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My Review: Stay Quirky Primer

My Review: Stay Quirky Primer

Hello Lovely Readers!

Hope everyone is doing great. Today I would be reviewing a makeup product from a brand, which is quite new in the Indian market. The brand I am talking about is 'Stay Quirky' and the make up product I am reviewing is their 'Primer'.

About The Product/Brand:

  • Firstly, it is an Indian makeup brand which is pretty new in the Indian market.
  • Availability is still an issue because as far as I know it is available only on website
  • Affordability wise amazing. Mostly their makeup products are super affordable.
  • Great & Suitable shades for Indian skin tones.
  • Huge Variety of Colors
  • Primer is priced at Rs 449/- for 27 grams
  • Shelf Life is of 2 years.
  • Primer claims to be water resistant, Blends effortlessly, Light weight
  • Although it is made in India, it is mentioned on the tube that the Ingredients are imported from USA.
  • Comes in a black colored tube packaging without any outer cover.
  • Transparent Silicon gel kind of texture
  • Travel friendly
My Review:

Firstly coming to the packaging, it comes in a black colored tube with a nozzle, without any outer cardboard packaging. But the cap closes pretty tightly, so no issues with that. 

I have a super oily skin and keeping my makeup intact is always a challenging task for me. Foundation always tends to slip away after 3-4 hours or it becomes oxidized specially in summers. Face looks much more shiny in the photographs than it actually is.
All these problems led me to using a primer before application of my foundation. And that was the best thing I have done to secure my makeup. It has helped me to smooth out my skin and to hold my makeup little more longer. It mattifies the skin and helps to create a much more healthier looking base for the makeup.
So, if you also suffer from any of these issues and have an Oily skin then a primer is a must!!! You definitely need to use one. All being said, primer is not just limited to Oily skin people, if you have a dry skin or a combination skin then also you can use it. You can use all over your face or only just on the T zone.

I have been using Colorbar primer from almost 2 years now and it works great!! So, when recently I spotted this Stay Quirky primer which is much more on the affordable side, I instantly decided to give it a try. 

The texture is super smooth. Like a silicon clear gel. It glides on skin and get absorbed very easily. You can use your fingers for its application. No need for any kind of makeup brushes. And Thank God it is MATTE!! :-) It gives a nice matte finish to the skin. It is very comfortable on skin. 
It is a non oily and non greasy formulation. It helps to hold makeup for a longer time and makes it look more fresh, by controlling the oil secretion.

If I compare it to the Colorbar Primer, then the texture is very similar & close. But the Colorbar one is more thick and this SQ primer is little bit light weight. 

Overall I am quite satisfied with the product. But If you are looking for a primer which can blur out your big pores, then surely this is not the one. I cannot see any kind of pore blurring happening. However, it does give a look of a much more smooth surface and also helps to control skin oils.

For an oily skin like mine, SQ primer is more suitable for a daily or a casual wear. It is not a very heavy duty primer. It just merges into the skin. You will not feel any kind of bulkiness on the skin. That way it works excellent and surely mattifies the skin :) 
But If I have to go to a wedding function where I would want my makeup to last super long, I would go with a Colorbar primer. Colorbar's staying power is little bit better..

Quality wise and pricing wise, I surely loved SQ primer....
I really hope that this brand will be available more easily at other places as well other than just 

So, friends that was my take on the Stay Quirky Primer. Do let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to read them
Till my next post, Stay Beautiful! :)

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My Review: Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams

My Review: Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams :

Hello Girls,

As it is said " Start each day with your favorite lipstick and a beautiful smile"....For me both things definitely add a spark to a regular monotonous day!!

So, Today its all about my favorite makeup product "Lipsticks"!!! I would be reviewing very much loved and appreciated Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams...
I have two shades No. 30 and No.52

Miss Claire soft matte lip creams are very famous these days and considered as a perfect dupe of NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. Even the names are similar...

About the Product:
  • It says: It's not a lipstick nor is it a gloss. It's nothing like you have experienced before. It's a lipstick that goes on smoothly but looks matte.
  • Affordable Pricing 
  • Large Color range to choose from.
  • Smooth & Creamy texture
  • soft and comfortable on lips
  • No chapping of lips from its use
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • Long staying power
  • Travel Friendly 
  • Vanilla kind of  soft fragrance
  • Basic Oval Applicator 
  • Great Pigmentation. However, it does vary from shade to shade.

