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Book Review: Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib

Book Review: Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great! I am back again with an another book review. The book we will talk about today, is Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib.
This book is quite different from the books I have reviewed so far, since this one is pure Fantasy and that too by an Indian Author!! I love to read fantasy books but very rarely do I come across a good Fantasy book by Indian writer.....But this book turned out to be a total exception and I thoroughly loved reading it!

About the Author: The name of the Author is Koel Ganguli. She chose Sreejib as her pseudonym because it is her husband's name. Koel was born and brought up in Kolkata. After completing Mass communication, she got into content writing. Apart from her love for writing, she likes to read, travel and sleep. Koel loves fantasy and also believes that stories choose writers and not the other way round.

Published By: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages:427

Price: Paperback - INR 399/- , Kindle - INR 279/-

My Review:

I have a Kindle version of it but it is also available in paperback. You can buy either of them from Amazon.
To start with, the story is a Fantasy Fiction.

Initially after reading a few pages, it was all confusing! The plot seems to be little complex. But as and when you will continue reading, all dots will join beautifully.

The story is about a battle between God and Lucifer. But they need to fight through participating in a game, with rules and regulations. So, there are two teams in the game..One is Team God and other is Team Lucifer. I was also very curious to know the meaning of the title of the book "Aqson". Actually, both the teams need to choose a color for themselves......So, one team chooses color Aqua and the other team chooses color Crimson...Hence the name of the game is "Aqson"!!!! Liked the concept :)

The ultimate goal of the game for winning, is to become Prime Minister Of India!!..Since they choose India, as the location of the game. My first thought after reading this is how becoming a prime minister of India, can be a fantasy tale!!.....But Author did quite an excellent job in building the story and not making it look funny.

Story revolves around lot of people and based in the City of Kolkata. There is a huge diversity in the characters and all of them are well explained....From Politicians to College students to Angels to God....

Author has quite an interesting way of writing. The plot built though intricate, but it engrosses you completely and also gets laughs from you with aptly placed situational humor. I found myself  laughing at many incidents in the story. This avoided making story heavy or dull and helped in keeping its pace.
All the chapters are named after famous Hollywood movies like The Sixth Sense, A Christmas Carol, Face Off, Maleficent which adds an unique charm to the book.

Also, I would like to mention that the story has shown the bond of friendship between Appy, Ollie, Toya, Goenka, AJ very beautifully.
This book is meant for all age groups, youngsters specially can relate to the characters and their mannerisms.
I loved reading this book since it is a fantasy fiction, but not a mindless fantasy tale but a cleverly written story filled with suspense, action and lot of sense of humor.
Personally I think the politics part was too detailed at some places, which was slowing the pace of the story.

If you like to read fiction and fantasy, you should definitely check this book. I enjoyed reading this and I am sure you will also love it.  Here is the link to buy, for both Paperback & Kindle Version:

This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program and Blog Tours. For details log on

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Till my net post, Happy Reading!! :)
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Random Purchase: Nykaa Paintstix Lipstick: Grunge Brown - A Perfect Brown Lipstick!

Random Purchase: Nykaa Paintstix Lipstick: Grunge Brown - A Perfect Brown Lipstick!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Lipsticks are never enough for women!!! And every now and then we end up buying a new lipstick...
Recently, I added a new lipstick in my collection.....
So, I decided to share how I felt about it and do a mini review on it.
It is Nykaa Paintstix in the color "Grunge Brown"...And I must it is one of the most beautiful brown lipstick I have seen..

About the Product:

  • Lipstick is from a brand  "Nykaa"
  • Nykaa's Paintstix has a remarkable formula that wows you with its supreme color intensity and comfortable soft matte finish. This super pigmented lipstick glides on your lips effortlessly providing you with extreme color in one stroke. It's big on color and big on glamour.
  • There are in total 20 shades...Color choice is really awesome starting from Nudes to Pink to Dark Brown.
  • Retails for INR 425/- for 3.5 gram of product
  • Consist Vitamin E and nutrient infused butter
  • Super long lasting
  • Excellent Color Payoff
  • Color Coded Packaging
  • Shelf Life of 3 years

My review:

Firstly, I absolutely loved the packaging. It is a color coded cap, with matte finish tube. Color co- ordinated packaging makes arranging & storing lipsticks so much easier. So, full marks on that. The quality of the tube is also very good and not flimsy plastic at all.

