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My Review: Coconex Coconut Oil

My Review: Coconex Coconut Oil:

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the festive season!! :-)

Coconut Oil is something which is not new in my skincare and hair care regime.I have been using Coconut Oil for my hairs since many years now or I may say since my childhood. Also, during the winters when skin becomes too much dry, I have used Coconut oil.
Not only this, Coconut Oil has way too many uses apart from these basic uses. I have already done an article on this telling Great Uses of the Coconut Oil

Recently, I was introduced to a new brand of Coconut Oil called as Coconex. It is a Pure virgin Cold Pressed Oil, suitable for hairs and skin. I have used it many times now and here is everything about the product you guys need to know and how was my experience using it.

Coconex have their own website from where you can purchase and also the brand is quite present and active on the social media platforms. Here are the links, where you can check the brand.

Instagram: @coconex_oil

Facebook: @cococnexoil 

About the Product:
  • It is a Pure Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • Ideal for Skin and Hair Use
  • Ingredients include Virgin Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin A
  • Coconut Oil helps to moisturize hairs as well as skin. Helps to improve the texture of the damaged hairs.
  • Aloe Vera is very beneficial specially for skin, as it helps to remove sun tan, heals Sun Burns and helps to remove stretch marks. Aloe Vera also reduces dandruff as it has anti bacterial properties in it.
  • Jojoba Oil works as an excellent Hair Conditioner. It also helps to reduce hair fall. Jojoba oil is also known to reduce acne and considered to be good for Oily skin. It is also beneficial in reducing the effects of sunburn.
  • Vitamin E works extremely well as a moisturizer and also helps to control premature aging and lighten the dark spots. Vitamin E work equally good for hairs as it will nourish the hairs and control split ends. Also, it will help to stimulates the hair growth. 
  • Vitamin A protects the skin from the UV rays. It also helps to reduce pimple, acne etc and hence helps to clear out and glow beautifully.
  • Comes in a light blue colored bottle.
  • Retails for INR 180 for 60ml of product
  • You can get this from their website Make sure to use special coupon code "SH20" to get 20% discount.
  • Light weight texture
  • Has a mild fruity fragrance
  • Works as a natural sunscreen
 Also, I would like to take a moment to explain what exactly " Pure Virgin Cold Pressed" Coconut Oil means: It means that the oil has been extracted by pressing the coconut milk out of the Coconut, at quite a low temperatures. This way it is ensured that all the Nutrients and the Antioxidants, Minerals remain intact. So, If an Oil is extracted through this method, it obviously makes it more effective and pure.

My Experience:

Firstly, the quality is really amazing. Cold pressed oils are always better than the normal refined oil. So, it is always great to get a product which have awesome ingredients and more importantly the method used to manufacture it ensures that the nutrients are intact and users can get maximum benefits from the same.

The texture is quite thin and get absorbed into the scalp or skin instantly. For my hairs I generally applied this oil overnight and washed it off next morning. I could definitely feel my hairs to be more shiny and manageable. They were bouncy and not at all sticky..

Currently I am not experiencing any hair fall problem, so could not comment how much will it work to control hair fall. Also, the fruity fragrance mixed with that coconut oil could be annoying to some people. I personally would have preferred it to smell like just authentic coconut oil and not a mix of strawberry\vanilla and coconut.

Shelf Life is 2 years, which I think is pretty decent.

But the quality this Brand is offering is really commendable. It is very safe to be used on skin. My friend is using this oil to treat her cracked heals and it is working pretty good. It do provide ample amount of moisturisation and keep the skin nourished.

I would suggest that if you are looking for a new Coconut Oil to try and specially when winters will be approaching soon, you should give it a try.It will work great as a body lotion too. It is of INR180. But I have a special coupon code of 20% off specially for my readers. Make sure you take full advantage of it . It is "SH20". Buy here

Rating- 3.5/5

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Till my next post.....Happy Reading!!!!! :)


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