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Book Review: A Princess's Quest For Knowledge By Soumya Torvi

Book Review: A Princess's Quest For Knowledge! By Soumya Torvi

Hello Lovely Readers!

Who else still loves to read books meant for Children?
If you do, then today's book review will surely interests you. The book I have today is 'A Princess's Quest For Knowledge' By Indian author Soumya Torvi.

Plot Summary: Princess Vaishali is devastated when her younger brother, Prince Bhuvan is sent to gurukul and she is told that girls are not allowed to study there. She makes up her mind that no one can stop her from learning.
After penance for months, she hears the voice of the Lord. She follows the voice's instructions and finds a magical pendant with clues written on it. She uses her knowledge from stories she has heard and books she has read to solve one clue, but in the process, transforms into a squirrel. In her quest for knowledge, she confidently moves against the tide, only to be met with several adventures.
Will this challenge transform her into other forms? Will she ever become a princess again?
A Princess's Quest for knowledge unravels the truth behind the mysterious events in her life.

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Illustrations By: Martin James

No. Of Pages: 78

Price: Rs 150/-

Format: Paperback

About The Author: Soumya Torvi is a software engineer turned writer who is very passionate about writing for children. Her stories have been published in leading children's magazines. She has also written books about the inspiring tales of achievers which have been translated into Vietnamese. Her story hungry children continously motivate her to spin more tales.

Review: I loved reading this book. Although it is meant for kids, but still it has a strong story line and a message. It is a story about princess Vaishali, who is hungry for knowledge and exposure. Since she was denied for the admission in the gurukul, she herself goes for a personal quest for learning and knowledge and end up turning herself into a squirrel.Will she ever be back as a princess again? What all adventures she would face during this journey...
Starting with the cover, it is super cute as well as relevant.

The writing and narration is simple and smooth, perfect for kids. Language used is easy. It is a great book to introduce kids to mythology fictions. On page X, author explains all the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu known as 'Dashaavataar'. I think it is a nice book for kids. It is a quick read. Kids will find the book engaging ans simple.
The book is filled with beautiful illustrations, which makes book meant for children super interesting.
I am sure kids will enjoy reading this one!! :)

Here is the link to buy:

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Please do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.
Till my next post, Happy Reading! :-)

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