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Book Review: Neverfound Land By Durriya Kapasi

Book Review: Neverfound Land By Durriya Kapasi

Hello Lovely Readers!

Do love reading Fantasy books like me... Do you love Magic and Genies.. If yes..Look no further! Here is a very newly launched book in the Genre of Fantasy ' Neverfound Land' By Durriya Kapasi
Neverfound Land is a heartwarming tale of a young man taking control of his destiny.
Neverfound Land is the second book in the Djinn Series. The first part was 'Once Upon A Genie'.

Plot Summary: Solomom, who is a genie and human hybrid, discovers his supernatural powers and a truth hidden from him for 20 years. His ordinary life turns into an adventure, full of never ending challenges and responsibilities, when his foster father is kidnapped and his biological father's kingdom and legacy is threatened.
Will Solomon step into the world of the genies to save his loved ones? Will he accept his fate as the heir of Neverfound Land? 

Published By: Half Baked Beans

Genre: Fantasy

Language: English

Price: Rs 245/-

No. Of Pages: 169

About The Author: Durriya Kapasi was born and raised in East African Country of Tanzania, although her roots belong to India. Durriya is currently settled in Udaipur. Neverfound land is Durriya Kapaso's second novel which is also a sequel of her first book Once Upon A Genie. She is an author with diverse perception for divinity and mystifying secrets of the world which is very clearly observed in her first book and now The Neverfound Land. Durriya Kapasi is a creative writing teacher, motivational speaker and a senior Wattpad Ambassador. She regularly contributes her skills for several social organizations.

My Review:
I do read a lot of Fantasy books, but not everyday you come across a book which revolves around Genies. The story actually attracted me to this book, since it was a bit different from the regular fantasy tales.
To start with, I just fell in love with the Book Cover as soon as it was released. It is so beautifully designed. It screams magic and an Arabic style! Very beautiful! :)
Although it is the second book in the Djinn Series by the author, you can totally read it even if you have not read the first part.

The protagonist of the story is Solomon, who is a human and Genie hybrid. Story starts with him discovering his powers and realizing that he is different and much more powerful form the other kids of his age. He then learns to control the powers and how to use it appropriately. Story continues with how Solomon becomes desperate to know about his Biological father and his kingdom and all the secrets behind his life. The adventure begins when his foster father Darren was kidnapped and the kingdom of his Genie father was threatened.
Will Solomon support both or will he only save his foster father. How will he save the Genie world, knowing nothing about the Genies!! There are Bad Genies who want war as well as good Genies to support him..
That are all the questions you will get answers for in this book.

The writing style of the author is simple yet engaging. It is not a very fat book and an easy fun read. You can complete the book in few days very easily, even if you are not a very fast reader.
The main beauty of the book is its simplicity yet an interesting story. However, having said that I found the first half of the book much better and interesting than the second half of the book. Some of the scenes seemed to be dragged or to be over elaborated. Really loved how the author has described the whole Genie Land and all the characters of the story.

Overall It is a fun read....A nice one time read for all those Fantasy Lovers! :)
Do Pick a Copy for yourself:

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Till my next one....Happy Reading! :)

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Book Review: 20 Diamond Rules For Ultimate Well Being! By Ashraf Haggag

Book Review: 20 Diamond Rules For Ultimate Well Being! By Ashraf Haggag

Hi Lovely Readers!

Do you love reading Self Help\Motivational books?? Do you find them helpful?

I am very choosy in reading such Inspirational books since after a certain point, most of the books started to sound same for me!
The book I am sharing today is a Self Help book for Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit..
Life is full of uncertainties & surprises and we have to make sure that we just don't get thrown out of balance in facing such situations.

As the author said " People who are truly successful at this game accept the uncertainty and are equipped to deal with whatever life throws at them".

'20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well Being - Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit' by author Ashraf Haggag

No. Of Pages: 150

Genre: Self Help

Language: English

Format: E Book

My Review:
It is divided into 20 chapters and each chapter covers a different topic\aspect of life, including various sub headings. If something in particular interests you, then you can easily go to that chapter directly. Basically, it is a book for improving your overall lifestyle and state of mind.

There are various interesting topics like 'Stop comparing yourself to others', 'It's never too late to start', 'Live the moment', 'The art of acceptance' and many more..

Life is all about balancing. This book stresses equally on emotions, self control, setting goals and priorities in life and also with these not to forget your physical heath.
The book talks about how to be careful about the people with whom you spend most of your time with.The type of people we are surrounded by, do impact our mental health. Similarly, communication is not just about exchange of mere information. It is about understanding of emotions and intentions behind the information.

The best part of the book is that it is very straight forward & without any long philosophical stories.This makes the book approachable and relatable. Over explanations of things sometimes makes topics boring in such self help book, but in this book everything is crisp and to the point. There are lots of tips and tricks on how to feel better or how to make a situation better. Basically everything is about the Balancing Wheel of Life!

I can say this is one of the most practical Self Help book I have come across till now. Would surely like to recommend this one!

I am sure each of you will relate to some aspect of it and can use some tips to make your life a little better than what it is......

Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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Book Review: The Alpha Yeti By SUM

Book Review: The Alpha Yeti By SUM

Hello Lovely Readers,

Today's Book review is about a fiction book named as 'The Alpha Yeti' by an Indian author with a Pen name as 'SUM'.

