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Book Review: Designing Destiny: The Heartfulness Way By Kamlesh Patel

Book Review: Designing Destiny: The Heartfulness Way! By Kamlesh Patel

Hello My Lovely Readers,

Today I would be reviewing a book which is very unique and different from all my earlier reviews.
It falls under the category of Spiritual and Self Help.
It is Designing Destiny : The Heartfulness Way By Daaji Kamlesh Patel

Today, we live in a state of chronic stress and a never ending list of expectations from ourselves, from others and from our destiny!
Sometimes, I wonder have we forgotten the feeling of satisfaction and peace?
We spend so much time thinking about our past and so little about our future..
This book sheds light on how can we design our destiny by choosing a proper lifestyle and balancing our thoughts and our personality.

About The Book: What does destiny mean in the course of our lives?
                              What is fixed and what can change?
                              How can we design our own destiny?
These are questions that some of the world's greatest philosophers have asked since time immemorial.In this groundbreaking book, Daaji addresses such questions with simple solutions and practical wisdom. He leads us on to the next stage of the journey after The Heartfulness Way, guiding us on how to use the Heartfulness practices to refine our lifestyle and design our destiny, including our destiny in the afterlife. He elaborates on the subject of consciousness, the role of evolution, and explains what happens to us at the time of birth and death- and how we can act in those pivotal moments when life takes a turn. as an opportunity to grow. He emphasises that, with a few sinple practices, a heart full of enthusiasm and an expanded consciousness, we can all discover our potential and the destiny we were born to fulfill.

Daaji inspires us to believe in ourselves and find a way forward, no matter what the challenge, and look at even the most difficult situation

About The Author: Known widely as Daaji, Kamlesh Patel is an original voice in an ancient tradition. His teaching arise from his personal experience on the path of Heartfulness, while reflecting his deep spirit of enquiry and respect for the world's great spiritual traditions ans scientific advancements.
Daaji practiced pharmacy in New York City for over three decades before being named as the successor in a century-old lineage of spiritual masters. Fulfilling the many duties of a modern- day guru, he extends his support to spiritual seekers everywhere.
A self professed student of spirituality, he devoted much of his time and energy to research in the field of consciousness and spirituality, approaching the subject with scientific methodology- a practical approach that stems from his own experience and mastery in the field.

Genre: Self Help\ Spirituality

Publisher: Westland Publications

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 219

Price: Rs 299/-

Review:  Most of us do believe that 'Destiny' is something which is already pre decided and something which is beyond  our control and cannot be changed.
The book basically explains the Heartfulness Practices, which can actually help us to design our own destiny in a way, which we want or which is best for us. It is all about balance between the inner and the outer life.

According to the author Kamlesh Patel, called as 'Daaji' by the followers of the Heartfulness Way, Heartfulness gives us a simple scientific approach to meditation: we are the experiment, the experimenter and the outcome. Our heart is a laboratory.
The three main process of designing destiny are:
1. Everything starts with from practice.
2. Practice leads to lifestyle.
3. Lifestyle leads to destiny

So it is not an overnight process, which can magically transform our destiny. It is all about taking baby steps every day every minute! If we follow meditative and spiritual practices as explained in the book, it will slowly become part of our daily life and personality and very soon as our lifestyle. Since the inner change is not enough, it should reflect outwardly too in day to day life. All these lifestyle changes and personality refinement, will help finally changing our destiny our future...
Destiny is created, step by step. bit by bit, through the journey of life!

The basic three steps of Heartfulness practice are:
1. Relaxation: Relaxation includes unwind physically, to calm down when we are upset, to relax tired muscles at the end of hectic day and to free our bodies and minds so that we can meditate. The process is very simple and gentle.

2. Meditation: Everything starts with a thought. In Heartfulness Meditation that thought is 'The source of divine light already present within my heart is drawing me inwards'. What makes Heartfulness meditation different from other types of meditation is the active presence of 'Pranahuti Or Transmission'.

3. Cleaning: Letting go of the past: It is a process of mental detoxification. It helps us to dive deeper into meditation, removing the impurities, complexities and emotional heaviness that accumulate during the day in our minds. It helps to feel lighter and more carefree.

