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DIY: Beat the Skin Tan this summer....(With Home Made Facepack)

DIY: Beat the Skin Tan this summer....

Hi Friends, i am back with yet another DIY.
My biggest problem in summers is getting tanned. The moment i step out i get this 'hard to remove' tan on my legs, arms, face and neck. Because of this slowly slowly my complexion was getting dark and dull. Moreover i have read that too much of sun exposure and getting tanned leads to pre age wrinkles in skin, which i definitely dont want. 

So, here is a very easy home made face pack\ beauty remedy, which helps to get rid of sun tan.
I have been using it 2 times a week on my affected areas and  it has actually reduced sun tan from my skin.

So, here is it: You will needing two ingredients:
1. Curd\Yogurt
2. Turmeric powder

How to make this Pack:

Take 2 tablespoons of curd. Mix it well with around 1.5 pinch of turmeric powder. Pack is ready!
Just make sure you do not add too much of turmeric powder, otherwise after the pack your face will end up looking all yellow. 
Leave it around 15-20 mins and wash it off with normal water.
I generally use it 2 times a week before going for bath, so that if sometimes i get yellow color, it gets removed during bath.

How do these two things work in removing Sun Tan from skin:

Turmeric  is know for its anti bacterial, anti oxidant properties. It helps in curing wounds, burns and infections. Turmeric is know for its healing power. It helps in reducing skin pigmentation and darkness due to sun tan.
Curd or Yogurt contains lactic acid. It has anti fungal properties so helps in reducing acne. Curd has been used from ages to remove pigmentation and tan from the skin. Curd can work wonders in making skin soft and radiant by removing its darkness. It also helps to calm and cool down the skin in summers.

So, that was the easy and instant home made face pack, which you can try to remove the tan this summer. All you need to do is get into the kitchen to get these and get started. 
Happy Reading!
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