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My Review: Spinz BB Cream

My Review: Spinz BB Cream:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great!!!

Today I have for you review of Spinz BB Cream..It is recently launched in the market..It says it is a Brightening & Beauty Fairness Cream!! Again Beauty creams and their obsession with "Fairness"...So, I am just going to ignore the fairness part and will focus on the brightening and other benefits and results of this Spinz BB cream....

About the Product:
  • Very Beautiful Rose Gold Colored Tube Packaging...
  • Very convenient to use and carry 
  • It says it gives 2x instant glow and cover spots
  • Provide Sun Protection
  • Highly Affordable: Retails for just INR 100/- for 29 gram of product
  • Very smooth velvety texture
  • Blends easily
  • Yellow colored
  • Have a nice floral fragrance
  • Key Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Titanuim dioxide, Octylmethoxycinnamate, Butyi Methoxydibenzoyl methane
  • Directions to Use: Apply cream by gently massaging on clean face and neck area using upward circular movements.
  • Product of Cavin Kare 
  • Made In India

My Review:

First comes the Packaging....It is in the Rose Gold Colored tube. Very classy and good quality. Would be a good product to carry in handbag.

Secondly, it has a very soothing floral fragrance. I really love the floral scent of it...It gives a fresh feel!

Now comes the main part......The texture and the performance!!!!
The first time I saw it, it instantly reminded me of our very old Vicco Turmeric cream..... Spinz BB cream is a yellow/mustard colored cream,with an extremely velvety or mousse finish...It just glides on the skin without the feeling of heaviness. It is a very light weight cream for daily use purpose...
Somewhere between a normal face cream and a foundation.

However, since it is in the mousse texture, Dry skin people better moisturize their skin nicely before its application otherwise it can fill and enhance the dry patches of the skin..

I actually liked this BB cream and think it is great option for daily use, where I generally prefer something very skin like light coverage cream...It does even tones the skin and gives a nice glow...Staying power is not much and lasted for 3-4 hours for my oily skin...

I did tried it with a primer also and staying power was increased. I personally liked this very much...the texture....the fragrance...everything worked quite good for me.....
For Dry skin people, I am bit doubtful!! Better apply your regular moisturizer before, for it to be more natural on your skin.

If you are looking for some kind of BB cream with a coverage that will serve as a makeup for parties or outings, then I don't think this is an apt product...This one is best for daily office or college or general purpose. It is not an alternative for foundations.

Full marks on the affordability...Retails for INR 100 only for 29 gram of product, which I think is great and everyone can easily afford and enjoy!

It also says that it cover spots!!!!!I do not think this can cover any spots unless they are very light. It does not have that much coverage to cover spots or marks....But the "Instant Glow" part surely works...It do add a nice & healthy glow to the skin

I would like to recommend this BB cream, if you are looking which will add some glow and a nice natural finish to the skin.

Do share your thoughts & feedback in the comment section below....:)

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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Unboxing January Glam Ego Box

Unboxing January Glam Ego Box:

Hi Friends,

Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!! :)

Here is an another Unboxing post of our very loved & affordable Glam Ego box....This one is their January edition!

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way to try out new brands and know about new launches and products of various companies and brands, but most of the time they are quite expensive....and sometimes you end up avoiding them and thinking might be its not worth trying...But Glam ego box have changed the game all together, since it is so affordable and the brands they have collaborated with, are of premium and good quality.
They are providing beauty products worth INR 2500 for just INR 299/- What else one can ask!!!
Moreover, most of the products will be full size and could be used for a respectable number of uses and not just one time use miniature samples!!!!

Do check out their website... and order one for yourself. It can also make a great gift to your family & Friends.
You can buy one month box also OR 1-3-6-12 month subscription also..There would be a price difference little bit for each plan..

Lets check out what all I receive in my January Glam Ego box!

First coming to the packaging.....I am really impressed with the Glam ego team, since they actually put lot of thought & effort in designing and creating a theme every time....It just makes the box look more interesting and appealing!! This month is #No Resolutions since it a new year time and new year resolutions...It is a beautiful orange-red colored box with bunch of cheer leader kind of girls.. It is just beautiful and attractive packaging....:)

1. Bio Bloom Face Oil: The first product is from a well known brand Bio Bloom. Bio Bloom is one of the top organic brand in the country and they have launched their premium segment product Face Oil. This oil has 100% natural ingredients.
Usage Instruction: Just take a drop and rub it on your face for natural glow and it is a best Radiance Booster. They say if you have crossed 18 years, it is the right time to start slowing the process of ageing skin.
It seems to be a great oil if you use it before going to bed. However, it can be used in the day time as well.Also, if you have extremely dry skin, then you might use it to hydrate your skin before application of makeup and it will add a nice glow on to your skin.
It smells so good and aromatic...I just loved the scent of it and cant wait to use it. The MRP of this face oil is INR 1499/- and the shelf life is 24 months.

