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Organic Skincare By Degya!

Organic Skincare By Degya!

Hello Friends!

Hope everyone is doing well and taking good care of you and your family!
Recently, I have been using some skincare products from an Indian brand which is Pure, Handcrafted and Natural. The name of the brand is Deyga.
Deyga is home grown brand with a strong belief in traditional ways of haircare and skincare. It is based in Tamil Nadu, India.
Their products include Lip care, Oral Care, Bath and Body care, Eye care, Foot care, Baby care etc
Here is the Link to their official website:
Their website is quite informative and clearly explains the products, their ingredients and method to use. You can buy all the products from their website.

The products are:
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Hand Made
  • Made In India 
  • SLS Free
  • Parabens Free
  • Vegan

I have four products from the brand.

1. Body Butter: (Rose & Geranium) A Perfect way to tackle skin dryness and providing the much needed hydration. It has Organic Shea butter, Raw Mango butter, Almond Oil, Jojoba oil, Rose essential oil, Geranium essential oil. It retails for Rs 550/- for 100ml and has a shelf life of 6 months from the date of manufacture. The texture of the body butter is little thick but has a lot of hydration. A small quantity is enough for a single use. So, 100 ml will lasts quite long.

2. Rose & Mulethi Skin Brightening Face Pack: This is one of their best sellers! Perfect way to tackle skin dryness. It has Rose grains, Mulethi and Oat meal as its key ingredients. You can add a few drops of milk or water to a table spoon of powder. Try to apply a thick layer and leave it for 15-20 minutes. It has a shelf life of 8 months from the date of manufacture. Retails for Rs 490/- for 200 ml. I love the fact that it comes in a glass container. This face pack is suitable for all skin types.

3. Anti Aging Serum: I always make it a point to apply a nice face serum or a face oil after applying face pack, just as to ensure my skin does not become dry. The one I am using from Deyga is Anti aging.
It works to mitigate the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness. It helps to feel the skin relax. It is recommended to apply few drops before bedtime to get the best results. The key ingredients include Organic Hemp seed, Kalonji oil, Moringa oil, Jojoba oil, Carrot oil, Rosehip oil. Retails for Rs 730/- for 30 ml. The serum has a shelf life of 8 months from the date of manufacture.
I love its organic fragrance. If you apply it at the bedtime, you will surely have a much smoother skin in the morning. It makes skin super supple and soft. I did not had any allergies or breakouts post its usage.


4. Rose Powder: This is one of my favourite. It smells so good! If you love Rose fragrances, then I can guarantee you will use this every single day. This is a Talc free powder. A Perfect example how organic Rose fragrances are and not those heavy and loud Rose scents in the powders. The key ingredients include Organic Arrowroot powder, Kaolin clay, Corn starch powder, Rose powder, Olive oil, Rose essential oil. It retails for Rs 600/- for 100 grams. It is nourishing, Hypoallegic and non toxic. The powder feels mild on the skin and fragrance stays for good 5-6 hours. The price may look steep but the quality speaks for itself.

You can buy all the products from their website. They have a wide variety of products including for women, men and baby.

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Hope the post was useful. I would highly recommend to try this brand. 
Till my next post...Stay Healthy!

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My Current Month (May) Favorites!!

My Current Month (May) Favorites!!

Hello Friends,

How is everyone doing!! Time runs super fast... In just a blink of eye..May month is gone!!

So, I think it is the right time to do May Favorites!! These are the beauty related products, which I am currently using and plan to use at least for a month or so... So, lets gets started....I will be inserting the links to buy these products where ever possible. If these products interests you too and you want to buy it, do give it a try and share your experiences !!

1. Lip Balms: I have really dry lips and I always need loads of lip balms to keep them soft and hydrated. This is the reason I keep running out of Lip Balms really fast... N purchasing every time some tinted lip balm for Rs 150 to 300, does not seem very pocket friendly to me. Most of the time I need a very basic non tinted balm, specifically when I am at home or at night time...And when I am out working I use lipstick on lip balm! So, These are the two very affordable and basic lip balms which do their job perfectly fine..even better than some other expensive options.. These are our very own Nivea and Vaseline... In this price, these two are the best....You should definitely pick them for daily use.

One is Nivea Fruity Lip Care. This one retails for Rs 45/- for 10 grams. It has a very nice fruity strawberry kind of flavor. It is non tinted and little bit on the thick side...Gives perfect hydration to lips.

