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My Review: Mystic Kaori Skin Care Products

My Review: Mystic Kaori Skin Care Products:

Hello Friends!!

Today I would be introducing you guys to a new skincare brand I recently discovered and tried!

Mystic Kaori is a brand based out of Mumbai, which make home made personal care & Beauty regime products. They have a wide range of products to choose from like Soaps, Shampoos, Lip Balms, Body Butter, Face Packs, Potpourri, Candles and many more. They believe in using age old traditional ingredients scientifically to enhance beauty. Their products are natural with minimal preservatives in the form of Almond, coconut & Oils. Their products are 100% Vegan.
Also, they do customize, which is absolutely amazing! This is the link to their Facebook page.

I got a chance to try some of their products and totally loved them. The following are the beauty products I tried:

1.Tube Rose & Jasmine Soap: This one is my personal favorite from the lot. This is from their Lace Design Soap Collection. Firstly, it is beautifully designed Soap with Lace pattern on the top. If you are someone who loves floral fragrances, you will love this soap. It smells divine. I have been using this from a week now and my bathroom has been smelling absolutely amazing!! The mixed fragrance of Rose and Jasmine is very refreshing.. Also, it is very mild on the skin and does not make your skin dry. Since, it is all natural it is safe for both Face and Body. It retails for INR 575 for 250 gm of product, which I think is little bit on the expensive side for a soap. But nevertheless, it is one of the best soap I have used so far!!

2. Lip Balms: They have Lip Balms in many variants like Orange, Lemon, Mint, Peach etc. I have tried Peach and Orange Variant. They contain Bees Wax, Vitamin E Oil, Coconut Oil, Mild Fruit Fragrance and harmless color. The best thing I liked about these Lip Balms is that they are not too hard, that you don't need to drag it on to the lips for 2-3 times to get the required moisture. It is in the small tub packaging. As soon as you take it on your finger and it comes in contact with your body heat, it softens which helps it to get absorbed in the lips immediately. These are non tinted. Smells amazing! Retails for INR 125 each.

3. Pack of 3 Soaps: You can get pack of 3 Soaps for INR 450 of 100 gm each. Soaps quality is really good and you can surely smell the main ingredient. I tried Mint, Shea Butter and Multani Mitti variants.All were pretty good. Not harsh on the skin at all. Great for all skin types. Lathers appropriately. Shea Butter Soap will be great for winters.

4.Saffron & Aloe Vera Facial Gel: This is one of their best selling product. It has Aloe Vera, Sandalwood Powder, Saffron, Vitamin E oil, Raktachandan, Geranium essential oil, Rose water & Glycerine. It is directed to apply this gel every night before going to bed. Geranium Oil is used to treat acne and inflammation, relax mood and reduce fatigue. Since it is in the gel form, it can be used by Oily skin as well. The texture is very light weight and gets absorbed in the skin instantly. I did not faced any breakouts or allergies after using it. As far as performance is concerned, I did not noticed any difference in the first week, but from the second week onwards, I started to notice that there was a slight glow in the skin and also texture improved a bit. It has Aloe Vera which is great to soothe the skin and get rid of any tan or pigmentation. It helps to make skin texture smooth.I surely plan to continue using it since the results seem to be very encouraging. It is priced at INR 375 for 100 grams of product. 

They make products in small fresh batches and recommend to use their products within 2-3 months. My only concern or suggestion to the brand would be, to mention the key ingredients & Date of Manufacturing on the packaging. Like on the Soaps and lip balms, only the Variant is mentioned but no ingredients list is mentioned. As a consumer, I would always like to see the ingredients list & Date of Manufacturing on the packaging...

I would like to recommend Mystic Kaori products to my readers. Do check their Facebook page. (  Their products are all natural and good in quality. 

Till my next post... Happy Reading!

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Unboxing: December Glam Ego Box

Unboxing: December Glam Ego Box:

Hello Friends,

Today I would be unboxing December month Glamego Box!
These days market is flooded with the subscription boxes...Some are Beauty Box, Some are Jewelry Box etc...Glamego box is the most affordable subscription box in the market, for beauty products.

Glamego Box has products related to Makeup, Skincare, Hair care and Bath & Body. It brings to you 4 beauty products for INR 299 per month, with free shipping.

I really like the fact that products that are included in the box every month, is always from a good brand and all the products are of good quality. They help their customers explore and try wide range of beauty products from the established luxury brands as well as flourishing niche brands.

Glamego provides premium brands at affordable price like IPSY and BIRCH BOX. December Box is introducing two elite brand in the Indian market. This month they are providing premium products worth INR 2700 in just INR 299.

December Box is a beautiful Blue colored box. The quality of the box is also good and can be reused for the storage purpose..

These are the things in the December Glamego Box (

1. Manna Kadar Glo Illuminator: The very first product that grabbed my attention is this Illuminator from Manna Kadar. This brand is generally featured in the International subscription boxes like Ipsy and Birch Box and introduced in India exclusively with Glamego. It is an incandescent liquid that lights up skin with all over radiance. Mix with foundation or wear alone. Suitable for all skin types. The price of this according to the Rate card is INR 2100.

2. Natural Bath & Body Sea Clay Mask: It is an Organic brand known for its trendy natural fragrance and ingredients. It is a clarifying face mask. Clay masks are known to clean the skin deeply. The price mentioned for this product is INR 175. The mask has a very pleasant fragrance and is blue green in color.

3. Bio Bloom Foot Cream: This Foot cream is enriched with Eucalyptus oil and free from Parabens, Sulphates and some other harmful chemicals. This foot cream moisturize and relaxes the foot. I have used Bio Bloom products before and they are really nice products. The price mentioned for this is upto INR 230.