There are in total 20 shades in this range. There is something for everyone. From Nudes to Pinks to Purple to Dark Brown....Everyone can get shade of their choice!
The color Payoff is excellent. All the shades are beautifully pigmented. In just one swipe, you will get an amazing color. I hate to coat my lipstick with 2-3 swipes to get a proper color, it just feels so heavy on lips. With Nykaa Paintstix, one swipe is quite good!

Also, it is not totally transfer proof. It does get transferred a little bit..But considering all other merits, I think it can be managed.

The texture is quite smooth and glides on the lips easily. It is not one of those drying matte lipstick. These has a semi matte finish...Very Very comfortable on lips. 
I have picked a dark brown shade,which is inspired from 90s!!! It is called " Grunge Brown"..I must say it is a beautiful but quite dark brown look....Exactly what I was looking for...

Price wise also I think it is in medium priced category. You can get these on sale and discount..
So, I think can be a great affordable lipstick..I actually do not have anything negative to say about it..
Totally Satisfied with my buy and will surely like to recommend it...

You can buy these from Nykaa or from amazon website...I will provide the links to this shade as well as other shades too, just in case you wish to pick for yourself :-)
I am surely picking more shades from this range....:)
Do try!!

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Which is your current favorite lipstick.

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Till my next post, Stay Happy Stay Beautiful!! :)

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Book Review: The Wind Beneath His Wings By Swati Lahoti

Book Review: The Wind Beneath His Wings By Swati Lahoti:

Hello My Lovely Readers,
I am back with an another book review for you guys.
The book I will be talking about is "The Wind Beneath His Wings": The Making of an IITian By Swati Lahoti.
It is a book written by a mother, about the journey of his son along with her & family while making through IIT!

About the Author: Swati Lahoti, based in Mumbai, is a writer by passion. A post graduate in English & MBA in Marketing & HR, she has worked as a copywriter with advertising agencies and a placement consultant. However, the role most dear to her heart is that of a mother, helping her two sons reach the pinnacle of success. This book is about her redemption- as a student. as a teacher, as a mother and most importantly as a daughter.

Published By: Prabhat Paperbacks

Genre: It is a true story\Inspirational\Biography

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 127

Price: INR 195/-

My Review: We often can find lots of Self help\Inspirational books for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Very rarely can we find a book meant for their parents!!

This is a book, which will not be just useful and motivational for the students, but will also be helpful for the parents specially the mothers...
Swati as a mother has described and shared her journey, throughout her son's preparation for IIT.

She has beautifully portrayed that how can a mother be a very important role in a child's journey to success. She has shared the challenges faced by Alind, her son during the preparation. How he faced those challenges and how as a mother she guided & supported.

In our Indian Society, education is often related to peer pressure, good numbers, good ranking etc.Her book sheds light on the importance of the role of parents. Just putting the kid in the best coaching center is not enough, to get a great rank & success. Parents support & motivation is needed in every step. She also shared the time table of Alind, which could be a great help for the students. Also, Swati has shared her own journey as a student in her young life and the mistakes she made and the lessons she learnt from them.

To make book more interesting and not like a typical boring motivational book, many situational cartoon presentations are included. Many a times she has related some Hindi movies dialogues or situations, to add a spice and fun element in the book!

It is not a very fat book and even the students can spare time to read this beautiful book and get the benefit out of it. The writing style of the author is very simple and with clarity. It is the kind of book, which all parents should read specially if their kids are about to start their journey towards higher education.

Overall, A nice book about a family's journey towards success.
Would surely recommend this book! Would also make a great gift for family
& friends!

Do pick a copy for yourself....

