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Book Review: The Ramayana Secret By Anurag Chandra

Book Review: The Ramayana Secret By Anurag Chandra

Hi Friends!

I am back with yet another book review by an Indian author Anurag Chandra.
The name of the book is 'The Ramayana Secret' and it is a mythology fiction.
"The Ramayana Secret is Rama's story, not as you know it but as it happened"

Plot Summary: Ravana has jeopardised the peaceful co- existence of the inner and outer Earths. The divine scripts are in his custody and the demon king is invincible. Rama is tasked with the secret mission of securing the scripts and handing them back to their rightful owners. Assuming the identity of Dasharatha's son, Rama prepares for battle, aided by emissaries from the inner Earth kingdom of Agartha and sages residing in Dandaka.
Will this alliance between the kingdom of Agartha and Kosala save humanity from an impending disaster? Why is Rama real identity kept a secret? Who has decided to reveal the secret about Rama's origins and Why? Was Sita the real reason Rama fought against Ravana?

Genre:Fiction\ Mythology

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 215

Price: Rs 295/-

Publisher: Om Books International

Format: Paperback

About The Author: Anurag Chandra is a New Delhi based serial entrepreneur, educator and author with a Bachelor's degree in engineering from IIT Kanpur. After a brief stint as a software consultant in New York, he started his own educational venture, Eduwiser to create content for competitive test preparations. He has also been featured in India Today for his entrepreneurial work.
Anurag considers writing therapeutic as it transports him to an imaginative world filled with myriad characters. The Ramayana Secret marks his foray into fiction.

Review: Mythology Fictions have always been one of my favourite genre to read. The book's name is The Ramayana Secret and as the title suggests, it definitely fits perfect into the category.

Starting with the book cover, it looked pretty average to me, nothing too intriguing. I seriously think that something more could have been added to it, to make it look more magical and inviting.

That being said about the first impression of the book cover, the first few pages of the book made me fall in love with the story immediately. Obviously it is a story about Lord Ram and our very own oldest Indian tale Ramayana. But the author has told the story of Ramayana, from all together different angle.
All the characters are definitely picked up from the Ramayana story we have always heard, but the plot build up is very unique and innovative. There are lots of twists and turns in the story. There are many surprises for the readers because since it is Ramayana, we tend to expect somethings as we have always heard. So, that makes the whole reading experience very interesting.

I liked the concept of the inner and outer earth. How Ram belonged to a different world and was sent on a secret mission with a cover up identity and a plan. Why Sita was kidnapped by the Lankan King Ravana is also quite interesting. The book covers a whole story about how Ravana overtook Lanka and became its king. Why is he so powerful!! Was Sita a sole purpose of the war between Rama and Ravana.....

The first half of the book is very fast and every page brings something new, while the second half of the book is comparatively slower.
The book depicts the Family Tree of Kosala, Videha and Anga Kingdoms and Family tree of Lankans in the form of flowchart in the beginning of the book.

I would highly recommend this book to all the fiction lovers since the plot is very imaginative and interesting.  I loved reading it and look forward more from the author.

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