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Patanjali Beauty Products Haul.....

Patanjali Beauty Products Haul.....

Hi Friends, As a herbal and organic skin care or hair care products, here is my separate Haul post consisting few of the Patanjali Beauty Products i recently purchased.
I would be sharing these Patanjali products with you guys with a brief description about all the product like price, pics or what does it claim etc. So, lets get started..

Things I bought:
  1. Patanjali Coconut Oil
  2. Patanjali Sheetal Oil
  3. Patanjali Almond Hair Oil
  4. Patanjali Lemon soap 
  5. Patanjali Rose Soap
  6. Patanjali Mogra Soap
About The Products:

1.Patanjali Coconut oil : My first purchase is this Coconut oil.I have been wanting this from really long time now. Have heard real good things about it. But sadly whenever i use to go to my nearest shop. it always use to be out of stock. So, now that i have finally got it, let me use it for about a month and then i will be doing a separate review about it. It says on the packaging that it is Edible, but i dont know actually people use it that way or not.I strictly got it as my beauty product. It retails for INR 65 for 200ml. Best thing about Patanjali products are that they are super affordable.

2. Patanjali Sheetal Oil: Second thing i got is this Sheetal oil, which is supposed to relax your mind and body. It helps in getting rid of headaches or even sleeplessness or body aches. Whenever after coming from work, i am very tired and exhausted, i like to massage this oil little bit in my hairs, its cooling sensation helps to give relief and reduces stress. It says it also helps in joint pain and hair fall and dandruff. I have used it for 2-3 times and i am loving it. It retails for INR 55 for 100ml of product.

3. Patanjali Almond Oil: Almond Oil is known to be very good for hair growth and conditioning. I thought to give it a try too. I have not used it yet. It retails for INR 50 for 100 ml of product.It says it will soften the hairs, condition them and prevents hair fall. 

Lastly i bought three soaps, and believe me guys all the soaps smell so good and organic. These does not smell like artificial strong fragrances. They smell really natural and mild. My personal favorite is rose one.My whole bathroom smells heavenly when i use it. Mogra and Lemon were also good. For the prices, i am sorry i threw the packaging. I think the rose and lemon ones were for somewhere around INR 50.

So, those were my recent Patanjali Purchases. Separate review on some of these products will be coming soon. 
Till then, Happy Reading! and do not forget to like and follow my blog.......

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