely try and share my experience with all. Thanks a lot...!!!

  3. YES, it's good cream, we also use it in our company. HOME SALON

  4. YES, it's good cream, we also use this in our company.HOME SALON

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  6. I really love this spinz bb cream but now the formula has changed I started hating this now it's Matt more white not giving good coverage and hard to apply it used to be satani smmoth and with good fragrance


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