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Review Of Seven Seas Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner (2 in 1)

Review Of Seven Seas Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner (2 in 1)

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Do you love those Black smoky eye look???
If yes and if you are on a budget, then here is an affordable recommendation from my side, which I very recently tried and have been using.
So, the product I would be talking about today for those makeup lovers, is a Combo of Eye Shadow & Gel Eye Liner from a brand 'Seven Seas'.

About The Product:
  • It is a 2 in 1 product, which contains Gel eye liner and a eye shadow
  • Is Water Proof
  • Is Smudge Proof
  • Has a Soft Texture
  • Comes with the brush
  • Long Lasting
  • Sweat Proof
  • Retails for Rs 299/-
  • Has a shelf life of 3 years
  • Easy & Smooth Application
  • Available at Euphorbia Box Website

My Review:
Firstly, the packaging of the product is really very compact which makes it super comfortable to carry. It can easily be carried in your 'not so big handbag' also :)

It comes with its your own brush, so no need to carry a separate makeup brush to apply the product. However, I personally use a much thinner brush to apply eye liners, than what is provided with this one.

No need to say it is super affordable and you get two products - Gel Eyeliner and a Black Eye Shadow. Basically, everything for that smoky eye look for this party season!
It is not a shimmery eye shadow, however I can see some very minute and tiny particles of shimmer in it. But those does not show up much even after the application as well. I prefer matte eye shadows more, since they tend to last much longer on me than the shimmer ones. This one worked fine for me in that area.

Texture and application wise, both Eye Liner as well as Eye Shadow went well. No lumps and chalkiness. However, Pigmentation wise Eye Shadow did not impressed me much. It is not that dark black I personally like. Gel eye liner was fine and lasted quite well.

I can also see some amazing discounts going on the website.
Do pick one for yourself:

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Do share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to read them!
Till my next post, Stay Beautiful!

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My Review: Stay Quirky Primer

My Review: Stay Quirky Primer

Hello Lovely Readers!

Hope everyone is doing great. Today I would be reviewing a makeup product from a brand, which is quite new in the Indian market. The brand I am talking about is 'Stay Quirky' and the make up product I am reviewing is their 'Primer'.

About The Product/Brand:

  • Firstly, it is an Indian makeup brand which is pretty new in the Indian market.
  • Availability is still an issue because as far as I know it is available only on website
  • Affordability wise amazing. Mostly their makeup products are super affordable.
  • Great & Suitable shades for Indian skin tones.
  • Huge Variety of Colors
  • Primer is priced at Rs 449/- for 27 grams
  • Shelf Life is of 2 years.
  • Primer claims to be water resistant, Blends effortlessly, Light weight
  • Although it is made in India, it is mentioned on the tube that the Ingredients are imported from USA.
  • Comes in a black colored tube packaging without any outer cover.
  • Transparent Silicon gel kind of texture
  • Travel friendly
My Review:

Firstly coming to the packaging, it comes in a black colored tube with a nozzle, without any outer cardboard packaging. But the cap closes pretty tightly, so no issues with that. 

I have a super oily skin and keeping my makeup intact is always a challenging task for me. Foundation always tends to slip away after 3-4 hours or it becomes oxidized specially in summers. Face looks much more shiny in the photographs than it actually is.
All these problems led me to using a primer before application of my foundation. And that was the best thing I have done to secure my makeup. It has helped me to smooth out my skin and to hold my makeup little more longer. It mattifies the skin and helps to create a much more healthier looking base for the makeup.
So, if you also suffer from any of these issues and have an Oily skin then a primer is a must!!! You definitely need to use one. All being said, primer is not just limited to Oily skin people, if you have a dry skin or a combination skin then also you can use it. You can use all over your face or only just on the T zone.

I have been using Colorbar primer from almost 2 years now and it works great!! So, when recently I spotted this Stay Quirky primer which is much more on the affordable side, I instantly decided to give it a try. 

The texture is super smooth. Like a silicon clear gel. It glides on skin and get absorbed very easily. You can use your fingers for its application. No need for any kind of makeup brushes. And Thank God it is MATTE!! :-) It gives a nice matte finish to the skin. It is very comfortable on skin. 
It is a non oily and non greasy formulation. It helps to hold makeup for a longer time and makes it look more fresh, by controlling the oil secretion.

If I compare it to the Colorbar Primer, then the texture is very similar & close. But the Colorbar one is more thick and this SQ primer is little bit light weight. 

Overall I am quite satisfied with the product. But If you are looking for a primer which can blur out your big pores, then surely this is not the one. I cannot see any kind of pore blurring happening. However, it does give a look of a much more smooth surface and also helps to control skin oils.

For an oily skin like mine, SQ primer is more suitable for a daily or a casual wear. It is not a very heavy duty primer. It just merges into the skin. You will not feel any kind of bulkiness on the skin. That way it works excellent and surely mattifies the skin :) 
But If I have to go to a wedding function where I would want my makeup to last super long, I would go with a Colorbar primer. Colorbar's staying power is little bit better..

Quality wise and pricing wise, I surely loved SQ primer....
I really hope that this brand will be available more easily at other places as well other than just 

So, friends that was my take on the Stay Quirky Primer. Do let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to read them
Till my next post, Stay Beautiful! :)

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My Current Month (April) Favorites!!!