Buy Here:

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All About Roop Mantra Face Washes!

All About Roop Mantra Face Washes!:

Hello My Lovely readers,

Hope everyone is doing great....
When it comes to our daily skin care regime, the very basic and first step is to wash the face from a good face wash. This is something we all do, at least twice a day and hence picking a suitable and a good face wash is very important.
In today's article, I would be sharing everything about the Roop Mantra Face Washes..I have 5 of them and would be talking about each of them..

Roop Mantra is basically a herbal brand. The products are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients which are great for skin. They do use a lot of natural ingredients in their products, like Lime, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Cucumber, Neem, Fruit extracts etc 
Most of their products are very budget friendly, which I think is really great.
The broad spectrum properties of Roop Mantra Ayurvedic products make it suitable for all skin types. These products can be used by both males and females.. These are easily available in the market all over the country as well as on the online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Nykaa etc or on their website itself..

Lets talk about all the Face Washes one by one:

1. Mix Fruit Face Wash: Remove Facial Skin dirt which prevents blemishes & pimples. This one is my personal favorite from the lot. It smells amazing. It contains blend of natural fruit extract like Apple, Grapes, Carrot, Almond. After a tiring long day, this can really give your skin a fresh feel. The pleasant smell will make you feel relaxed. It has a gel consistency and removes all the dirt nicely. Fruit extracts are known to provide a glow and radiance to the skin and improve the skin texture. Retails for INR 83/- for 115 ml of product. It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

2. Neem Face Wash: Remove excess oil, deep rooted dirt, control blemishes & pimples: We all know that Neem works like a magic on an acne prone skin. It has anti bacterial, anti fungal properties which helps to reduce & control pimples and acne. This face wash is very good specially for people with oily skin and prone to acne. It will help to clear out the skin. Retails for INR 83/- for 115 ml of product. It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

3. Lime & Mint: Remove dryness & roughness. Control skin cracking: This variant contains goodness of Lemon, Tulsi, Pudina and Aloe Vera. Lemon plays an excellent role in overall health of the skin since it is loaded with great nutrients. Aloe Vera is great to moisturize skin and fight against sun burn and other skin allergies. This would be great product for all skin types for daily use. It has a beautiful yellow gel consistency. It smells so fresh....Very Citrus..A great option for those hot summers....  Retails for INR 83/- for 115 ml of product. It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

4. Aloe Vera Face Wash: Remove facial skin dirt which prevents blemishes & pimples: We all know, these day market is flooded with the Aloe Vera products!!! No wonder Aloe Vera has multiple beneficial properties in it. Aloe Vera provides complete nourishment to the skin. It moisturizes the skin, helps to fight & reduce acne, helps to reduce sunburns and has many other benefits. This face wash is very mild on skin and if you are looking for a Aloe Vera face wash, then definitely give this one a try. Retails for INR 83/- for 115 ml of product. It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

5. Cucumber Face Wash: Purifies skin By clearing deep dirt & control pimples: Summers are about to start. During those hot summers days, all I want is to cool down my skin. This Cucumber face wash is perfect for that weather. It has a cooling tingling sensation when you use it. Your skin feels fresh and cool. I do not like to use this in winters, but in summers I love it! It smells like cucumber too :) Cucumber helps to rejuvenate and improve skin tone. It helps to brighten the skin! Retails for INR 83/- for 115 ml of product. It has a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

All the face washes comes in a tube packaging with a flip open cap,which is quite convenient to use. Face wash lathers quite good and you would only need a pea size amount for your face and neck.None of the variant made my skin overly dry. Also, I felt almost all the face washes has a cooling & tingling sensation in them.
I would also like to mention, that on the packaging only the Key Ingredients are mentioned, So I am not sure whether it is a Paraben Free product or not!

Considering the Price tag and the main Ingredients, I would definitely recommend these...A good product for your daily use...Do pick one for yourself...I checked Amazon and these are available in combo packs! Below are the links to buy:

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Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!!
Till my next post, Happy Reading!!!

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