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Benefits of Cucumber for Skin:

Benefits of Cucumber for Skin:

Hi Everyone, today i would sharing benefits of a natural product, which is very easily available in every household kitchen. Its CUCUMBER. We all love to eat cucumbers in salads in summers, beside this there are tons of benefits which we can get for our skin by applying cucumber juice or slices.
Cucumber is widely known for its relaxing and cooling property, which makes it very beneficial natural product to have or use especially in summers.

  •  Reduces puffiness from the eyes: After a long working working day, if your eyes are feeling all tired up and heavy, take 2 slices of  cucumber and keep them on your eyes for 5-10 mins, it will instantly relaxe and will cool down the eyes.   
  • Reduces dark circles: Apply cucumber juice on your dark circles around the eyes, leave for around 10 mins and wash with normal water. With regular use of this, darkness around the eyes will gradually reduce.
  • Reduces Sun Tan from the skin: Applying cucumber juice on the sun tan affected area will reduce the tan.It cools down the skin and relaxes it and reduce the intensity of tan.
  •  Helps to improves complexion: Regular application of cucumber juice on face will help to improve your complexion making it more bright and clear. Apply the juice for 10-15 mins and wash it off with normal water.
  • Reduces open pores: Apply cucumber juice as a toner on your face, regular application will help to reduce open pores making them less visible, thus making skin smooth.
  • Reduces Sun Burns: Its cooling property helps to  cool down the sun burns.
  • Can be used in many face packs: Cucumber pulp or cucumber juice is widely used in numerous home made face packs and home made remedies for skin or even hairs. It has been an active ingredient in the home made remedies from ages.
So, friends you can easily make your own cucumber juice at home or their are few brands which sells ready made cucumber juice\water. some of them are:
 1. Biotique
2. Khadi
3. Deve herbes

Hope this article is useful for the readers. Please do share your views or suggestions.
Happy Reading!

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