Other one is Vaseline Lip Care. This is also very good on the moisturizing part..The texture is less thick than the Nivea one..Super comfortable on lips..It has a very soft pick tint..Almost Nil..Retails for Rs 45/- for 10 grams.
Buy here:

2. Plump 24K Rose Gold Oil: I love to use face oils. Before going to bed I like to clean my face and massage it with 3-4 drops of facial oil. Facial oils have made a great difference in my skin texture. The one I am currently using is from a brand Plump. This is their 24 K Rose Gold oil. It has gold flakes in it along with Rosehip oil, Pumpkin seed oil, Orange Peel oil, Bergamot. It is a very light weight moisturizer which leaves skin glowing and naturally radiant. It retails for Rs 1299/- for 15 ml of product. Using facial oil in the night time has really helped my skin to look more fresh in the morning. So, if you are someone who like to use facial oils, you can surely try this one from Plump.

Buy here Plump Face oil:

3. Seer Secrets Jasmine & Orange Body Cleanser: Recently I have been obsessed with the shower gels and cleansers.... Currently I am loving Jasmine & Orange Body Cleanser from Seer Secrets...

I just love its ingredients list that include Yogurt, Orange oil, Jasmine oil, Amla and Reetha extracts. It is a very smooth and mild body wash. It is all natural and organic.It will not make your skin dry. The packaging is very convenient in a pump bottle. I am loving it and will surely pick & try more variants of it.Retails for  Rs 594/- for 250 ml.
I will give the links to the all the variants I could find on Amazon, so you can choose according to your preference and linking.

Buy Seer Secret Body Washes here:

4. Organix Mantra Lavender Essential Oil: Essential oils are a rage theses days in the beauty world. Although the concept and product is nothing new in our country of Ayurveda, but it is now only when we have started using them in our daily day to day life... For me this month's favorite is Lavender Oil from a Brand Organix Mantra. Lavender oil is always one of my favorite essential oil. It has so many benefits apart from its awesome aroma and its aromatic benefits. I love to use it in my diffuser before going to bed, to have a nice healthy sleep.

Also, it is summer time and energy seems to get drained very quickly, so I have started using Epsom Salt mixing it with the Lavender essential oil to relax my body...If you do not know about Epsom salt, You can read here:
 I absolutely loved the quality of the product. It is 100% pure. It is priced at Rs 349/- for 15 ml. It do have a big size also. You can pick them from Amazon.

Buy Lavender oil here:

So, Friends those were few of my current favorites. Do share what are the beauty related products that you are currently enjoying using.

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Till my next post, Stay Happy! :)

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What is Epsom Salt & How to Use It?

What is Epsom Salt & How to Use It?

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great!

Today I would be sharing something which I have recently discovered and amazed by the number of benefits it offers.. The product I am talking about is "Epsom Salt"

Although Epsom Salt and its skin and health beneficial properties are nothing new and is hundreds of years old, but I never paid attention and read about it before.... Recently only when I came across Epsom Salt from an Indian skin care brand "Organix Mantra", that I researched on it and was totally surprised and excited to know about its N number of benefits and uses!!

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom Salt basically contains Magnesium and Sulphate and both of these nutrients gets absorbed into the skin readily. Magnesium helps to reduce inflammation, relax muscles. Epsom Salt is very helpful to reduce stress and tension in the muscles, reducing foot aches, healing cuts,improving sleep and concentration, Exfoliating skin in the shower, in the garden for plants and many more.
One of the best way to use Epsom Salt is to soak in a tub full of hot water with 2 cups of Salt. You can also just soak in your feet in a small tub with 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom salt, that also works great to relax your feet and calm your mind & body.

We girls often love to wear heels and come back home with foot aches!! :) Well! this is the perfect remedy....Soak your feet in hot water with this salt for about 15-20 minutes and you will feel a big difference... It is also known to soften the skin and remove any sort of Odors...

Epsom Salt also helps to control any kind of fungal infection or inflammation on the skin. Mix it with Olive or Jojoba Oil and make a great exfoliator out of it and use in it shower to remove all the dead cells.

Epsom Salt is also great for the health of plants. You can use it in your garden as well.. All plants needs Magnesium and Sulfur to be strong and healthy.

About Organix Mantra Epsom Salt:
  • It is Made in India
  • 100% Pure
  • Unscented
  • Cruelty Free
  • Retails for Rs 399/- for 1 Kg
  • Comes in a Zip in Pouch, which I absolutely love...Great way to store in the original packaging and no hassle to transfer in a container.

