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Hello Everyone! Today i would be writing about a very interesting topic in the skin care range- Facial Oils!

Now a days, in the skin care regime its all about adding the facials oils to it. Real good brands like The body shop or Kiehl's have launched their facial oils. But there are so many myths and opinions attached to the usage of facial oils. 

The very first questions which comes to mind are - 
Whether oily skin people can use it?
Whether it will make my skin look greasy and oily?
Which age group people should use it?
Do they really work?
Will they lead to more breakouts?

So, the answer to the very first question is yes! oily skin people can should it. It will help to keep their skin hydrated, so that the skin would not produce excess oil to overcome the dehydration . thus making the oily skin more balanced and less greasy.

Oils which have a light weight texture gets easily absorbed into the skin without making it look oily and shiny. Massage the oil nicely till it gets absorbed properly and you can see an instant glow to your face.

Any age group people can use it whether in 20s or 30s or 40s etc. But yes oils work really good for mature skin since with the increase in age, skin tends to loose its natural moisture making it more dry than a younger skin. 

It would not lead to breakout provided they are used properly and in the right quantity. Most of the facial oils contains strong essential oils, concentrated plant\seeds etc oils, so they should not be over used. 

Benefits of Facial Oils: 
  • Keeping the skin hydrated- Oils prevents loss of water and moisture from the skin thus keeping it hydrated and soft.
  • Oils can be easily absorbed into the skin provided it has a light texture. Oil should not be in a thick texture or it can lead to skin being greasy.
  •  Facial oils are generally the plant oils, so they have anti-bacterial, anti- fungal properties, which help to make a skin healthy and acne free
  • Oils having anti- bacterial property can actually help to reduce breakouts.
  • Since oils keeps the skin hydrated and soft thus very suitable for mature skin too.
  • It can be used with or without your regular moisturizer depending how the skin type is.
  • Smells mostly like some essential oils, so have a relaxing effect.
 So, finally i have been using these oils from some time now and loving them. It has really improved my skin texture and has made it more lively and soft.

But always read the instructions, since some oils are recommended to use only in night, some can be used in morning as well in night. So, keep in mind how to use the product so that you dont end up having breakouts due to the over or wrong usage of the product.

Hope this article was useful for the readers. Happy Reading!


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