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My Favourite Skin Care Brand- Plum Goodness!

My Favourite Skin Care Brand- Plum Goodness!

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good.
Today I would be sharing my favourite skin care brand and couple of the products which I am religiously using from some time now...

So, the brand I totally adore for my regular skin car regime is Plum Goodness.
Plum Goodness is no new name in the Indian market for their range of skin care products.
I have tried their many products and hardly ever been disappointed, so today I would be sharing two of my absolute favourite Plum products.

About The Brand:The main thing which initially attracted me to this brand was, that all of their products are super safe for the skin. They are all natural and Parabens free.
The best part is that they keep their ranges according to the skin types and skin issues. You just need to know yours.. For example they have Green Tea Range for Oily and Acne prone skin and Chamomile and White Tea for combination and normal skin and Aloe Vera Range for the sensitive skin etc
They have such a diverse variety of products and they keep on launching new products regularly.
Plum Goodness products are Vegan, Cruelty Free and free from Parabens and Phthalates.

The two products which are a very essential part of my skin care regime are:
1. Plum Green Tea Toner: This toner is from their green tea range specifically meant for Oily and acne prone skin.

  • It is an alcohol free toner
  • Helps to control acne and fades acne scars.
  • Tightens the skin
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Does not feel heavy
  • Glycolic acid provides gentle exfoliation and removes dead cells
  • Has a soothing fragrance
  • Retails for Rs 390/- for 200ml
This toner has worked pretty well for my skin which tends to breakout very quickly. This has not given me any kind of rashes or redness. Many toners I have used before from other brands, does contain alcohol in them, which is not good and felt too strong. This is mild. It has a very pleasant natural fragrance which relaxes you specially in the summers. It helps to cleanse your pores thus reducing the chances of blackheads and the whiteheads. Regular usage of the toner helps to tighten up the skin. So, make sure you have some tone included in your your skin care.

2. Plum Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Face Oil: I love to use facial oils and this one definitely falls under my favourite category.

About The Product:
  • It has 100% plant derived 10 oils.
  • It is said to be a Glow Restore face oil
  • It has Essential Fatty Acids needed to have a overall healthy skin
  • It has Vitamin C to limit UV damage
  • It has Vitamin E which is a anti oxidant and hydrates the skin
  • It has Carotenoids which helps in Cell growth and regeneration
  • It has Phytosterols which repairs skin and is a natural barrier
  • Meant for Normal OR Dry skin, but worked well for Oily skin too except in the extreme summers
  • Retails for Rs 775/- for 30 ml of product
  • Non Greasy
  • Not too thick
As the brand has mentioned that this facial oil is supposed to be for Dry skin or people with the Normal skin, I was a bit hesitant to pick this one up since my skin is on a little Oily side. The fact I love about the facial oils are that if they are not very thick textured, they tend to suit all skin types mostly.
 Plum Goodness oil is neither very runny nor too thick. It is not the lightest textured oil I have used so far, but it is also not very greasy or sticky and that is the reason it did worked for my skin nicely. It is marketed as the Glow Restore Oil, so if someone is expecting to have some miraculous glow after its use, it is not true! It actually make your skin feel and look much more nourished and healthy and hydrated. Using this facial oil regularly will surely make your skin feel much more even tone and healthy, which can look like your skin has a healthy look or the so called glow!
It has very nice and relaxing fragrance too which makes it super relaxing to use in the night time.

Only 2-3 drops are required for my skin. The dropper provided is very nice and the frosted glass bottle does gives it a luxurious feel. I am totally satisfied with this oil and have been using it continuously. It did not broke me out or caused any reactions. Also, the pricing of the Plum goodness oil is affordable, as compared to some other good facial oils available in the market.
According to me this oil will be suitable to all skin types, unless you have an extremely oily skin especially like in the teenagers.
I would highly like to recommend this one!
I would be sharing the buying links below of all these, along with some other of my Plum's favourite products.

Here are the Links To Buy: :-)

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Hope the article was interesting and helpful for my readers. Make sure to leave your suggestions and comments in the comments section below.

Till my Next Post. Stay Happy!

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10 Amazing Uses\Benefits of Lavender Oil (Ryaal):

10 Amazing Uses\Benefits of Lavender Oil (Ryaal):

Hi Friends, As I mentioned in my previous post too that recently I added some essential oils in my skin care regime. I purchased two of them from Amazon website. One was Tea Tree Oil, about which I have already done a post sharing some great benefits of it Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil 
 and second one was Lavender Oil. Both are from a brand "Ryaal". 

