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Do Try AM Greens Intensive Hair Mask For Getting Shiny Hairs!

Do Try AM Greens Intensive Hair Mask For Getting Shiny Hairs!

Hi Friends,

We all love having those shiny, bouncy and healthy hairs!
But in our today's hectic lifestyle, we hardly get any time to make those homemade DIY, no matter how effective they could be..

So, eventually we all want something which has goodness of all those natural ingredients, yet easy to apply..A Ready To use Hair masks are something which I always prefer, since it saves a lot of time yet helps to keep my hairs more healthy.

Recently, I tried a hair mask from a brand AM Green which works pretty good in providing that much needed hydration and boost to my dry hairs.

About The Product:
  • 100% Natural
  • It is an Argan Oil Anti Hairfall Root Repair Formula
  • Made with 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bitter Almond Oil, Aloe Vera for deep conditioning & Healthier Softer looking hair infused with plant milk
  • Manufactured by Good Soap Pvt Ltd
  • Marketed by Euphorbia
  • Retails for Rs 460/- for 100 grams
  • Shelf Life of 12 months
  • Directions to use: Apply the product to the roots of well combed hair. Comb hairs from root to tip post application. Leave it for overnight washing it off with gentle shampoo.
  • The product has been developed by artisans skilled in curating organic herbs & natural   sources and crafting them using traditional methods across the world. 

My Review:
As you can see from the ingredients list, all the major ingredients are well known for their super conditioning properties. The mix of all these ingredients surely helps to hydrate those winter dry hairs. Often people face issue of dandruff in the season of winters. This mask which has Shea Butter, Jojoba oil and Almond oil will definitely help to control the problem of dandruff.

As per the directions, it is recommended to keep it on overnight. However, I generally keep it for 3-4 hours and not overnight and it has been working just fine for me. My hairs has become much more manageable. It is easy to apply.
You can get this mask at the Euphorbia Box website. Also, I can see some amazing discount going on there.

It is quite a generic product, suitable for all hair types. Comfortable to use. Comes in zip lock pouch, so no need to immediately transfer into a separate container to store.
If you are looking for new Hair Pack to try, you can surely this one a Try!
Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. I would love to read them all.

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Till my next post, Stay Happy! :)

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Review Of Seven Seas Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner (2 in 1)

Review Of Seven Seas Eye Shadow & Gel Eyeliner (2 in 1)

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Do you love those Black smoky eye look???
If yes and if you are on a budget, then here is an affordable recommendation from my side, which I very recently tried and have been using.
So, the product I would be talking about today for those makeup lovers, is a Combo of Eye Shadow & Gel Eye Liner from a brand 'Seven Seas'.

About The Product:
  • It is a 2 in 1 product, which contains Gel eye liner and a eye shadow
  • Is Water Proof
  • Is Smudge Proof
  • Has a Soft Texture
  • Comes with the brush
  • Long Lasting
  • Sweat Proof
  • Retails for Rs 299/-
  • Has a shelf life of 3 years
  • Easy & Smooth Application
  • Available at Euphorbia Box Website

My Review:
Firstly, the packaging of the product is really very compact which makes it super comfortable to carry. It can easily be carried in your 'not so big handbag' also :)

It comes with its your own brush, so no need to carry a separate makeup brush to apply the product. However, I personally use a much thinner brush to apply eye liners, than what is provided with this one.

No need to say it is super affordable and you get two products - Gel Eyeliner and a Black Eye Shadow. Basically, everything for that smoky eye look for this party season!
It is not a shimmery eye shadow, however I can see some very minute and tiny particles of shimmer in it. But those does not show up much even after the application as well. I prefer matte eye shadows more, since they tend to last much longer on me than the shimmer ones. This one worked fine for me in that area.

Texture and application wise, both Eye Liner as well as Eye Shadow went well. No lumps and chalkiness. However, Pigmentation wise Eye Shadow did not impressed me much. It is not that dark black I personally like. Gel eye liner was fine and lasted quite well.

I can also see some amazing discounts going on the website.
Do pick one for yourself:

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Do share your views and thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to read them!
Till my next post, Stay Beautiful!

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Book Review: I am M-M-Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

Book Review: I am M-M-Mumbai By Rishi Vohra

Hi  Friends!

How is everyone doing?
Are you looking for a book to carry on your vacations, which is simple yet engaging to read...
Here is a nice option for you!

This is the third novel of the Author Rishi.

Plot Summary: An intelligent, good looking young man, Rudra should have been going places, except wherever he goes, he faces ridicule and humiliation because he stammers. His stammering has only ever brought him the wrong kind of attention and he has never been able to overcome it or move past it. Now at 25, he feels completely stifled and embittered that Mumbai, the city of dreams, has always crushed his own dreams, particularly his long cherished one of becoming a film actor.
Then he meets Richa and love gives him a ray of hope. But heartbreak devastates him and he spins into a downward spiral that eventually pushes him to rock bottom. Now, his only way up is to conquer his fear and insecurity once and for all and speak.
Will Mumbai finally listen?

