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Say No To Plastic! Via NanoNine Steel Kitchenware

Say No To Plastic! Via NanoNine Steel Kitchenware

Hi Friends,

As we all are aware that how hazardous Plastic is for Oceans and Environment. Plastic in any form is harmful. It is good to see that our society is slowly & finally understanding the need of time and have started doing their bit by avoiding plastics where ever possible.
It is not yet possible to remove all kind of plastic from our homes, but yet we can start taking baby steps towards it!
Start by exploring Kitchenware options in Steel, Ceramic and if it had to be plastic, then it should be 100% BPA free and recyclable.

To start my one such effort, is going back to our very old Steel Bottles and Lunch Boxes. I remember taking Stainless Steel lunch Box to my school when I was a small kid...

The two products I would be introducing today are:
  • NanoNine Supor Steel Bottle
  • NanoNine Stainless Steel Air Lock Tiffin Lunchpack

Supor Steel Bottle:
  • Light weight and 100% Steel
  • Capacity of 1000 ml
  • Hygienic
  • 0% Plastic
  • Single Wall, hence can be used as Fridge bottle
  • Leak proof
  • Unbreakable
  • Multipurpose Use - Can be used in schools, Gyms, Office etc
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable- Retails for Rs 396/-
  • Available in other sizes too
  • Beautiful Designing
  • Not to be used in Microwave\Oven

 Stainless Steel Air Lock 3 Pack Tiffin Lunch pack & Bag:
  • Includes 3 boxes and a Bag
  • Compact Design
  • Single Wall Tiffin Range
  • Food Grade & BPA Free Lid
  • Air Vent for Easy Locking & Unlocking
  • 100% Leak proof & Air Tight
  • Feather Lite
  • Washable Bag
  • Do not Microwave
  • Do not use on Hotplate or Induction
  • This is in size small. Also available in other sizes
  • Compact
  • Affordable. Retails for Rs 450/-
  • Easy to Carry

Since both the items are made from Single Wall Steel, so they are not very heavy and can be carried in the bag very easily.
Bottle has a nice grip and easy to carry. I really like the blue designing, gives an unique feel to it, from the regular steel bottles.Bottle is not very fat rather it is more tall. The only negative I can find out is the bottom edge of the bottle is bit sharp and little uneven, might be I just got the bad batch. Other than that, it is quite comfortable to use and cap is also tight and leak proof.
Nano Nine has a nice range of steel bottles to choose from, varying from different capacities to different designing.

Buy your bottle here:

Coming to the Tiffin Lunch pack, I have it in the size 'Small' which contain 3 equal sized small containers. There are other sizes also available to suit different needs and requirements. The box is made of stainless steel while the lid is made from BPA free good quality plastic. This makes this Tiffin box totally leak proof.

Also, I would say that it is very light and compact and can fit in office or school bags very easily.
It has an unique feature of 'Air Vent lock'. Pull the air vent lock to release the vacuum inside the steel bowl, making easy to open the lid. I have used it multiple times now and it has kept the aroma of the food nicely till quite a long time, be it Rice or Dal Sabji Roti- A typical Indian food..
Make sure you do not use this in Ovens or Microwaves or Hot Plates or Inductions.
There are many options available in lunch box packs like 2 or 4 box set or Double Wall set etc. Do make sure to check their full range. I am sure you will find something according to your preference.

Buy here:


Also, I can see some other amazing Kitchenware from Nano Nine on Amazon. Here are some of the items which I really liked and plan to buy in future:

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Hope the post was helpful for you. Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.
Take Care!

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