The best part of the book is that the practices mentioned are very approachable and practical. It is not like most of the self help books, which seem to be 'to good to be true' and impractical. One can easily try these and see the difference.
It tells that we can surely design our destiny in the present, by designing ourselves and our lifestyle!
Small inclusions of meditative and spiritual practices can bring big difference in our life. All we need to do is stop complaining and regretting about our past and present and focus on improving our future in a peaceful and a happy way.

The books has various chapters and topics which explains all the Heartfulness practices. The book really motivates you to take a halt and think where you are going and do you want to improve it..
It helps you to take a deeper look at your inner self and see how powerful we can be.
The language is very simple to understand with lot of clarity.

This book can help you change how you look at life and can help to be more focused and peaceful. It conveys the message that spirituality and meditation practices are not that difficult, as we often believe!
It is surely a beautiful and very helpful book.

I would like to highly recommend this book. It is also available in Hindi as well some other languages.
Here is the link where you can buy it from:

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Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below...

Till my next post, Happy Reading! :)

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Book Review: Sniper's Eye By Mainak Dhar

Book Review: Sniper's Eye By Mainak Dhar

Hello Lovely Readers!

Today's book review is about a book named Sniper's Eye by an Indian author Mainak Dhar.

Plot Summary: I was out on a date. Everything was perfect... Till that shot...a high- calibre one, no apparent sound. And, the man in front of me fell. A rifle with a suppressor. A sniper in the middle of a Mumbai mall..As the body count mounted, I was soon sucked deeper into the chaos unleashed by that shot. To survive and save those whom I care about, I have to become the man I left behind. I have no choice but to tap into a bloody past that has put me on the terror kill list. I may also have no option but to join hands with the sniper terrorizing Mumbai.
The problem is that the man has sworn to kill me.In a world where the young and poor kill and die in conflicts started by the old and rich, I and my unlikely companion finally discover the thin line that separates a mere killer from a hero.

Genre: Thriller Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 224

Price: Rs 299/-

About The Author: Mainak Dhar is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmadabad and has spent more than two decades in the corporate sector. A self described cubicle dweller by day and writer by night, Mainak is also the author of over a dozen books, some of which have been bestsellers in India and abroad.

My Review:
It is a nice suspense thriller. The story revolves around a man named as Aaditya, who is an ex army officer and had quite a controversial past there. He has now moved on with his life as a civilian with his girlfriend Zoya.. His past in army is something which he did not want to talk about now, in his new life. However, once he was in mall with his girlfriend, there was a sniper attack and the man was shot dead in front of him. As an ex army officer instinct, he just ran to catch the snipers in the opposite building. This all got him involved in the whole game of continuous attacks in the next few days and ultimately he himself too ended up in the hit list of the enemy..... So, the story is about why is he in the 'To be dead' list of the enemies? How will he save himself? Does this has something to do with his scandalous past in army?

The story moves very fast and does not feel boring or slow. Whole of the story basically revolves around Aaditya. The language used is pretty simple. No complex story line or heavy jargons.
It does involve a highly sensitive area\topic for India that is relationship between India and Pakistan and the terrorism!!
It shows how media can be manipulative and far from reality and how does the corruption works among people sitting on the powerful positions.

Overall it was an average read for me as a fiction thriller. It was not boring at all but was not too exciting for me personally. If you like these kind of thriller suspense, here is the link for you guys to buy this one :)

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Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below...
Which book are you currently reading?

Till my next post, Happy Reading! :-)

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Book Review: The Sun Shines Down By Sankha Ghosh

Book Review: The Sun Shines Down By Sankha Ghosh

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am back with an another book review. The book I would be reviewing today is slightly different from the kind of books I usually read and review. Although this one is also Fiction Thriller but the story line is related to Politics.
The name of the book is 'The Sun Shines Down' By an Indian author Sankha Ghosh.