  • For External Use Only
  • Shelf Life of 3 years
  • The texture is Grainy. Looks more like sugar!
  • Gets easily dissolved in water
  • For Bath & Spa: Add 2 cups of Epsom Salt to warm bath water and soak for 15-20 mins, to help relieve stress and stiffness. You can also add 4-5 drops of Lavender Oil.
  • As Exfoliator: Mix handful of this salt to Jojoba Oil or Olive oil or your shower gel and massage well on wet skin, rinse thoroughly.
  • Foot Soak: Mix 1 Cup to warm water and soak in feet for 10 mins, to soothe aches and soften rough skin.
  • Garden: Add 1 tablespoon to 5 liters of water and apply as spray to flowers and vegetables.
Buy Here:

I would highly like to recommend  you guys to try using Epsom Salt at least once. It is all natural..No chemicals!! It acts as a very nice pain reliever. It has really helped me relax after a very long tiring day. Not always, but yes sometimes I do like to just put my feet inside a tub of warm water with the salt and few drops of my favorite essential oil, Lavender Oil to add a bit more aromatic feel to it. Also, Lavender essential oil is a great way to relax your nerves too...So, it is a kind of dual benefit and more of a spa feel at home! :)  :)
I have been using Epsom Salt from Brand Organix Mantra, it is really high in quality and affordable. You can surely try this.
 You can also buy from any brand of your choice easily from Amazon. There are some great brands who are having Epsom Salt like Mama Earth, Ryaal and many more...I will put the links below so that you can pick one of your choice:

 So, Friends I hope this article was helpful for you guys. Do share your experiences and thoughts in the comment section ...I love to read them.

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Till my next post, stay happy stay healthy!!

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All About Debon Herbals Skincare Products

All About Debon Herbals Skincare Products:

Hello my lovely readers!!

In today's post, I would be sharing some of the beauty products from a Herbal Brand named as "Debon Herbals".

I had never heard of this brand before and recently only I came to know about this. Debon has a wide range of products in Skincare and Hair care.

I have a bunch of products to introduce to you guys and I would be sharing brief information about each of them below. But before that let us know a little more about the Brand!

About the Brand: Debon Herbals is a herbal cosmetic manufacturer in India since year 1993. They have a proper qualified and competent Research team, which develops their products. Debon Herbal Products are based with natural ingredients extracted from herbs and plants. Their products are approved as per the ISI standards. So, basically they have a lot of emphasis on the quality and performance of their products with the least amount of unnecessary side effects.
I must say I am really impressed with the way they design their products and the range of products offered. Debon Herbal's products are easily available on

Now lets see what all I have got:

1. Protein shampoo: The first product is in the hair care segment and it is a Protein shampoo. We all know how much protein is needed for having healthy hairs. It repairs the hairs and add a brilliant gloss to them. Key Ingredient is Protein in shampoo Surfactant Base. This one has a very mild scent to it, no unwanted strong fragrance. Great for daily use. Retails for Rs 220/- for 300 ml of product. Have a shelf life of 3 years. Comes in a very basic bottle packaging. No fancy stuff there!

Buy Protein shampoo here:

2. Dandruff Cleanser & Conditioner Shampoo: This is basically Shampoo cum conditioner. This variant is made to target problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. The key Ingredients include Methi & Neem. This Shampoo is great to get rid of the dandruff and also condition your hairs at the same time. Retails for Rs 215/- for 300 ml of product. Has a shelf life of 3 years. Great for those days when you are in hurry and do not have time to use shampoo and conditioner seperately.

Buy Dandruff Cleanser Here:

3. Hair Conditioner: The third hair care product I have is Hair Conditioner. It suited my hairs pretty nicely and my hairs feel more soft and silky after its usage.The key ingredients are Vitamin E and Aloe Vera juice. Both the mentioned ingredients are excellent for nourishing the hairs.I like to keep it in my hairs for 10 minutes after washing hairs and then rinse it off properly. Retails for Rs 210/- for 300 ml of product. Shelf Life is 3 years.