Published By: Vishwakarma Publications

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Price: Rs 250/-

No. Of Pages: 190

About The Author: Rishi Vohra took to writing while he was pursuing his MBA in Sustainability at San Francisco State University, after an extensive career in the Hindi Film Industry. Since then, he has published two novels- Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai (2012) and Hifi in Bollywood (2015)- and a short story, 'The Mysterious Couple', which was featured in Sudha Murthy's anthology- Something happened on the Way To Heaven (2014). I am M-M-Mumbai is his third novel. He currently resides in Mumbai with his wife and daughters.

My Review:
The plot of the book is pretty simple and it is a very fast and easy read. This is something you can read anytime any day!
The story revolves around a young man Rudra Talpade, who lives in Mumbai and his biggest hurdle and challenge in life is 'Stammering'. He is handsome, young & charming and has a dream of becoming a film star. However, his speech problem has always somehow lead to embarrassment and disappointment for him.

The story covers various aspects and ups and down of his life and how he is finally able to achieve what he was destined for. Although he was an assistant director in the Hindi film industry, but his actual dream was to become a big movie actor. But due his speech problem and his past experiences in life till now, he never felt confident enough to even tell this about to anyone. He thinks that he just cannot be the one..

Then he met a girl, for whom he totally fell for and thought now his life would be better and sorted. However, there was an unexpected break up and he just hit rock bottom. He totally lost control over his emotions and life. The stories continues with how he met a complete stranger and how that person pushed him to achieve his dream and be the person, which he thought was impossible.

The story tells a beautiful journey of how he learn to tackle his speech problem, gain confidence and become a completely new person and a movie star!
The story also hints that if something is in your destiny, you will surely get it. 

Overall, it was a nice fresh read for me. The story was not something which was extremely unique or complex. But it was engaging and interesting enough to keep the read going till the end. It is surely a nice one time read.

The language was simple and fluid, with no confusions. It was a pretty light read. Looking forward to read more and the past two books of the author, very soon.
Do a pick for yourself here:

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Till my next post...
Stay Happy & Keep Reading! :)

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Book Review: Prince Of Patliputra (The Asoka Trilogy Book 1) By Shreyas Bhave

Book Review: Prince Of Patliputra (The Asoka Trilogy Book 1) By Shreyas Bhave

Hello Friends,

Today I would be sharing a review of a very interesting book from the 'The Asoka Trilogy' series by an Indian Author Shreyas Bhave
Do you love history especially Indian history, then this book and series is for you..

Here is the Book 1- Prince Of Patliputra in the 'The Asoka Trilogy' series.
Book 1 revolves around the haunting question: Who will be the next Samrat of the revered land of Aryas? The first book of this riveting narrative captures the decline of a golden age, the upsurge of greed and chaos, the dark aspirations of royal heirs and the dramatic events in the remarkable life of a man of destiny.

Plot Summary: Bindusar rules the Indian sub continent from his capital, Patliputra. As Samrat's health declines due to a mysterious illness, problems and factions in fighting and rebellion, raise their heads across his realm. There is no clear successor as the 99 sons of Bindusar vie to ascend the throne.
Bharatvarsha waits for a warrior king to rise up and lead the Empire once again. Can young Prince Asoka, least favoured of Bindusar's sons, take on his grandfather's mantle? Can Radhagupta, a mere Councillor at court, be the inspiration Chanakya was to his Emperor and his people?

Published By: Platinum Press

Genre: Fiction\Epic\History

Language: English

Price: Rs 399/-

No. Of Pages: 460

My Review: If you are a lover of Historical fiction, then you would adore this book totally!

The plot of the book is based in the era of very famous Mauryan empire and King Asoka!
We all have heard a lot of King Asoka and his controversial life and we have seen Bollywood version of it too :) So, it has always been a topic of fascination and curiosity among the story tellers of our country.
Story starts with the king, Bindusar getting ill and close to his death. He has 100 sons and his least liked among them, is Asoka.. As he is getting more and more ill, the big question arises that who will be the next successor to the throne? Will prince Sushem be the next king as everyone is expecting, who is present king's favourite or will prince Asoka will come into the picture in the run for throne...

While story starts with this present plot, the author very intelligently and seamlessly merged a parallel past about Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta was a disciple of guru Chanakya and was his favorite. The story tells about that time King Ambhi and his relationship with Chanakya.

It is a fast pace narrative and a well knit story line. Very intriguing plot.The writing style of the author is very  fluid and engaging. You will not feel a moment of boredom during the entire read. Although, most of the characters and references are picked from the Indian history, one needs to read this book as a pure work of fiction. It is a beautifully written epic story and not a history book, as some might have been thinking from the title.

The story is action packed and full of throne politics, betrayals, love, conspiracies etc. It was fun to read about Chanakya and his intelligent clever ways!
I am surely starting the second part of the book super soon..
Would like to highly recommend this book and series, for all those Historic fiction lovers!

Do pick your copy here:

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Till my next post, Happy Reading! :-)

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