My Experience:

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams are loved so much...Specially all the beauty bloggers have been raving about them. These are not new in the market, have been there from quite some years now...But these are definitely one of the most loved affordable lipsticks!!!

The main attraction being Miss Claire Lip creams are considered perfect dupes for the NYX Soft Matte Lip creams and yet there is a huge difference in the pricing of both the brands.

The Pigmentation of the lip creams are really good. However I would like to add that pigmentation tends to differ sometimes from shade to shade. The application is smooth and creamy and it dries out to be matte. Very comfortable on lips. It stayed on me for around 4-5 hours. The formula of these are really good and sits quite comfortably on the lips without feeling stretchy or dry feeling. I would say it is a perfect formula for a matte lipsticks!!!!

I have two shades. Number 30 and Number 52.

Number 30 is a mixture of Pink, Red with little bit of Neon Orange undertones. Its a very trendy Bright Pinkish Orange Color.
Number 52 is a absolutely a stunner!! I am sure I am going to wear this shade a lot. It is a beautiful Mauvish Pink.. 

Downsides of these Lip Creams would be, first of all the Pigmentation is not uniform throughout. Number 52 is much more pigmented and opaque than Number 30. I have inserted swatches of both the colors.

Secondly, Its availability & Pricing: Still availability is an issue. You cannot find them everywhere like Lakme or Maybelline. You can find them here and there on local cosmetics shops or on some websites like Amazon, Habbana etc. Now a days there are few Instagram pages, which sell these.
Also, the pricing is not uniform. They may vary from INR 190- 300, which is little bit annoying.

But if you can get your hands on these, these are just worth all the praise... Within few uses, it has already become my absolute favorite!! :)

Here is the Amazon Link from where you can buy these. There are bunch of shades available:


Totally Love them. Highly Recommended!!!! :)

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Happy Reading!!!! :-)

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My Review: Patanjali Kajal

My Review: Patanjali Kajal:

Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great. Today I would be reviewing a beauty product from our very famous herbal brand " Patanjali". It is Patanjali Kajal!!
This is something which is not at all new in the market. It was launched quite a while ago...I myself has been using this from last 6 months. So, here I am with all about what i feel about this Patanjali Kajal...

I have shared my fondness about the Herbal products in many of my articles and today in the Indian market, one of the most famous and affordable herbal brand is 'Patanjali'. I have been using and mostly loving its skincare and hair care products. Most of them work really amazing...But with this particular product, I am not very much impressed! Here is my experience..

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My Review: Real Techniques Base Core Collection Face Brushes Set:

My Review: Real Techniques Base Core Collection Face Brushes Set:

Hello Friends, Today i would be reviewing a product, which plays a very important role in having a perfect makeup....And it is "Makeup Brushes"....
Having a good quality and a proper brush can have a huge impact on how your makeup looks! A Perfect brush can really give you that airbrush finish, which helps you to look flawless!!

When it comes to really good quality makeup brushes, the first name that comes to mind is "Real Techniques"!! Every makeup lover whether Indian or a non Indian, have at least one of the Real Techniques brush....I have been wanting them from a very long time since i started having interest in makeup, but i was having some normal makeup brushes and i was using them. So, i decided to buy these Real Techniques brushes now, since i have learnt more about makeup.So i thought now is the right time to invest my money in these totally amazing makeup brushes!
So, here is the full review about the brushes i have bought.....These are Core Collection Coverage Essentials:

And please do follow my blog and do not forget to post your lovely comments...I love to read them all! :)

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My Review: 7 Heaven's Photogenic Chubby Lip Crayons!!!

My Review: 7 Heaven's Photogenic Chubby Lip Crayons!!!