Buy Conditioner Here:

4. Hair Oil: Who can ignore the importance of Oiling your hairs and scalp regularly with a good hair oil. Debon's Hair oil is meant for hair & scalp rejuvenation. It has some nice ingredients which are known to be very beneficial and effective for having a healthy hairs. Ingredients include Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Til Oil, Neem Oil, Groundnut Oil, Brahmi, Trifla, Aloe Vera, Henna, Bhringraj, Shikaki, Neem powder. I am using this oil twice a week. Retails for Rs 108/- for 100 ml of product. Shelf is of 3 years. Would highly recommend this one.

5. Under eye Cream: The first product in the skin care segment is Under eye Cream. The key ingredients are Almond oil, Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E, Lemon Grass Oil, Lavender Oil. This cream helps to revitalize the skin around the eyes, making it appear brighter & smoother. The Application method says apply & massage for ten minutes around the eye & then remove the cream with moist cotton wool. I apply it in the same way and did not use it overnight like other under eye creams. I would say it has definitely made my under eye skin more supple and smooth. But I do not think this is effective for dark under eye circles. Retails for Rs 90/- for 25 gram which I think is a great price tag. Shelf Life is 2 years.

But Under Eye cream:

6. Vitamin E Cream: This cream has softening qualities, minimizes wrinkles and blemishes. Helps to make skin look more younger. The key ingredients are Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamin E. When it comes to making your skin look more younger and blemish free, Vitamin E is the best thing you can give to your skin. Would highly recommend this one. It will surely help to clean out your skin. Retails for Rs 88/- for 50 grams. Has a shelf life of 2 years.

Buy Vitamin E cream here:

7. Body Scrub Cream: I love using scrubs for my face and body. This one is a scrub but in a cream form. It is very comfortable to use and scrub grains are perfect for exfoliation...nor too big nor too minute. The key ingredients include Orange powder, Kapurkachli, Rose powder, Lodhra, Ambahaldi. The smell of the scrub is okay not too great. Retails for Rs 154/- for 100 gram of product. Has a shelf life of 2 years. Comes in basic tub packaging, so quite convenient to scoop out the product and use. For the price, I think i liked it..Perfect scrub specially for body!

Buy Scrub here:

8. Almond Cream: This cream will work great for people with Dry skin. It is highly nourishing. The key ingredients are Almond Oil, Witch hazel, Siketh Tel, Tankhan Khar. Here I would like to mention that for Oily skin & Normal skin, this cream can be little heavy specifically in the summers. I felt little sticky also since I have an oily skin. For Dry skin, it will work perfectly. Out of all the products, the smell of this one is strong, but not irritating at all. Can be used for facial and body massage. Retails for Rs 132/- for 100 grams of product. Has a shelf life of 2 years. The packaging is similar to other products, that is a normal tub packaging.

Buy Almond Cream here:

9. Moisturizer: I love collecting and using different Body lotions and moisturizers. I loved this one too...Very comfortable and gets absorbed easily into the skin. Very mild floral fragrance. This lotion is even suitable for Sportsmen, athletes and swimmers. The key ingredients include Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E oil, Geranium oil, Jojoba oil & Groundnut oil. This is surely one of my favorite product from the lot. Retails for Rs 225/- for 300 ml. Has a shelf life of 3 years.

Buy Here:

Overall I am really satisfied with the Debon Herbal's products. They are affordable and are of good quality. Make sure you try at least one product from the Brand and do share your experience.

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Till my next post...Stay Happy! :)

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My Current Month (April) Favorites!!!

My Current Month (April) Favorites!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Today I would be sharing some of the skincare and Makeup products, which I have been enjoying in the month of April 2018. These are the products which I am using continuously and loving them!!! So, here comes my April Favorites!!! :)

1. Clean & Clear  Face Wash: Summers are in full swing and it is super hot these days!! I have an oily skin and in summers it tends to get more oily and get clogged easily. I make it a point to wash my face at least 2-3 times a day to keep it clean and oil free. Clean & Clear face wash is one of the best face wash according to me especially for oily skin. It literally washes off all the dirt and excess oil from the face and make it squeaky clean. However, for dry skin people, they can feel little bit dryness after washing, so make you use your moisturizer properly after its usage. I always carry this one in my handbag! They do have a basic variant, as well as other interesting variants like lemon, strawberry etc
Buy here:

2. Auravedic Skin Lightening Face Pack: My second favorite for the month is AuraVedic Skin Lightening Face Pack... My skin gets tanned very easily and removing it is a big task. In today's hectic world, every single day we cannot have the luxury to indulge in home made DIY.
This face pack has helped me a lot for taking care of my sun tan. I have done full review of the same: Aura Vedic Skin Lightening Face Pack Review
It has some great ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood and Turmeric. If you have skin issues like pigmentation, tan or dark spots, then this face pack can be a great option to try. It is Easy & Ready to use.

