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Perfect Lehenga For Summer Weddings!!

Perfect Lehenga For Summer Weddings!!

Hello Friends,

Are you planning to attend or have a Summer Indian Wedding? For us Indian women, weddings are synonym to flaunting a beautiful Lehenga. But selecting a perfect Lehenga for summer weddings can be quite a challenge!!!!
Since it will all be sunny, humid and hot, it is very important to select a suitable outfit, which can be trendy, ethnic yet light weight enough for the hot weather.

I personally love designer's Sabyasachi's ethnic wear collection...Do check his latest Spring Summer Collection 2018!! It is always very innovative.
Today I would be sharing some of my favorite Lehenga picks, which are perfect for summers yet stylish & Trendy.
Recently I spotted some great options of Indian Ethnic Lehengas on a online clothing website I found that Craftsvilla has a vast variety of ethnic wear from suits, Sarees and Lehengas.
There is something for everyone. I also found that the prices are very affordable.
The best part is they have a nice collection of ethnic jewelry as well to match with your outfits.

Also, you can easily filter the one according to your choice and need through 'By Occasion', 'By Fabric' or 'By Style' and so on. They have something for all size and shape, from semi stitched to fully stitched..... You name it and they have it. You can just have a Perfect Lehenga for you from CraftsVilla Link

So, here are some recommendations which will help you to buy the right one!!! :)

1. Craftsvilla Salmon Mulberry Silk Bridal Lehenga:
My first pick is this beautiful light weight Pink lehenga, coordinated with Blue Net Dupatta. Having a two colored lehenga is so much in trend these days, which adds a different spark to regular single colored traditional look. This outfit is perfect if you are up to a friend's or cousin's wedding. The price is Rs 5211/-

2. Craftsvilla Orange Raw Silk Embroidery A Line Lehenga:
The evergreen Red\Orange lehenga never go out of style. If you want to go for full embroidery traditional avatar Orange lehenga, then this could be a perfectly stunning choice. This one is single colored and suitable for bride. Pick this one and get ready to flaunt your Royal avatar. This is priced at Rs 14947/- .You can surely accessorize a single colored outfit with a multi colored accessories

3. Craftsvilla Grey Brocade Sequined A Line Lehenga: Here is a perfect casual option for pre and post wedding parties like engagement and reception. This is trendy and chic. It has a halter neck which makes it very different from the traditional ones. It is layered and sequined. Priced at Rs 9942/-  A very unique combination of grey and blue. So, if you are someone who love to wear something unique and contemporary, then this could be the one!!
Not to mention that layered dresses are so much in trend these days!!

4. Craftsvilla Blue Jacquard Embroidery A Line Lehenga: There are times when you want to go for a traditional outfit yet with some twist. That twist could be selecting some some unusual colors like Blue, green or whites.. Here is a very sophisticated Acqua Blue Lehenga in fabric Jacquard. This is elegant, traditional yet trendy ! This is priced at Rs 14938/- You can surely sport it even if you are a wedding guest and not the bride.
So, If you are someone who is looking for something quirky and stylish yet traditional...Look no further!

In today's busy life, when there is always a crunch of time. Shopping online seems to be a perfect thing. It helps saving a lot of time and exploring more options. Craftsvilla has become quite a good Brand for ethnic wear collection. Their collection is trendy, different and affordable. Also, they have a good collection of ethnic jewelry too. So, just select your outfit and match your jewelry with it. No need to run and browse different options.

Also, recently I came great across some useful suggestions in one of the Quora discussion Here

So. friends those were some of my favorites picks and recommendations. There are many more in their collection. Make sure you check them out if you are planning your wedding outfit.

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would to read your suggestions and ideas.

Till my next post, Stay Beautiful Stay Happy!

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How To Style Camisoles!!!!

How To Style Camisoles!!!!

Hello Lovely Ladies!!

Gone are those days when Camisoles were only supposed to be wore as inner or Slip as we call it, under a shirt or a top.
Now you can really style them in so many different and interesting ways...Camisoles are available in so many colors and styles. You can totally pick according to your preference and how you would want to style it. Camisoles besides wearing as a inner clothing, can be used as outer clothing like a top, styled with a skirt or jeans etc
But the first question that comes to the mind is What is a Camisole?

Recently I have spotted some great options of camisoles on online lingerie website Zivame.
I saw there are various styles of camisoles available. If you are looking to buy one definitely check their collection. Find the Link here!

Zivame is no doubt one of the best places to shop online when it comes to inner and night wears. I personally have been shopping from them from more than couple of years now.They have great collection from basic to fancy...everything! They have all the good lingerie brands and offers discounts from time to time. Even their Camisoles collection is very affordable.