Hello Girls, When it comes to makeup love or purchasing makeup, the first thing that comes to our mind is Lipsticks!! We all girls love lipsticks and they can never be enough in our collection!
Sometimes it is Matte or Glossy and sometimes it is Nudes to Hot Pinks and Reds....Trends keep on changing and our lipstick collection keeps on growing!! :)
I also was browsing Flipkart for some things and ended up getting these two cute chubby Lipsticks...
Lets see what and how they are:

I have two colors with me..One is Red and the other one is Pink...Names of both the lipsticks are:
1.506 Bountiful Blush
2. 512 Rouge Glamour

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My Review: Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On

My Review: Blue Heaven Diamond Blush On:

Hello Friends, Today i would be reviewing a Blush from one of the most affordable brand in the Indian market "Blue Heaven". I have been using it from a quite a while now and though it is high time to write a full review about it. I have shade No.503, which is a pretty Coral color with subtle golden sheen to it. 
Let us see whether it worked for me or not:

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My Review: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

My Review: Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

Hello Girls! Today i would be reviewing a Eye Shadow Palette from a very famous cosmetics brand 'Makeup Revolution'. It is Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers..
Makeup Revolution is always known for its outstanding eye shadow palettes. They are always a great quality with amazing pigmentation. Lets see how this Essential Shimmers Palette fared for me!!

First things first, it retails for INR 1200 in India, but i really got this at a great discounted price at Nykaa. For those who does not know, Nykaa is a very famous website for purchasing makeup in India.

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My Top 10 Favourite Maybelline Products

My Top 10 Favourite Maybelline Products:

Hello Friends, Thanks a lot for the encouraging response on my last few posts....I am sure you all will continue to like my future articles too and will find them useful and interesting!

Today i have for you guys My Top 10 Favourite Maybelline Products!! All these products i have personally used and loved....So, i would be sharing some details about the products, according to my experience.
Also, check out:  My Top 10 Favourite Nivea Products

Maybelline is no doubt one of the most established brand in the cosmetic industry, always known for its great quality and a wide range to suit everyone's need and choice. Maybelline always comes up with a new and a better product every once in a while...No Doubt we all love Maybelline and use its product without a second thought...So, here are all my personal Top 10 Picks for you guys...

1. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms: This product does not need any introduction.Every girl knows it and maximum of us are using it or have used it at-least once.Besides its amazing quality, it has a wide range to choose from...So many fruity flavours..With or Without Pigmentation...There is something for everyone. I have tried quite a few of them and i am satisfied with the moisturisation part. Packaging is really cute and handy. Retails for around INR 150- 250, depending on the different variances.
Buy here:

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My Review : Lakme Rose Powder

My Review : Lakme Rose Powder:

Hello Friends, today i have for you girls, review of Lakme Rose Powder... 

It is a loose powder for face..This product i have been using from last One year....I have been applying this loose powder daily before going to my work...That is because in daily wear i do not wear any foundation or makeup as such...So for this purpose this Lakme Rose Powder is pretty good..
If you are looking for something for a very natural finish with no heaviness at all...This can be the thing for you!!
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Favourite Lipstick of the Month- Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte(Starlet Red)

Favourite Lipstick of the Month- Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte (Starlet Red):

Hello Friends, Today i would like to share my current favourite lipstick of the month of July.
It is Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte Lipstick. I have shade called as Starlet Red.. 
This is pure red colour....Perfect Party wear shade!Definitely Red colour lipstick lovers would love it....

Now i am someone who does not like to wear Reds everyday...I like to wear Red and dark lipsticks mostly in parties or going out...So this month i have many weddings and parties to attend and i am really enjoying  wearing this Lakme Red shade, which looks totally fab!

About the Product:
  • Packaging is really impressing....This Lippie comes in this black coloured box...I like to store my lipstick in this box itself since i do not use this lipstick daily.
  • Inside the box, you will get the actual product, that is Lipstick with a silver coloured cap...I would like add here is that the packaging is very sturdy and of a good quality, which i really like since it is little costly..
  • Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Matte is a chubby crayon lipstick.
  • It retails for INR 650 for 3.5g of product
  • Shelf life is 2 Years
  • Retractable stick
  • From a Trusted Cosmetic brand Lakme
  • Colour Pay off is quite good..
  • Really Matte Finish
  • Shade Variety is quite good...From Pinks to Reds..
  • Easy to use
  • Easily available
  • Comfortable to carry

My Experience...
I have been loving this Lakme Lip Tint....The Starlet Red is really good red colour, which is suitable to most of the skin tones whether fair or little dark.....I think it will suits all kind of beauties...
It is a chubby crayon lipstick, which makes it extremely east to apply and carry in your purse.Cap is quite tight and since it is not a liquid lipstick, so no fear in carrying this product in our bag..

