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DIY:Get Beautiful Hairs With Curd\Yogurt!!!

DIY:Get Beautiful Hairs With Curd\Yogurt!!!

Hello Friends, If you are looking for a simplest of the simple ways to get those beautiful and shiny hairs, here is a simple DIY or hair care tip for you guys...

All you need is to go to your kitchen and grab a bowl full of Curd or Yogurt....
Yes guys, curds gives hairs such a amazing shine and healthy glow that you will be surprised to know....When i first tried it, all i was doing full day(after my head bath) was running my fingers through my hairs....They became so soft and flowy and shiny.....

Curd is an excellent tonic for hairs, to promote hair growth and also improving the quality of the hairs. It works to reduce hair loss too!
If you have frizzy or dry or damaged hairs, use Curd to condition your hairs, it will surely help to improve the quality of your hairs..

Lets see some of the benefits of Curd For Our Hairs......

  •  Application of Yogurt on the hairs can really make them shiny and soft...Curd conditions them by giving the required nourishment and Protein...So, Curd really moisturizes the hairs thus making them appear more healthy..
  • Curd\Yogurt if applied on the scalp can help to get rid of the dandruff problem.It has protein and anti bacterial property, which can help to get rid of the dandruff by moisturizing them.
  • Application of Curd on the scalp can help to reduce any kind of irritation or infection,through its anti bacterial properties.
  • Curd can be applied on the hairs as it is or in the form of several DIYs\Home Made hair Packs...Both ways it will surely work...
 Lets see some of the ingredients, with which you can mix Yogurt and apply this hair pack for getting the maximum benefit.
  •  Curd and Olive Oil....Olive Oil also works great for hairs. Olive oil will give high duty moisturisation to your hairs...So when curd is combined with Olive oil, it will help to treat really dry and frizzy hairs.
  • Curd and Coconut Oil: This one is my personal favorite. Most of the times i use this one to oil and condition my hairs..
  • Curd and Castor Oil: Castor Oil is also said to provide strength to the roots and promoted hair growth.
  • Curd with Banana: This pack is especially for frizzy hairs...This pack will help to make frizzy hairs more manageable and smooth.
  • Curd with Honey and Lemon Juice: For Improving the texture of the hairs
  • Curd with Eggs: Since both are rich sources of Protein, it helps to strengthen the roots, thus reducing hair fall and promoting hair growth.
 So, those were few of the DIY you can make from Curd or Yogurt, to get the maximum benefit out of it.
Do try some of these, because curd is such a commonly used and available product in our home..try to make full use of it..Include it in your diet as as well as in skin care and hair care routine... You will surely see a big difference...

Hope this post was interesting for my reader...Do follow my blog......
Happy Reading!

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