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Book Review: The Bug The Bear And Baby Boo By Deepna Nagar

 Book Review: The Bug The Bear And Baby Boo By Deepna Nagar

Hello Friends!

Hope everyone is doing fine! The book I am going to review today is from the Children's section. It is The Bug The Bear and Baby Boo by Indian author Deepna Nagar.

Plot Summary: Baby Boo is walking along with her mother in the jungle to fetch water when something catches her eye. Baby Boo follows it and finds herself in unfamiliar territory. Does she find her way back home?

Genre: Children Book

Publisher: Notion Press

Price: Rs 199/-

No. Of Pages: 35

Format: Paperback

Language: English

About The Author: Deepna Nagar has worked in the field of Human Resources for many years, dealing with adults mostly. When her daughter has born, it was a step into another world- one of storytelling and reading. It's a world which she enjoys and this book is her attempt at getting her readers to forge a bond with their kids when they read together.

My Review: It is a story about a small girl Baby Boo, who once was in the woods with her mother and suddenly saw something shiny. It was a bug and Baby Boo decides to follow it. What happened next is  the whole story about. Will she get lost? Will there be some kind of danger? Will she find her way back home?

The book is designed very beautifully and it came out to be a perfect gift I choose for a small kid in my family. The book is thin and kids can easily finish the book. The quality of the pages is very good.

Kids love the book filled with the pictures.

The book is easy and simple to understand. It is filled with illustrations at every step, which makes it fun read. The book is colourful and a great way to encourage reading skills of the children. Suitable for age group of 5-8 years.

The Font is big and clear, which is good for small kids too. The kid I gifted to loved the book specially the pictures. However, he got confused about the ending and wanted to know more.... :)

Would surely recommend this book. A cute little story perfect for bedtime!
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Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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