4. Mond Sub Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask: It says it is suitable for all skin types specially Dry skin. It moisturizes the skin. The price mentioned for this is INR 200.

So, those were all the products in the December Glamego Box. If you love to try new brands then definitely this is an affordable option to try new products before investing in the full size products.

Glamego is a good option to try, if you are looking for a beauty subscription box. I am really excited to try Manna Kadar product, since I have not tried any of its product before.

Do check out their website... and order one for yourself. It can also make a great gift to your family & Friends.

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!!! do share your thoughts in the comment section :)

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Gift Ideas for Men

Gift Ideas for Men:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good and getting ready to celebrate Christmas!! When it comes to Christmas, one of the main attraction is GIFTS!!!!
Who doesn't like getting gifts....Specially we Girls!!! But when it comes to gift something to Men, it is always a tough task with a Age Old Question "What should I get Him??"!!!

So, here are some of my favorite Gifting Ideas which can be awesome gifts for Men..

One thing I have learnt so far is Men likes Useful Gifts!!! Unlike us women who can be happy with just a bunch of Roses or beautiful artifact or photograph, Men appreciates Gifts which can be put to some actual use and justify the price...

Here are some of the Items which will can make useful gifts for your Man OR brother OR Father OR Friend etc

Also, I have included links to Amazon,so that all you want to Gift is just a click away from you!! :)

1. Perfumes: Gone are the days when Perfumes used to be only for women, Now a days Men also like to have some good perfumes in their collection. Gift him an awesome Perfume and trust me every time he wears it, he will remember you :).  Some of my Suggestions from the Medium Priced Fragrances are:

2. Wallet/ Wallet Gift Set: A good Wallet is a must for every man. Every now and then He needs a new wallet. So, investing in a good quality wallet is absolutely a great and useful gift and will be appreciated for sure! There are some Wallet gift Set also trending these days, which included a wallet and a Pen or a Key chain. This can also be a great option.Here are some of the suggestions:

3. Cufflinks/ Cufflinks & Tie Pin Set: When it comes to accessories for men, one of the best options can be Cufflinks... Cufflinks look classy and add an unique element in the style. If you think your man likes to wear formals, Cufflinks are something definitely you can try! There are also some great options in the form of the Cufflinks and Tie Pin Sets. Here are some of the suggestions:

4. Grooming Set: If you are unable to decide a single item to gift or you are not sure about the other person's interest & likes, then this Gift is just perfect for you! These days there are many Grooming Kits available in the market and these are my personal favorite, specially if I want to buy a gift for a friend.They have a bunch of products in them and seems to be worth the money.  My favorite is Park Avenue Grooming kit which has Shave Cream, Talc, Deodorant,Soap, Razor, Brush etc- Total worth the price. There is also a Beard Grooming kit, which has Beard Oil, Comb, Wash & Balm etc. Here are some suggestions.

5. Tie: The last time Gift Idea today I want to talk is to gift a very basic and sophisticated Tie.This is also something which generally never get waste and last for many years. There are always so many options to select from, from affordable to high end.  Some of the options are:

I really hope that you will this article useful. I enjoyed sharing it. Do share your thoughts in the comment section.
So, go ahead and gift something very special to the Man you love, admire and respect!! I am sure HE will love it!! Men do love getting gifts!!

Happy Reading!

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My Review: Drink Goodness Drinks

My Review:  Drink Goodness Drinks:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good and doing their best to stay fit and happy!!!
Recently, I got to try some of the health drink from a brand "drink goodness"
Here is the link to their website These are also easily available on Amazon in a packs as well as individual.

Their drink are in the form of Oats smoothie, Yogurt smoothie, Cold Coffee etc. I really found them interesting and not typically like other health drinks!

  1.  Oats Smoothie : We all know how nutritional Oats are specially, if we take them in the breakfast. Here they bring for us Oats but with a twist and that is in the form of Oats smoothie!! :) Oats smoothie are a delicious mix of ground Oats and Toned milk. Oats are known to be full of fiber and Milk adds a protein content into the drink, thus making it super healthy.So, next time if you are running late and have no time to sit and have a proper breakfast, make sure you have something like this which will make you feel full as well as provide required energy and nutrition. I have Oats smoothies in the flavor:  Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry! These retails for INR 49 for 190ml of product. I think it is a medium priced product not super affordable not too pricy! The consistency is quite thick and will actually make you feel full.

    You can buy it here: 

  2. Yogurt Smoothie: I personally have always loved flavored Yogurts.The best part about Yogurts are that you have them anytime and they can instantly make you feel refresh and energetic. Yogurts are good for digestion. Goodness Yogurt Smoothie claims to bring you all the rich nutrients of Yogurt and 100% natural fruit pulp.These contain upto 15% real fruit pulp with no added preservatives and artificial color. My personal favorite among the lot is definitely Mango Yogurt smoothie. It taste delicious. If you love mango and Yogurt, you will love this. Retails for INR 49 for 190 ml of product. 
  3. Goodness Cold Coffee: These are ready to drink bottled coffee made from fresh cold brew concentrate  and double toned milk.These do not contain any artificial colors and preservatives.It should be consumed with in 21 days from the date of bottling. It has two variants- One is Hazelnut and second is Classic! I personally did not like the taste of Hazelnut. However, If you are a lover of really strong Coffee with almost no sugar, you might like these. 
Pick one for yourself:

I found the products to be really promising and good quality. However, as far as taste is concerned you might like some and some not!

You can buy these from Amazon in packs also. Click here:

It you are someone who likes to try something new and different, you can surely give these a try. Very useful product to carry in your bag to office and have it as a snack or while travelling!!

Till my next post...Stay Fit Stay Happy!

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