Buy This pace pack Here:

  3. Spinz BB Cream: In this super hot summers, wearing makeup is next to impossible. I just go for a very light weight BB cream, Kajal and a lipstick and that is all! The BB cream I am currently using is from Spinz. It has a very light coverage..just enough to even tone your skin. It gives a healthy glow to face and not a very heavy finish. It does not feel like wearing makeup.Full review:  Great for daily wear!
Buy Spinz BB Cream here:

4. Maybelline Super Fresh Compact Powder: Having a good compact powder in my purse is a mandate for me. Currently using Maybelline Super Fresh Compact powder. It is affordable and mattifies your skin. I even like the fresh scent of it. Moreover, the best part is it has SPF in it, so it gives an additional sun protection which is an absolute must in this summers. I think it has 4 shades, you can select according to your skin tone. It is very light weight & feels absolutely comfortable in the summer season.
Buy Maybelline Fresh Compact Here:

5. Wottagirl Body Splash: In summers, I mostly tend to stay away from those heavy duty perfumes and rather go for some light weight and mild Body Splash or Body Mists. I have been using Wottagirl Body Splash in the variant Secret Crush, which is very fresh and fruity scent. The best part are these are very affordable and available in many variants. Full review is here:

This one will easily last on you for about 4-5 hours. I am planning to buy some other variants as well.
Would surely recommend you guys to try Wottagirl once...They are totally worth the price!
Buy Here:

So, friends those were all of my April Favorites and things which I am currently using & loving!!!
Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Hope this article will be useful for you!

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Till my next post..Stay Happy!

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Unboxing April Glamego Box!!

Unboxing April Glamego Box!!

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great!!
I am back again with one my absolute favorite Glamego Monthly subscription box Unboxing!!! Today I would be showing you all what all I received in my April 2018 Glamego box!!!

Glamego box is India's No.1 beauty subscription box and I must say, it totally deserves this tag. All the products and theme are picked  according to the season and trend, with best of the brands!! Here is the link to their website, in case you just might want to check it out:

This month's box theme is all about summers!!! All the products are centered around sun protection and have SPF in them....

Before opening the box, I would first like to appreciate the absolutely stunning packaging!! How beautiful and summerish is this box!! Bright colored with an ice cream on it.. Magnetic closure lid!!Not just the designing, even the quality is also amazing and can be used for storing your makeup or accessories etc... I am for sure not throwing away this box! :-)

Now, lets see what all is inside in April Glamego Box:

1. My Island Kiss Lip Balm: I have heard some really good things about this brand and so happy to try it. The product have been selected for Eminent Vogue Beauty awards 2018. It retails for INR 499/-. It is a Lip Moisturizer Stain. It is 100% natural. I have variant Foxy Red Head, which has a very refreshing red tint to it. A very pleasing fruity scent. I am so looking forward to use this since I am a lip balm lover!

2. TJORI Anti-Tan Pack: It is Wild Turmeric Anti-Tan Treatment.This pack is in powder form and you need to mix it with Rose water and apply it. It is an age old formulation combining wild raw turmeric with natural essentials oils. It is highly beneficial for removing the tan! It retails for INR 525/- and has a shelf life of 3 years. This is a 50 gms jar.I have never heard of this brand before and look forward to see how it performs!

3. NELF USA Compact: The best thing is, this compact powder has SPF in it. It will give you a natural coverage with UV Protection. I have shade medium with me. Although in the picture, it is looking bit orange but it is not...The medium shade is apt for medium skin tones. It is Dermatology Tested, Non Comedogenic, Hypoallergic and contains Vitamin E. The texture is quite smooth and blends nicely. I overall liked this product and did not feel powdery on my face after its application. It retails for INR 350/- for 09 gram of product.

4. Vedicline Gold Facial Kit: The fourth product is Gold Facial Kit from a brand Vedicline. It has 6 sachets inside,one for each step.It contains Scrub,Cream, Gel, Pack, Cleanser and Serum. A perfect Ayurvedic therapy to brighten your skin and protect it from sun rays. It is suitable for all skin types. So, if you are feeling lazy to step out to go to salon, this option is perfect for you!!This retails for INR 350/-

5. Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay Clarifying Masque: The last and the surprise product, as they call it is the Clarifying Face Mask from Natural Bath & Body. It is clay mask, which is known to purify and cleanse the skin. This is a 20 ml tube and it is a sample size product, so the price is not mentioned on it. Great option to carry in your travel bag during summer holidays!