It has a Matte Finish...But definitely it is not one of those kind of extremely matte finish lipsticks, which leaves your lips dry and chapped....Do moisturize your lips before its application and it will glide on your lips......Yes one thing is that it does not provide any kind of hydration to the lips...If it does not make your lips dry then definitely it does not make your lips more hydrated either! Just keep your lips in good condition and i don't think there would be any problem in the application or afterwards..

Colour pay off is quite good...In one stroke, you will get a nice opaque colour......If you really want it long lasting, you can apply 2 coats of it... 

The shade variance available are quite good....From Pinks to Reds....Nice party and casual colours..

On and all..I really like this lipstick...Enjoying it this month..
You guys can surely try it..All colours are beautiful..
Rating- 9/10

Do not forget to follow my blog for more interesting posts....
Happy Reading!

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My Review: Lakme CC Cream...

My Review: Lakme CC Cream.....

Hi Friends, today i have a review of a beauty product from one of my favorite cosmetic brand 'Lakme'..I just love Lakme products.....Most of them are good and affordable!

So, Today i have my full review about Lakme CC Cream...CC Cream stands for Complexion Care Cream...
It is said that the CC creams are a little better version of BB Creams..

Ponds BB Cream Vs Lakme CC Cream:
Earlier i use to use Ponds BB Cream which is equally awesome, but then i switched to this Lakme CC Cream which is so amazing...One of the main reason was that in Ponds BB Cream, there are no shade variances available...they just have a single shade.....While Lakme CC Creams offers 2-3 Shades to choose from which is a big plus point and it really makes a beauty product more universal..
I choose shade "Bronze' in this CC Cream, which suits my skin perfectly( that is better than the Ponds BB Cream).....It really blends into my skin nicely.... 

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5 Beauty Products I Am Using From More Than 5 Years...

5 Beauty Products I Am Using From More Than 5 Years...

Hi Friends, Today i thought to do something new, not just a haul or a review post...So,i came up with a idea of doing a post about 5 Beauty Products that i have been using for more than 5 Years..I really thought it is a interesting idea and will be a great read for my readers!

Do follow my blog if you like this...
These are very basic and budget friendly products, which are also great to use..And that is the reason i don't think twice to repurchase these things for my vanity...So,here is a look....

What are the things i have:

1.Livon Hair Serum
2.Ayur Skin Toner
3.Lakme Foundation
4.Lotus Scrub
5.Johnson's Baby Powder

So,these are the products which are part of my Vanity from more than 5 years...Trust me all the products are worth their price..Even though none of the product is of the luxury range, all are from drugstore category...their performance is extremely good and totally suits my skin needs...Some of the products even my mom is also using from years and we do not have any complaint about it.

Let me tell you guys about these 5 products in brief:
1. Livon Hair Serum: This is actually Livon De tangling Hair Fluid which instantly softens and smoothens dry,rough and frizzy hair..After i take my hair bath, i always make it a point to apply little bit of this, so that my hair does not break while detangling. It also makes hairs soft and you will feel your hair more silky...For Daily use, i am totally satisfied with this product. It Retails for INR 215 for 100ml of product. It is very easily available in the Indian markets..even a small beauty shop has it..

2. Ayur Herbals Skin Toner: Ayur is also one of the brand known for its herbal products, which i totally love. This toner has Aloe Vera in it. It is suitable for all skin types..It really helps to clean my face thoroughly. It takes away any traces of makeup or dirt from my face..I really love this...It has a pretty pink color and a nice fragrance..Price is INR 50 for 100ml pf product..

3.Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation: Definitely this is one of the cheapest foundation available in the Indian market..I think it retails for around INR150...Now this is the foundation i have been using from my college days..that is when i started using foundation and i wanted something which was very basic and budget friendly.I am a person who does not always like full coverage foundation on my daily basis..So, if i am going on to my work or going for a shopping, i do not like to have my face totally packed up with high coverage foundation..I want something more of a natural and light i use this Lakme Foundation on that...Obviously, when i go to parties, i use a different Foundation with a high coverage and a better finish...So, for daily basis...this is a really good option...

4.Lotus Apricot Scrub: This scrub is so amazing...One of my always favorite daily use skin care product.. It does its job of cleaning the skin and removing all the dead cells gently.very nicely....It retails for INR 135 for 100 g of product.It also smells really good and refreshing..This product is always in my bathroom...Suitable for all skin types....