Ryaal's Oils are 100% natural and GMP Certified. Whenever, I decide to incorporate a new product in my skin care, I make sure that it should be of a really good quality. Ryaal's products are high on quality and safe to use. Ryaal offers a wide range of 100% natural essential oils like Tea Tree, Grape seed, Rose hip, Lemongrass, Orange,Peppermint etc to choose from.  

In today's post, I would be sharing some of the Benefits and Uses of Lavender Essential Oil.

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10 Amazing Benefits\Uses of Ryaal's Tea Tree Oil For Skin

10 Amazing Benefits\Uses of Ryaal's Tea Tree Oil For Skin:

Hello Friends, I recently decided to add some of the essential oils in my skin care routine..So, the first Oil I decided to use in my skin care regime is Tea Tree Oil, which is known to be specially beneficial for acne prone skin. 

I purchased Tea Tree Oil from Amazon website of a Brand called as Ryaal. So, it is a 100% natural and GMP Certified. Whenever, I decide to incorporate a new product in my skin care, I make sure that it should be of a really good quality. Ryaal's products are high on quality and safe to use. Ryaal offers a wide range of 100% natural essential oils like Lavender, Grape seed, Rose hip, Lemongrass, Orange etc to choose from.  

Tea Tree Oil is basically known for its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, so it is highly beneficial for Oily and acne prone skin. Lets see 10 Amazing benefits\Uses of Tea Tree Oil:

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My Review: INATUR Kumkumadi Tailam: Ayurvedic Facial Oil

My Review: INATUR Kumkumadi Tailam: Ayurvedic Facial Oil:

Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great! Today I have for you guys Full Review of an Ayurvedic facial oil - Kumkumadi Tailam from a brand called as INATUR.
I have heard great things about the Kumkumadi Oil and how it does wonders for some people's skin. So i started to look online to buy it. Some of the high end skin care brand was also having this but they were insanely steep priced. So, I wanted to try something which is affordable yet good quality. So, in this process of searching I came to know about this brand called INATUR. Their Kumkumadi oil instantly caught my attention and I placed the order to try it out. So, here is my full review about it.

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Dry Skin Care Tips....How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin...

Dry Skin Care Tips....How To Take Care Of Your Dry Skin...

Hi Friends, My last post was regarding 'Oily Skin Care tips', so in continuation of that series today i have 'Dry Skin Care Tips'..
How to keep your skin hydrated and maintain in a proper way...

The main problem or the most important aspect of Dry Skin, is to keep it hydrated..
Now,one can get or have a dry skin texture by birth or due to number of factors..Lets see in bit of a more detail:
  •  First and foremost reason is By Birth. One can have dry skin by birth...So it is God gifted.
  • As you age,your skin tends to reduce its oil content in it and moves towards dry or combination side..So, Age is the another factor
  • Very low consumption of water and Liquids
  • Wrong Eating habits
  • Improper Lifestyle or too much of stress
  • Being too much in sun or in pollution
  • Skin reacts differently in different seasons, so in Winters your skin tends to get more dry..
  • If you are living in a very Cold Areas..Like Hill Station etc where most of the time it is kind of winters, then obviously your skin can be more towards dry or combination side.
 How To Take Care Of Your Skin, If It Is Dry:
  • The most important thing is to keep your skin hydrated..For this try to drink lots of water. Infact not only water for that matter, drink lots of Liquids..Be It a Fruit Juice or water or Lime Water etc. The main purpose is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Try to drink Coconut Water, if possible..Too good for Skin!
  • Always apply a good moisturizer.Now, for oily skin people it is always recommended to use light texture or gel based formulas...However, for you dry skin guys..try to pick more rich formulas...Only light and gel based formulas may not be sufficient to fulfill your skin moisture needs..Try to go for more thick and rich hydration...
  • Oils work great for dry skin..You can use Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Baby oils...All work good for dry skin.Olive oil is quite rich in anti oxidants and works great to provide that right amount of moisture to skin or dry patches..
  • Facial oils are blessing...both for Oily skin or Dry skin...Just choose the right one..
  • Dry Skin often faces issues like flaky skin, dead accumulated cells thus making skin look dull and dry. Exfoliate. Guys, scrub or exfoliate your skin regularly...Once in a week...It really helps to clean all those dead cells and dry flaky skin..will help to get you a smooth skin...I have a full article on the benefits of Exfoliation..Check out that..
  •  Take a proper diet..Eat lots of Fruits and Veggies..
  • Always think, see and then select a skin care or a beauty product. Do not follow the trend blindly. Just check whether the ingredients or the texture is suitable for dry skin or if a beauty product is soap based, then definitely continuous use of that product will make your skin even more dry... Choose a product which is mild, not soap based..
  •  For Dry skin choose beauty or skin care products having oil or cream based rather than water or gel or soap based...So, that these products will help your skin to cope up its oil need.
  • If you have time or on weekends, try to make use of some of the natural products which are easily present in every household and works magically for dry skin like Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Honey, Aloe Vera Gel, Curd, Milk....Try to use them for your skin care....There are so many ways to use them...Check out my blog for your suitable DIY...
  • So, the crux for Dry skin is "Keep Your Skin Hydrated"...The more your keep your skin moisturized, the more it will glow and will be soft..
 Always Exfoliate your skin once in a week, apply good moisturizer. 
Just think and then choose your skin care product....Hope this article is useful for you readers.
Do not forget to like my blog....Happy Reading!