Plot Summary: Every Tribal land has its own tribulations and the Kasis were way beyond any hope for help, for what they were undergoing was terrifyingly unspeakable. It wasn't any myth or taboo. This one was true. The one God was as real as the white giants. But, all the suffering and trepidation came from the impossibly aggressive grey giants. They were a deformity. A fallen Imprecation on the Kasis. Somehow, a sensible Bhirendi, the elderly last of the Kasis, addresses the tragedy and rushes his people into the underground chambers of Ravaial before they are forced to face the wrath of the monstrosities that lately have begun to roll roll down from the white mountain.
With the situation only getting worse by the moment, the tribes hire a pack of Ace hunters from the west. But, one of them freaks out and abduct the daughter of an estranged but once upon a time famous hunter to only earn his ire. The hunters are drawn together into a strangely unwelcome land of doom with their fates sealed under the white mountain. They soon realize that time is all they have left in the entire world when the grey giants begin their vicious play.

Published By: Author House

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 213

Price: Rs 250/-

My Review: Firstly, the cover in itself is self explanatory about the story line that it is something related to huge giants in the mountains!
The story is full of action and adventure! Lots of Dishum Dishum! :-)
Most of the action scenes and characters are well written and thoroughly detailed.

The plot revolves around a small village's tribe Kasis, who are facing a big threat to their people and village from the mountain giant monsters Yetis. Which was earlier thought as a myth or legend, came true as the Giants of the mountain Nirmalaya became a serious threat to their life. There are White Yetis and then there are Grey Yeti...
When the situation got out of control, the leaders of the village finally decided to take some outside help to rescue and save them.
Ultimately, the villagers decided to hire a pack of expert four hunters, to tackle the giants and protect their village. Although, initially they were not willing to do so, but finally they had to! Why they had to do so, for that you need to pick the book!

For me the book and the story was an average read... People who love to read lot of wild action sequences and thriller adventures will like this book for sure...
For me personally, the story was OK. However, I would like to say the narration style of the author was very impressive, detailed and clear. There was no confusion in the parallel scenes. There was a clarity of thought throughout the book... The way author has described those giant mountain monsters is awesome!

So, the crux of the book is -The legends of mystery mountain are true!!
How does the villagers, hunters deal with those monsters?? For knowing this do pick a copy for yourself! :)

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Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below. What are you currently reading??

Happy Reading! :)

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All About Rey Naturals Onion Hair Oil!

All About Rey Naturals Onion Hair Oil!

Hey Lovely Friends!

Do you guys know how good Onions are for hairs? Onions are considered 'magic' for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss to a considerable amount. Regular use of Onion juice on the scalp can also help to control premature graying of hairs.
Onions are very good for hair follicle nourishment and help restore lost nutrients to your scalp.
Despite of knowing all this, I have somehow always deviated from applying Onion juice in my hairs just because of that lingering strong Onion smell.

So, when recently I came across Onion hair oil, I was immediately attracted to try it because this has the goodness of Onions in a bottle. This is much more convenient to use and does not smell bad. One such Onion hair oil I will be talking about today is from an Indian Brand 'Rey Naturals'.
This has all the benefits of Onions as well as many other amazing ingredients.

About The Product:
  • It is Onion oil with Sandalwood and Rose Oil.
  • Controls Dandruff
  • Treats Hairfall
  • Accelerates Hair Growth
  • Key Ingredients includes Red Onion, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Vitamin E, Castor oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Amla, Brahmi, Hibiscus, Indian Margosa, Sandalwood oil, Mango butter, Shea Butter, Rose oil, Isoamyl Laurate
  • What is This? Smelling like Sandalwood and Roses, this Red Onion hair oil will take away your hair worries. Rich in Sulphur, potassium and anti oxidants, Onions can treat excessive hair fall and dandruff and accelerates new hair growth. This Amber Red colored hair oil contains an exotic mix of Onion extracts, Potent oils and herbs to treat scalp and nourish hair from roots to tip. Ensure a balanced diet for your hairs and scalp.
  • Made in India.
  • Comes in a very good quality pump dispenser bottle
  • Retails for Rs 799/- for 200 ml
  • Shelf Life of 2 years

My Review:

Considering the price tag, 200 ml is quite a sufficient amount of quantity and will last pretty long. Also, you can always get some amazing discounts on Amazon and Flipkart. 

Secondly coming to the packaging, it comes in a pump dispenser which is always very convenient to use. It is more hygienic and gives you a better control on the product's quantity.
Now coming to the my main concern with the Onion juice/oil as I mentioned above. Since there are many other essential oils mixed with the Onion oil, this one doesn't smell bad at all. Fragrances like Sandalwood and Rose has covered the strong smell of Onions to a high extent. So, fragrance or odor is not an issue at all as I feared.

Regular usage of this oil will surely help you to have a more healthy and strong hairs. Since it has anti bacterial properties, it will help to fight any kind of infections on the scalp.This helps to reduce the problem of dandruff to a great extent, hence reducing the hair fall.
I leave it on my head for about 3-4 hours and then take a head bath. It will instantly smoothens out your hairs and make them feel more nourished and soft.

The texture is very comfortable and non sticky. It gets absorbed nicely in the scalp.Hairs does not become sticky or heavy after the wash.
It is also mentioned that it can help in the issue of premature graying of hairs due to the presence of naturally potent anti oxidants.

I am quite satisfied with Rey Naturals Onion Oil. If you are looking for something with the benefits of Onion, make sure to try this out.

Buy here:

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Till my next post
Stay Happy!

Make sure to leave your lovely thoughts in the comment section below.:)

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