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Amazing Beauty Uses\Hacks of Petroleum Jelly!!!

Amazing Beauty Uses\Hacks of Petroleum Jelly!!!

Hello Friends, We all know and use petroleum jelly here and there from our childhood days. But there are few of the other amazing uses that you may or may not know.. Here are few of the tips & tricks or Hacks using a simple petroleum jelly, which has truly amazed me..

All of these hacks\Uses are so simple and works great for everyone...For sure Petroleum Jelly has multiple uses, much more than we know already!!
I love when a single product has multiple uses..After all it saves my money and space in my vanity! :)

I would be sharing some of the amazing uses specially for beauty purpose, do check out and pick your favorite ones..
Also, do let me know if you use petroleum jelly in some other way....
Here are some of the Amazing Uses:

  • As a Lip Balm: Obviously the first use which comes to our mind of Vaseline, is to use it as a lip balm. It is definitely one of the most hydrating non pigmented lip balm for your lips.
  • Can Use it as a Brow Tamer: Tired of keeping those one or two hair strand at place, which keep getting out from your eye brows. Well! no need to purchase those expensive brow gels. Try to use Petroleum jelly on the brows to keep them in proper place during your party. You can either apply with your finger tips or with a help of a toothbrush. It will also keep those eye brow hairs soft and not at all hard or crunchy, which sometimes some the brow gels tends to make. 
  • Make a Lip Scrub: You can make a very easy and effective lip scrub using this petroleum jelly. All you need is to mix petroleum jelly with granulated sugar(brown or white). Rub this scrub on your lips for about a minute and wash with normal water. It will help to remove the dead cells and skin from the lips as well as give then a proper needed hydration, since it is made of petroleum jelly. Make sure you do not over do it. Exfoliation is always recommended to do once or twice a week.
  • Helps Perfume to stay longer: We always apply perfume on our pulse points. Next time try this method and you will find that your favorite perfume lasted much longer. All you need to do is to apply Vaseline on your pulse first before applying perfume and then spray your perfume on it. This will help your perfume to last super long.  
  • As a makeup Remover: I think most of the girls are aware of this hack at least :). No need to buy expensive makeup removers...Go and grab your Vaseline and you can easily remove your makeup specially that stubborn eye makeup!
  • Helps to maintain Cuticles & Nails: Apply petroleum jelly on the Nails and Cuticles helps to keep them soft and healthy. Your nails and skin surrounding it will not be dry and flaky.
  • For applying Colour Pigments\Glitters on Eyes: We girls love to apply eye shadows. And if it a party or festival time, who doesn't like trying some glitters or pigments as a eye shadow, but the biggest problem is fallout. Using a dry brush often lead to glitters falling all over and ruining the face and under eyes makeup. No need to buy expensive MAC Pro fix, try using brush with a Vaseline over it and then apply pigments with that brush. It may not be as good as MAC but it can definitely serve the purpose. There will be no fallout and will give a nice dewy finish to the eyes. And it does save a lot of money.
  • As a Instant Highlighter: It can be used as a instant highlighter. Just apply a tiny amount of Vaseline on top cheek bones and it will give an instant dewy shine. It will make your skin look like its glowing from within.
  • Conceals Split Ends: Going for a party and hating those rough and dry split ends, rub some Vaseline on those hair make them soft and smooth. Petroleum jelly helps to temporarily conceals them and make them appear smooth and shiny!
  • Helps to prevent Hair colour\Dye Marks on skin: If you always face the problem of hair colour or hair dye dripping down on your forehead and leaving ugly stains on the skin, then apply Vaseline on the hairline before applying the hair dye. It will help to prevent the dye marks on the Forehead skin or even ears.
  • Helps to Glide those stubborn Earings: In case you have a newly pierced ears or having a pair of earing which are not going through your ear holes easily, apply little bit of petroleum jelly on the earings as well as on ear lobes and those earings will glide easily through the holes without hurting much.
  • Can be applied on Cracked Heels: Vaseline can be applied on the cracked heels and dry skin of the foot. It hydrates the skin instantly and reduce the flakiness on the heels or joints.    
Those were 12 amazing and very effective uses of Vaseline or petroleum jelly. It is always great to find something so versatile and easily available in every household.
It is not always necessary to spend a huge amount on the expensive branded products, sometimes a super affordable and simple product like Vaseline can do wonders!!

Do share how you like to use your Vaseline in the comment box below.
Thanks for Reading!! 

Do Share Your Thoughts...

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