Plot Summary: Shreya Basu is a kind of politician India has hardly ever witnessed and that too from a political party which has been suffering from an existential crisis for last few years. With an impeccable beauty and excellent oratory skill, Shreya Basu's shot to fame is no less than a fairy tale. But now she wishes to contest election with a powerful incumbent government at their own bastion. But little did she know about the dirty inlands of this murky game of politics. And, in this topsy- turvy ride to power, she came across the enigmatic Hector Fernandez. Obscured by thousands of unanswered questions, Hector Fernanadez is haunted by the ghosts of his past. And, to put them to rest, he wants one single thing, Vengeance. And, when Shreya's seamless ambition to acquire power meets Hector's hate- filled stigma of retribution, it wreaks war.
Unmasking the gloomy secrets all the way from the manipulative political lobbyists to the leaden secrets of media-mafia, from the shady by lanes of Mumbai to the precarious land of Balochistan- the duo challenges the power- barons inviting the threats they barely anticipated to come their way. But even the duo's infallible tactics may not be enough to save their goals, or themselves, from succumbing to their nemesis.

Published By: Hawakal Publishers

Genre: Fiction Thriller

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 139

Price: Rs 250/-

About The Author: Sankha Ghosh is a banker by day and writer by night. Starting off as an environmental activist with an international foundation, he eventually got into the exciting industry of banking. An avid observer, an alternate thinker, and strictly opinionated, his writings have been published in several national and international blogs.

My Review:
This book will be a nice read for all those people who love to read stories revolving around politics especially Indian politics. The story line is not at all complex and is very fluid and clear.
The book has 139 pages which means it is a very fast read and you can easily finish it in a couple of days. These types of books are great to travel with since these are light read.

The story starts with the Junaid Ahmed who was preparing and appeared for the State Service Commission examination. He was mysteriously murdered when he came to know about the whole corruption and system of exchange of money for getting a seat in the SSC passing list. He wanted to expose the scam but was murdered. His brother Faiz wanted to take revenge for his innocent dead brother, but he was also tortured and threatened to keep quiet.

The main protagonist Shreya Basu is an epitome of what today's women should be! She is a beauty with brains and in Indian politics. She shot to fame in no time and very soon was running in the race of the next potential Chief minister.. The story continues with how her whole campaign was designed by appointing best of the best people to win the heart of the masses.
The another main character is Hector Fernandez, who has had a lot in his past and has quite twists and turns in his life..

Make sure to read the book to know how the two parallel stories progress and end. What happened to Shreya Basu's political career.Will she succeed? A glimpse of our current Indian politics...

Overall I would say the author has done a nice job with just 139 pages since the story or the characters never felt incomplete. A nice attempt with a different story!

A nice one time read! :-)

Do pick a copy for yourself:

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Do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.
Till my next post, Happy Reading! :)

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Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch

Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Very recently I got introduced to a very innovative and a super useful product for us women!
Having little discomfort during our monthly cycle is quite common but some women do have to go through bad cramps during their periods. As a result, it does affect our daily routine during those days and make us feel irritated and tired..
The product I am talking about is 'Feminine Pain Relief Patch' from 'Sirona - The Celtic Goddess Of Hygiene'.

About Sirona: Pain Relief  Patches are 100% herbal patches and are a must have for women during those monthly troublesome days. A simple formula, it relaxes the muscle and provides discreet, continuous and non messy relief from pain and muscle cramps.

  • Contains Menthol to provide cooling relief from cramps during periods
  • Upto 12 Hour Relief
  • 100% Herbal
  • Instant Relief
  • No Side Effects
  • Can be used during nights
  • Shelf Life of 3 years
  • Affordable
This pack contains 5 patches. I have never used such product before and was not sure how it will feel on my skin and whether it works or not. But since it was something which was 100% herbal with no side effects, I thought of giving it a try!

The quality of the patch is quite thick like a bandage and not flimsy. The quality is very good. It is glued properly and sticks on the skin very comfortably. I used it for about 3-4 hours and did not felt any itchiness or stiffness around that area.
However, if I come to the actual performance of the these Pain Relief Patches, these are definitely no magic!
Once you put them on, after around 4-5 minutes you will start feeling a mild cooling sensation due to the presence of Menthol in it. It does help to relax tension in the muscles and to get instant relief.
But if you are someone who often get strong period cramps, then these might be not much of a use. It has a very mild affect and does not take away the muscular pain completely.
So, ladies for me the affect of these patches was average, not too great during strong period cramps, however, it did provide a little relaxing feel to the muscles!
I do like the concept that these are 100% natural and safe to use. I will be providing the links to buy this in case you are interested.

Here is the Link To buy:

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Till My Next Post Stay Happy Stay Healthy! :)

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