Today I would be sharing some of my thoughts about what kind of Camisoles are in trend these days and how you can style them effortlessly!

Camisoles comes in various fabrics like basic cotton or Silk and Satin etc. It can be plain solid and it could be with a lace detailing. Generally Camisoles have thin straps.

1. Casual Look: When it comes to relaxed casual look Black Cami with Blue Jeans or Denim Shorts always does the trick. It is never out of fashion and always look chic yet elegant. You can also add a shrug on top of it to add a layer and dimension. It can be a solid black or with some kind of lace details. For this look, stay away for over Lacey and fancy ones..
These days you can also find some great printed camisoles, which looks stunning for the casual wear!

2. Professional Look: Camisoles are such a comfortable and versatile piece of clothing, that you can actually style it up for your work too. Satin or Silk Camisoles paired with Blazers and skirts or trousers will surely make some heads turn in your office. This look looks super smart and trendy yet not too fancy and unprofessional. Best color options to pick for this style would be neutrals like Black, White and Beige.

3. Party \ Date\Evening Look: Planning to go for a Date night or A Cocktail party, ditch those regular LBD for a change and go for a Cami tucked in with a Pencil skirt or even a flared skirt, which are in so much trend these days. You can also team up the look with some cool accessories like Belts to get that perfect evening look!

Camisoles are such an underrated part of the clothing specially in India. In fact Camisoles are highly versatile and can be styled up or down very easily.
For example if you have a cotton Solid Camisole, you can surely use in in winters below Sweaters and in summers with a smart pair of Denim shorts. Also, it can be used as a slip below the shirts and see through tops.
If you have a Satin Camisole, you can wear it with Blazer while you are at work and also can style it with a beautiful skirt or culottes while going out with friends on the weekend..

Definitely there are some points that need to be kept in mind while buying it, like the neck line, loose or tight fit, not too much of lace work otherwise it will look like a night dress!!! Choose smarty according to your comfort level and I am sure you will enjoy wearing and flaunting it!!

Do check New Rules for wearing Camis!!!  for some Do ans Don'ts!! :)
So go ahead and experiment with your favorite Camisoles...
Hope this article would be helpful for my readers and would suggest them what to buy.
Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to read your suggestions and ideas.
P.S: All pictures have been picked from Google Images and Zivame.

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Shop with G3 Fashion.Com

Shop with G3 Fashion.Com

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the Holiday season. Christmas is just around the corner and it is all about shopping and exchange of gifts.
Also, the wedding season is On and for us women, Dresses are never enough... :-)

It's an age of Online shopping and Recently, I came across a shopping website which offers a wide range and variety of fashion clothing. They have some nice collection in the ethnic category! They offer clothing for everyone..From Women To Kids To Men!!
They are based out of Surat and They have a world wide shipping.
Here is the link to their website..

Sometimes, purchasing clothes just by seeing the photographs can be tricky and often end in huge variation in the color and style. The clothing item received and the one showed in the reference image turn out to be totally different and becomes a total disappointment. It can be due to various reasons like Color OR Cloth Quality OR Size etc. To overcome this, G3 fashion has an unique tool which will help the consumers to select exactly what they want. All you need is just an internet connection and enjoy a hassle free shopping through just a Video call. Leave no room for guessing, just book an appointment with them by going on their website and shop smartly, while sitting in the comfort of your home! At the decided time,One of their representative will be available and help you shop and decide what is perfect for you and your requirement.
This is the form you need to fill to book an appointment.

Here is the link to their website, where you can book an appointment for yourself and get started!

You can do a Skype call or a Facetime whatever suits you..I really think it is an amazing way to help their customers to select their perfect outfit.
So, If you are planning to buy a new dress and looking for some great online shopping options, Do check their website and try G3+  Video Shopping and enjoy shopping while sitting comfortably in your cozy home!!

I am really impressed with their variety in the Women Ethnic wear collection. It is a wedding season already and we all women need a new dress!! Be it a Lehenga or Gown or a sophisticated Saree. They have a huge collection of Saree. From simple to embroidery, there is one for everybody! I checked their Silk Saree collection and some were really very attractive and beautiful, perfect for a Indian wedding or party. They can be a perfect gift for friends & family too..
Here is the link to their Silk Saree collection: 
Do check it out.

Also, I really like the fact that the website is user friendly and well categorized. For examples in Saree, they have further categorized them in the Party wear , Designer, Georgette, Bridal, Reception etc. This definitely helps the customers to pick the right thing and save time. You can check just what you are looking for and not get lost in searching through whole collection. 

G3 really look promising and I am planning to buy few things from them. Do let me if you purchase something from them Or have already tried!
Also, what is your favorite website for shopping clothes online.

Till my next post..Keep Shopping and and stay happy :)

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