2. Bella Voste Lip Gloss: The second product in the box is Bella Voste Lip Gloss. I have not tried any of the Bella Voste product before and I am really excited to try this one! It says it is formulated in Italy and gives you a moisturized and plump looking lips. It is a party season & little gloss doesn't harm and also winters really makes our lips dry, so I think this can be an apt product for many of us girls.

If you got bored with all those matte lipsticks or want something more hydrating for the winters, this can be a good option to try.. Retails for INR 599 for 3.2 ml and shelf life is almost 2 years. The color I have is Pop of Pink..Although the name suggests Pink, it is not pink color, rather it is bright red (Tomato red). I have a swatch for you guys here....Pigmentation is quite good and not totally sheer like most of the lip gloss...I think it is really nice color lip gloss, which can be used as it is or on top of your any lipstick. Both ways it worked great. 

3. Natural Bath & Body Vital Nourishing Cream: I am the one who always keeps on running out of the creams and lotions.So, the next item here is luckily a cream. It is a Natural Bath & Body Grapefruit and Vitamin C Vital Nourishment Cream. Retails for INR 220. It has a nice fruity scent. Since it has Vitamin C, so it helps to brighten the skin and make your skin even tone. Also, it will help you to get rid of that tan. It smells nice and citrus.. The formula of the cream is quite hydrating...It is not like a cold cream for winters but it does provide some nourishment to the skin.

4.M Caffeine Shower Gel: The last product is a beautiful blue colored shower gel, from M caffeine. M Caffeine is known for their caffeine infused beauty products. This shower gel has Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Taurine etc The color is quite aqua & exotic. I think even the men will like this shower gel since the fragrance is not at all girly or fruity/flowery. It feel more manly and musk kind of fragrance to me.You can smell strong hints of caffeine. It is a Paraben free product. Retails for 189/- for 50 ml of product and shelf life is 24 months.

On and all, I am really very happy with the selection of the products in the January Glam Ego box. I liked their December box as well but January box looks even more better and fit to my likes!!
Would like to highly recommend Glam Ego box ! Do check their website for all the details:

Do share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below. Have you tried the glam ego box yet..If not, it is worth trying once if you love to experiment & try new beauty products.

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Till my next post, Be happy and Stay Beautiful!!!
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Book Review: Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan - Remnants Of The Sikh Empire

Book Review: Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan - Remnants Of The Sikh Empire:

Hi Friends,

" Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind...."
                                                                               By - Nathaniel Hawthorne

I have always been fascinated by history and historical monuments and the stories behind them. Each monument has its own journey and story to tell!

Recently I read a book named as Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan! Here is my review and all the information about the book:

Plot Summary: This book is an unique guide to many important Sikh monuments located in India & Pakistan. It catalogues numerous structures historically associated with the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh during early 19th Century. From Mughal to Sikh edifices, this book shines a spotlight on undiscovered masterpieces including Forts, Havelis, Palaces etc across theses countries.
It narrates the history behind these structures and also sheds light on the rich cultural traditions associated with the powerful nobles and courtiers of Lahore Durbar.
Some of these structures include strategic forts built in the tribal areas of Pakistan by the legendary Sikh hero Hari Singh Nalwa, the existence of which is completely unknown to the general public.

Author: Bobby Singh Bansal

About the Author: Bobby Singh Bansal is a writer, historian and documentary film maker. The author traveled extensively across remote regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border with the assistance of the Pakistan Army, in order to compile rare footage that documents these habitations.

Published By: Hay House Publishers India

No. Of Pages: 269

Price: INR 399

My Review:

Firstly, I would really like to appreciate the author, since it is evident that he has done some great amount of research in writing this book. He must have put lot of hard work in shaping this book.
I would say it is a typical book of History and is full of Historic information and facts about the mentioned monuments. It has a picture of that monument and all the related information & relevant background, with no glossy stories to spice it up!
It is strictly a "No Nonsense" Book!!!