My Current Month (April) Favorites!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today I would be sharing some of the skincare and Makeup products, which I have been enjoying in the month of April 2018. These are the products which I am using continuously and loving them!!! So, here comes my April Favorites!!! :)

1. Clean & Clear  Face Wash: Summers are in full swing and it is super hot these days!! I have an oily skin and in summers it tends to get more oily and get clogged easily. I make it a point to wash my face at least 2-3 times a day to keep it clean and oil free. Clean & Clear face wash is one of the best face wash according to me especially for oily skin. It literally washes off all the dirt and excess oil from the face and make it squeaky clean. However, for dry skin people, they can feel little bit dryness after washing, so make you use your moisturizer properly after its usage. I always carry this one in my handbag! They do have a basic variant, as well as other interesting variants like lemon, strawberry etc
Buy here:

2. Auravedic Skin Lightening Face Pack: My second favorite for the month is AuraVedic Skin Lightening Face Pack... My skin gets tanned very easily and removing it is a big task. In today's hectic world, every single day we cannot have the luxury to indulge in home made DIY.
This face pack has helped me a lot for taking care of my sun tan. I have done full review of the same: Aura Vedic Skin Lightening Face Pack Review
It has some great ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood and Turmeric. If you have skin issues like pigmentation, tan or dark spots, then this face pack can be a great option to try. It is Easy & Ready to use.

Buy This pace pack Here:

  3. Spinz BB Cream: In this super hot summers, wearing makeup is next to impossible. I just go for a very light weight BB cream, Kajal and a lipstick and that is all! The BB cream I am currently using is from Spinz. It has a very light coverage..just enough to even tone your skin. It gives a healthy glow to face and not a very heavy finish. It does not feel like wearing makeup.Full review:  Great for daily wear!
Buy Spinz BB Cream here:

4. Maybelline Super Fresh Compact Powder: Having a good compact powder in my purse is a mandate for me. Currently using Maybelline Super Fresh Compact powder. It is affordable and mattifies your skin. I even like the fresh scent of it. Moreover, the best part is it has SPF in it, so it gives an additional sun protection which is an absolute must in this summers. I think it has 4 shades, you can select according to your skin tone. It is very light weight & feels absolutely comfortable in the summer season.
Buy Maybelline Fresh Compact Here:

5. Wottagirl Body Splash: In summers, I mostly tend to stay away from those heavy duty perfumes and rather go for some light weight and mild Body Splash or Body Mists. I have been using Wottagirl Body Splash in the variant Secret Crush, which is very fresh and fruity scent. The best part are these are very affordable and available in many variants. Full review is here:

This one will easily last on you for about 4-5 hours. I am planning to buy some other variants as well.
Would surely recommend you guys to try Wottagirl once...They are totally worth the price!
Buy Here:

So, friends those were all of my April Favorites and things which I am currently using & loving!!!
Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Hope this article will be useful for you!

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Till my next post..Stay Happy!

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Random Purchase: Nykaa Paintstix Lipstick: Grunge Brown - A Perfect Brown Lipstick!

Random Purchase: Nykaa Paintstix Lipstick: Grunge Brown - A Perfect Brown Lipstick!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Lipsticks are never enough for women!!! And every now and then we end up buying a new lipstick...
Recently, I added a new lipstick in my collection.....
So, I decided to share how I felt about it and do a mini review on it.
It is Nykaa Paintstix in the color "Grunge Brown"...And I must it is one of the most beautiful brown lipstick I have seen..

About the Product:

  • Lipstick is from a brand  "Nykaa"
  • Nykaa's Paintstix has a remarkable formula that wows you with its supreme color intensity and comfortable soft matte finish. This super pigmented lipstick glides on your lips effortlessly providing you with extreme color in one stroke. It's big on color and big on glamour.
  • There are in total 20 shades...Color choice is really awesome starting from Nudes to Pink to Dark Brown.
  • Retails for INR 425/- for 3.5 gram of product
  • Consist Vitamin E and nutrient infused butter
  • Super long lasting
  • Excellent Color Payoff
  • Color Coded Packaging
  • Shelf Life of 3 years

My review:

Firstly, I absolutely loved the packaging. It is a color coded cap, with matte finish tube. Color co- ordinated packaging makes arranging & storing lipsticks so much easier. So, full marks on that. The quality of the tube is also very good and not flimsy plastic at all.

There are in total 20 shades in this range. There is something for everyone. From Nudes to Pinks to Purple to Dark Brown....Everyone can get shade of their choice!
The color Payoff is excellent. All the shades are beautifully pigmented. In just one swipe, you will get an amazing color. I hate to coat my lipstick with 2-3 swipes to get a proper color, it just feels so heavy on lips. With Nykaa Paintstix, one swipe is quite good!

Also, it is not totally transfer proof. It does get transferred a little bit..But considering all other merits, I think it can be managed.

The texture is quite smooth and glides on the lips easily. It is not one of those drying matte lipstick. These has a semi matte finish...Very Very comfortable on lips. 
I have picked a dark brown shade,which is inspired from 90s!!! It is called " Grunge Brown"..I must say it is a beautiful but quite dark brown look....Exactly what I was looking for...

Price wise also I think it is in medium priced category. You can get these on sale and discount..
So, I think can be a great affordable lipstick..I actually do not have anything negative to say about it..
Totally Satisfied with my buy and will surely like to recommend it...

You can buy these from Nykaa or from amazon website...I will provide the links to this shade as well as other shades too, just in case you wish to pick for yourself :-)
I am surely picking more shades from this range....:)
Do try!!

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Which is your current favorite lipstick.

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Till my next post, Stay Happy Stay Beautiful!! :)

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