Overall I think this is an excellent box and I do not have anything negative to say about it. All the products are sensibly picked for the summer season and are of good and premium brands. The price of the box is INR 399/- if you take for one month. If you take a subscription for 12 months, you will get it on a discounted price of INR 299/- per box. The box contains 4 full size products and a surprise product:)

This is such an affordable option!!! Do try it..Would like to highly recommend it!

Make you while you register at their website, mention my email id in the "Sponsorship Field". My email id is :

Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below!!

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Till my next post....Stay Happy! :)

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All About Olivia Face Wash

All About Olivia Face Wash:

Hello Lovely Readers,

Hope you are all doing great!!
I love experimenting new things, new places and new skin care!!! If you are also looking to change your daily face wash, then here are some great options from a Brand "Olivia"!! These are very affordable and pretty good at its performance!!

The Three Face Wash I will be talking about today are:

1. Olivia Golden Glow Face Wash
2. Olivia Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash
3. Olivia Ultra Fresh Fairness Face Wash

About the Brand: 

Olivia Health Care started its operations in the year 1978. Olivia products are available across the country. The Olivia skin care products are herbal and affordable to cater the mass. They have a vast variety of products like Shampoo, Body lotion, Face wash, Bleach, Scrub, Face pack and many more..
Here is the link to their website:

1.Golden Glow Face Wash: The first one I have today is Golden glow and is my personal favorite from the three. The main ingredients include Gold, Chandan and Turmeric.
Enriched with 24 carat gold, this face wash penetrates deep into the skin and cleanses skin pores. It effectively exfoliates and rejuvenates skin, giving it a soft, smooth and shiny texture. Mixed with the skin whitening combination of Chandan and Turmeric, it helps reduce dark spots and clears dull skin.

The texture is very smooth and looks stunning just like a molten gold. When you take out in your hand, it looks so luxurious and rich!! :) Totally loved the look of it! It lathers quite well and clean skin nicely. Only a pea size amount would be enough.You will not feel your skin dry at all and will feel your skin soft and smooth after its usage.
It retails for INR 60/- for 60ml. It is suitable for all skin types and have a shelf life of 2 years.

2. Herbal Acne Repair Face Wash: The main ingredients are Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera. It is basically more suitable if you have an oily skin which is acne prone or if you have blemishes and acne spots. Neem's anti bacterial function helps prevent pimples, remove excess oil and impurities. Turmeric soothes and protects skin. Aloe Vera helps restore skin's suppleness with its healing properties and reduces break-outs.The gentle cleansing action of this specialized herbal formulation rejuvenates skin, leaving behind a fresh, smooth complexion.

I have an oily skin and things like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe Vera suits me pretty well. This one also worked quite fine just like any other Neem face washes in the market. Retails for INR 60/- for 60ml of product. Have a shelf life of 2 years. Nothing special to mention for this one..It is just like any other brand's Neem and Tulsi face wash! It is mentioned on the tube that it is suitable for all skin types. So, even if you have Dry skin or Combination skin you can still give this one a try...

3. Ultra Fresh Fairness Face Wash: This variance is targeted to help in getting a brighter skin. The main ingredients are Licorice, Milk and Saffron. Saffron and Licorice are excellent in brightening the skin tone and complexion. It even outs the skin tone. All these ingredients exfoliate, cleanse skin by removing dirt and grime

The texture is quite milky and creamy. I think Dry and Combination skin people will enjoy using this more as compared to the Oily skin people. I personally in summers tends to stay away from milk or cream based face washes. However, on the packaging it is mentioned that it is suitable for all skin types.

Retails for INR 60/- for 60ml. Not to mention that this Pink colored tube looks gorgeous!! :)
On and all, I think all these Olivia face washes are good option for daily use. I would not say that it will have some long lasting effect on your skin, it just does its job of cleaning your skin without drying it out appropriately.
These are super affordable...All of the variances smell great!! :)
A highly recommended product if you are planning to switch some new face washes in your bathroom this summer...

I have not found this product yet on Amazon or Nykaa...Will surely let you guys know once I spot them. These three were sent to me by the brand in exchange for an honest review!

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Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below...
Till my next post.....Happy Reading!


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