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Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel

Patanjali  Aloe vera  Gel Review

Hi Friends, today i have a review of a very simple yet a very nice and effective product. It is aloe Vera gel from Patanjali. You can find Aloe Vera of many companies, you can also get it from your own aloe vera plant in home. So many options are available these days to choose from. I have been using the Patanjali one from last one year and totally liking it. First let us see what the product says:

About the Product:

  • ·         Easily available- Now they have their own website other than their outlets
  • Light green colored gel
  • ·         Packaging- Squeezable transparent tube
  • ·         Aloe Vera gel can be used for skin as well on hairs
  • ·         Very economical
  • ·         It says it is helpful for removal of the pigmented spots
  • ·         It is a herbal product but it do contains some permitted colour and fragrance
  • ·         It is from Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd

    My Review:

    I have been using this from almost a year now, it is really nice for everyday use. I have an oily skin and it is suiting my skin pretty nicely. As soon as i apply it, it really gives a relaxing cool feel to the skin. It make my skin soft and hydrated. Generally when i come back from my work and my skin is totally tired and dull, i just wash my face with a face wash and apply this aloe vera gel, it instantly relaxes my skin.

    When you take it in your hand and start applying it, it will feel sticky but when you rub it on your face for a few seconds, it totally gets absorbed into your skin leaving it so soft.

    As for the removals of the spots, i do have my acne spots, but they have not disappeared after using it. They have become little light but not gone altogether.

    So, for the nourishing and rejuvenating the skin it is totally working nice for me. It has become part of my daily skin regime making my skin much more soft than before. Will totally recommend this to everyone.

    Please do share your thoughts by commenting. Thanks for reading!


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