If you are someone who are really into History and Historic building and monuments then definitely you will love this book. It is not a light read, rather it is an information guide about the Sikh Monuments in India & Pakistan.
As for my personal experience, since I live in India and never knew anything about the Sikh monuments in Pakistan. So, it was kind of interesting to know that there is\was a lot of Sikh history in Pakistan as well.

One thing I really appreciate in the book is the allocation of the chapters. Chapters are bifurcated according to the places Or Regions. So, you could just pick a chapter about that one particular city or region. It looked convenient and systematic to me as a reader..

One thing I did not like about the book is that most of the pictures are black & white, which makes it a little boring to look at!

Also, the author claims that some of the structures mentioned in the book are very rare and less known to general public. I think all the Historians would love this book!

I think it is a good option if you are a big Historical monuments lover or doing some kind of project where you require  information about Sikh Monuments. This book can give a huge amount of material Information.
But yes, if you are someone who is just looking for a casual book related to history, then you should give this one a skip...

The book is available in both Hard copy as well as Kindle version.You can buy this book from Amazon:

Do share your thoughts in the comment section, if you read this book or what is your current favorite book at the moment...

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Happy Reading! :)

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Fragrance Review: Layer'r WottaGirl (Secret Crush)

Fragrance Review: Layer'r WottaGirl (Secret Crush):

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying life to the fullest!! :)

We all love to smell good!! I also do..And keep switching between Perfumes...Body Mists...Body Splash....Deodorants....
In one such search for a new Body Mist or a Body Splash, I stumbled on this Wottagirl Body Splash!
I know it is not a new product in the market, I also have been watching its advertisements since quite long now, but never paid attention to try.....But recently I did and I am so proud of it!! :)
The Variant I have is "Secret Crush"..

So here is the Product Information and what I feel about it.

About the Product:
  • Brand Claims: The sweet, saccharine essence of Secret Crush, the Scentastic, captivating aroma of Mystic Island or the delicious, irresistible fragrance of Vanilla Twist: what are you going to wear today?Layerr brings you Wottagirl fragrant Body splashes: fragrances  that will leave you feeling fresh and smelling beautiful.    
  • Manufactured in India
  • Priced at INR 199 for 135 ml of product
  • Comes in Plastic bottle
  • Shelf Life is 36 months
  • Beautifully designed bottle
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easily available
  • Affordable 
  • Comes in many Variants

My Review:

Firstly I love the word " Body Splash". The word itself indicates freshness and a lighter version of typical perfume. It is something which is meant for a daily use.
The one I picked up is the Secret Crush! It is a 100% fruity fragrance. 

Talking about the packaging first, the first time i saw i thought it is a glass bottle, but actually it is a plastic bottle with Pink and Purple hearts made on it. It is a beautiful and girly packaging. Also, the quality of the plastic bottle is quite good and sturdy. It is safe for travelling since the Cap closure is quite tight and spill proof. So, even if the bottle is made up of Plastic, it is absolute good quality.

Coming back to how it smells and the staying power...It smells like bowl of sweet fruits...But in a good way! :) It is a typically sweet scent. If you love fruity fragrances, then you will no doubt love it and if you are someone with a sensitive nose, who like really mild fragrance you will probably find it little too strong for your liking..
I being a lover of Fruity & Floral fragrances loved it!! The first note I could recognize was Pineapple, Oranges... It is a fruity scent but not one of those irritating  sweet fragrance to give headaches. Staying power is quite good of this variant, since it is little bit more strong as compared to some of its other very mild variants. For me it lasted for 5-6 hours.
I am really impressed and enjoying using it everyday. I am planning to pick more of its variants. It is so affordable and worth the money...
Body Mists & Splashes like this are generally from Expensive International brands, So this one is really good option!

They have many different variants to suit everyone's taste. I am sure you can also get your perfect choice. As for this- "Secret Crush", you will like only if you like sweet fragrances otherwise I would suggest you to skip this one and go for some other Wottagirl Variant.

I would highly recommend Wottagirl Body splashes...Total worth the money!
Perfect if you want to skip those heavy duty perfumes and want to go for more mild and wearable fragrance. I actually cannot wait to try other ones!!

Pick one for yourself, I am sure you will also love them..

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Till my next post, Keeping Smiling!
Do share your thoughts in the comment section below...

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