5. Baby Powder: Now this product is such a versatile product...You guys must have heard about its various uses...I would be doing a separate post about it..This product is so useful and so nice...Firstly, it is gentle on skin as compared to other talcum powders...It smells so mild and soft...Really affordable and easily available. INR 99 for 200 g of product, which is not at all bad or costly..In beauty and makeup also, it can be used for various touch up, baking, as a dry shampoo etc..
I use it regularly after taking my bath...from years n years....:)

So, friends...Those were my 5 all time favorite super affordable quality products, that i have been using from more than 5 Years now...and i plan to use them in future too..
Hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting...
Do follow my Blog...Happy Reading!

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Luxury Range Skin Care Shopping- Kiehl's

Luxury Range Skin Care Shopping- Kiehl's:

Hello Friends, today i do not have here a big product review or a DIY. I just wanted to share 2 of my new skin care purchases, which i am really excited to use.
These are from a famous skin care brand Kiehl's. Now, these are definitely not from a drug store range, these are pretty expensive and often included in the Luxury or High End skin care products.
So, the two beauty products i purchased are:
1. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
2. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Kiehl's is something which is not new in the whole skin care world. It has been since 1851. Whenever, some one talks about a good skin care product, Kiehl's is the name often included in it. Kiehl's products are always considered very high quality and effective.   
So, finally i also decided to spend my money and try couple of things.

 Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
 It says it is a Replenishing Elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals to Visibly Restore the Appearance of skin by Morning. Basically, it is a facial oil which you need to apply on fresh clean face before going to bed so that it can work on your skin whole night and you get a fresh and young looking skin in the morning. 
Here is the most important aspect- it retails for INR  3500...

I just love the packaging. Super classy. Super Comfortable to use. Glass Bottle with a dropper....

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser:
 My Second purchase is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. It says it is a Gentle Liquid Formula that Cleanses without Over drying or Stripping Skin. Basically, this is a face wash or face cleanser which also contains lots of essential oils and Vitamin E. It retails for INR 895..

I would be doing a full fledged review of both of these products very soon after using them for some more time..
Till then Stay Beautiful!!!

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Foundation Brush Vs Beauty Blender\Sponge

Foundation Brush Vs Beauty Blender\Sponge:

Hi Friends, today lets discuss what exactly the difference is, if we apply foundation using a foundation brush Vs applying foundation using a sponge or beauty blender.

I always see a discussion in various public platforms, about some people using more of a beauty sponges these days for the application of foundation while some people still prefer to use their regular foundation brushes.. So, lets have a look what exactly is the difference between the two.

I personally love my foundation brush which i have been using from quite a while now, it really gives me a fantastic finish.You just need to use it in a correct way, thats all.
And Brush are much more easy to clean!!! :-)

Foundation Brush:
Foundation brush have a flat surface. Now a days N number of companies are selling it. It all depends on from what range you want to pick your makeup products. In India also you have the budget friendly brushes available as well as proper branded options are also there. Can be easily found on Amazon or Nykaa etc.
 * Basically, you apply your liquid or mousse foundation in the forms of dots all over your face and then with the help of the Foundation Brush, you start blending it. Blending motions should always be soft and gentle to avoid harsh lines. Many people who don't like brush for their foundation routine is because sometimes they get a streaky finish or a cakey look. Here, it is very important to know that to avoid this one should always settle down the foundation with a good pressing powder or a translucent powder. So, the technique is really really important to avoid streaks.
Take your time to complete your foundation routine, blend properly with soft motions and use a translucent powder to settle it, definitely there wont be any streaks...

 ** The second very important reason why sometimes people get a streaky finish after applying their foundation with a help of a brush, is because their skin is too dry.Now, this problem is mainly faced by the people having a dry skin. If your skin is not properly hydrated, it is dry then obviously your foundation would not blend perfectly and thus giving a cakey finish. So, if you have a dry skin always apply your moisturizer before starting your make up. Then apply foundation. Definitely no problems of streaks will be there.
*** Foundation brushes gives more coverage than the beauty blender.Beauty Sponges gives more of a natural look. 

Beauty Blender\Sponges:

If you guys are looking more of a natural look rather than full coverage look, then definitely beauty sponges are your thing. Beauty Blenders are known to give more natural and glowy finish.

