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Book Review: The Misters Kuru By Trisha Das

 Book Review: The Misters Kuru By Trisha Das

Hi Friends!

Hope you all are doing good. 

Do you love to read about the tales of Mahabharata. If yes then this book is for you.

It is related to Mahabharata but with a twist.


Book Review: I have always been fascinated by the story of Mahabharata since it has so many layers and characters with different shades in it. 

So when I saw the plot of this book in which some of the iconic characters of Mahabharata comes in the modern world, it looked pretty interesting read to me!

The story starts with Draupadi, Kunti and Amba are well settled in the today's modern world Kalyug.As one can see on the book cover how Draupadi is wearing modern clothes with all those shopping bags.. 

Must say the book cover is very apt and beautifully designed. The real fun starts when one day the Pandavas brothers, from the heaven decided to visit these women in Kalyug..

They face the world and things they have never imagined or known. Little did they know that how much Draupadi and Kunti are enjoying this new world and have no plans to return with the Pandavas brothers. Pandavas brother also started to live here and experience life in a new way for some time.

So will they return to heaven? Will they return with Draupadi and Kunti? Will they continue to live here in mortal world?

All this is what book is all about..

I just love the story, the fun, the challenged the Pandavas brothers faced.

The story is pretty  unique for me and enjoyed thoroughly. Nice and clean plot and language. No confusions. It is witty and fun!

Would recommend this book even for the beginners. Easy and fast read.

I enjoyed it.

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