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Luxury Range Skin Care Shopping- Kiehl's

Luxury Range Skin Care Shopping- Kiehl's:

Hello Friends, today i do not have here a big product review or a DIY. I just wanted to share 2 of my new skin care purchases, which i am really excited to use.
These are from a famous skin care brand Kiehl's. Now, these are definitely not from a drug store range, these are pretty expensive and often included in the Luxury or High End skin care products.
So, the two beauty products i purchased are:
1. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
2. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Kiehl's is something which is not new in the whole skin care world. It has been since 1851. Whenever, some one talks about a good skin care product, Kiehl's is the name often included in it. Kiehl's products are always considered very high quality and effective.   
So, finally i also decided to spend my money and try couple of things.

 Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate:
 It says it is a Replenishing Elixir of Pure Essential Oils and Distilled Botanicals to Visibly Restore the Appearance of skin by Morning. Basically, it is a facial oil which you need to apply on fresh clean face before going to bed so that it can work on your skin whole night and you get a fresh and young looking skin in the morning. 
Here is the most important aspect- it retails for INR  3500...

I just love the packaging. Super classy. Super Comfortable to use. Glass Bottle with a dropper....

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser:
 My Second purchase is Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. It says it is a Gentle Liquid Formula that Cleanses without Over drying or Stripping Skin. Basically, this is a face wash or face cleanser which also contains lots of essential oils and Vitamin E. It retails for INR 895..

I would be doing a full fledged review of both of these products very soon after using them for some more time..
Till then Stay Beautiful!!!

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Hello Everyone! Today i would be writing about a very interesting topic in the skin care range- Facial Oils!

Now a days, in the skin care regime its all about adding the facials oils to it. Real good brands like The body shop or Kiehl's have launched their facial oils. But there are so many myths and opinions attached to the usage of facial oils. 

The very first questions which comes to mind are - 
Whether oily skin people can use it?
Whether it will make my skin look greasy and oily?
Which age group people should use it?
Do they really work?
Will they lead to more breakouts?

So, the answer to the very first question is yes! oily skin people can should it. It will help to keep their skin hydrated, so that the skin would not produce excess oil to overcome the dehydration . thus making the oily skin more balanced and less greasy.

Oils which have a light weight texture gets easily absorbed into the skin without making it look oily and shiny. Massage the oil nicely till it gets absorbed properly and you can see an instant glow to your face.

Any age group people can use it whether in 20s or 30s or 40s etc. But yes oils work really good for mature skin since with the increase in age, skin tends to loose its natural moisture making it more dry than a younger skin. 

It would not lead to breakout provided they are used properly and in the right quantity. Most of the facial oils contains strong essential oils, concentrated plant\seeds etc oils, so they should not be over used. 

Benefits of Facial Oils: 
  • Keeping the skin hydrated- Oils prevents loss of water and moisture from the skin thus keeping it hydrated and soft.
  • Oils can be easily absorbed into the skin provided it has a light texture. Oil should not be in a thick texture or it can lead to skin being greasy.
  •  Facial oils are generally the plant oils, so they have anti-bacterial, anti- fungal properties, which help to make a skin healthy and acne free
  • Oils having anti- bacterial property can actually help to reduce breakouts.
  • Since oils keeps the skin hydrated and soft thus very suitable for mature skin too.
  • It can be used with or without your regular moisturizer depending how the skin type is.
  • Smells mostly like some essential oils, so have a relaxing effect.
 So, finally i have been using these oils from some time now and loving them. It has really improved my skin texture and has made it more lively and soft.

But always read the instructions, since some oils are recommended to use only in night, some can be used in morning as well in night. So, keep in mind how to use the product so that you dont end up having breakouts due to the over or wrong usage of the product.

Hope this article was useful for the readers. Happy Reading!


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Hi everyone, today i would be reviewing a new product launched by my favorite brand  The Body shop- Oils of Life range. This is their Intensely Revitalising Facial oil. Now this is the product which is being loved by everyone and all the beauty gurus are just raving about how good it is. So, i finally decided to give it a try and share my review about it.

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