Blending your foundation with a help of a Beauty Blender gives an airbrush look.
Original beauty blender is quite expensive so many people are not so comfortable in spending this much money on it, but now a days many dupes are also available to choose from. Some are good some are not.
*Proper way to use it is to first put in under running tap water and then squeeze out all the excess water from it. Now use this damp sponge for application of your foundation.
** Damp Beauty Blender helps the product to get absorbed into the skin nicely and thus the coverage looks more natural and glowy.
*** One very important thing to keep in mind while using beauty sponges is to maintain a very high hygiene otherwise it will break you out. You need to wash and clean your sponges as well the brushes regularly.

However, one another trick is to use both- Brush as well as sponges. You can apply your foundation first with the help of your brush, and then settle it with the help of the Beauty Blender. This way you can get the benefits of both the things...:)

Hope the readers enjoyed this post. Do not forget to like and share..
Happy Reading...

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Random Purchase:Hilary Rhoda Lipstick : Swatch + Review

Random Purchase:Hilary Rhoda Lipstick : Swatch + Review:
Hi Girls, today I would be sharing one of the beauty product i just bought randomly after seeing it on one of the shopping websites. So, just wanted to share it with you guys..
It is Hilary Rhoda Lipstick... Honestly speaking i did not knew about this brand, i was shopping some other makeup stuff from flipkart, i just came across it. It looked interesting and quite affordable and in various colours, so i got it... Here is the picture and the swatch...


  • First thing first, packaging is quite good...look wise also and quality wise also. I doubt that they have changed some color of the packaging now. Not too sure. Since i bought this product 6 months back..
  • It is travel friendly, cap is not loose.
  • I got this beautiful pink color. I love it. It is in shade CL40. A very nice pink shade- not dull pink nor too bright or hot pink. 
  • This is the colour which will suit maximum skin tones. 
  • Suitable for daily use..
  • Comfortable on Lips. Formulation is quite creamy. Not drying on lips
  • I got it from Flipkart website. Got it somewhere around INR150-200
  • Average staying power. Around 2-3 hours
  • Lots of colour options available
 So, friends that was a quick and short review come swatch lipstick purchase. It turned out to be good for me. Affordable and comfortable to wear daily- Hilary Rhoda...
You can also order these from Amazon:

Thanks for Reading!
And Do Not Forget to subscribe and comment on my blog for getting more interesting beauty posts..

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My Review:Lotus Herbals Matte Gel Safe Sun SunBlock: Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin

My Review:Lotus Herbals Matte Gel Safe Sun Sun Block: Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin:

Hi Friends, today's article is in kind of continuation of my earlier post( Best sunscreen for oily skin).
After trying out so many sun screens i have zeroed in two sun screens, which are super good for oily skin. It does not make skin greasy, oily or shiny at all.

Both of the products are from Lotus Herbals:
 1. Lotus 3 in 1 Matte Look Daily sunblock (as reviewed in my earlier post)
2. Lotus UV Screen Matte GEL sunblock

About the Products in Detail:

The best part of both the products, which make them very very suitable for oily or combination skin is their Matte Finish. After their application, within 2-3 minutes they get totally absorbed into the skin with 100% matte finish. No oiliness or shine or  white ghostly layer on finish. excellent finish.

Major Difference: The major difference between the two is: One is clear gel consistency while the other one has little coverage.
3 in 1 Matte Look has little bit of coverage in it which is good for daily use. You can use it just like that also when you are not applying any makeup or at home just chilling...Just apply this and you are done, it will give you little bit of coverage making skin little even tone as well as providing the required skin protection. It can be used before makeup as well.

Lotus Matte gel on the other hand is a clear Gel consistency, no coverage. This product is also awesome, it gets absorbs into the skin like magic. No oil or greasiness. Totally worth the money. You can use it before applying your makeup since it is transparent gel, gets 100% absorbed, non greasy, very comfortable on skin. It has SPF 50. Retails for INR 295 for 50g of product.

So, both the product are so worth the money. All skin type people can use it. When i said earlier good for oily skin people does not mean it is drying and dry skin cannot use it. Dry skin people can also totally use it and it will work great for them as well. But yes bonus points for oily ones since it is really difficult to find good sunscreen for oily skin, which do not make their skin oily.

I really hope this post for useful for you readers. Do not forget to comment and follow if you enjoyed reading this.
Happy Reading!

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