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My Review: Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil

My Review: Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil:

Hi Friends, As promised in my haul video ( ) and as many of you have requested also, here i am with a full review of Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil..
Now a days, everyone is trying to deal with one or the other hair problem...This is happening because our way of living and the environment has changed drastically over the few years..Most of us are using heat hair styling tools, various hair products for styling or shine which sometimes contains harsh chemicals..then the pollution and hectic lifestyle...Everything is contributing to the problems like early greying of hairs, hair fall, weak roots and thin hairs etc..
So, a nice hair oiling routine with a good herbal hair oil is a must to cope up with all these problems...and the less chemical in the product, the better....That is the reason i am always on a lookout of trying new herbal beauty products or home made DIYs....
I have been using this Patanjali Kesh Kanti hair oil twice a week to massage my hairs, before my head bath.....And i am pretty satisfied with the results..

About the Product:
  • This hair oil contains huge variety of herbs and other herbal stuff which helps to give strength to the roots and prevent hair fall
  • It contains Brahmi, Amla, Bhringraj,Mehandi,Giloy,Haldi,Aloe vera, Til and Coconut Oil and many other herbal ingredients in it, which makes it super organic to use.
  • Now a days Patanjali products are very easily available in the market. This oil retails for INR 130 for 120ml of product.
  • Very affordable
  • Basic and nice packaging...Easy to use..Nozzle or the hole is small thus letting the right amount of product to come out at once..
  • It do has a fragrance...a very herbal kind of smell...not very mild but not very strong though...i personally do not find its smell annoying or bad...its pretty fine for a herbal product...after seeing the great results even if it has a strong smell i will still not mind :-) :-)
  •  Non sticky
  • Easily absorbed in the hairs
  • Shelf life- 2years
My Experience:
I have tried this hair oil application sometimes before 2-3 hours prior to hair bath and sometimes as a overnight application and then i would take a hair wash in the morning.

Take some oil in your palm then gently apply and massage all over your scalp. The texture of the oil is not very thick and it gets easily absorbed into the scalp once you massage it nicely. I really like the herbal fragrance of this Patanjali oil. It is not at all overpowering. Sometimes it can be relaxing.. 

Whenever i use this oil, it makes my hair so soft and manageable. i just love my hairs after using this. It is also a very good option for the people with dry and frizzy hairs.It has stopped my hair fall to a great extent..This kesh kanti hair oil actually works for hair loss guys..Just give a try once.
This oil really conditions your hair nicely...

Most of the ingredients used in this hair oil are herbal. Some of the key ingredients like coconut oil, mehandi  or Amla or Neem or Brahmi..All these herbal things are considered extremely good for hairs and their growth and roots..All these ingredients are very famous in India and have been used from generations to generations...So, it is really good to have a product, which have all these good things in it..

So Rating 9/10
Guys, final words of this post will be just try it once, i am sure you guys will also love this as i do..
It has worked great for my hairs ..Do let me know about your experience.

On and all a brilliant and very effective Hair Product!!!
Happy Reading!


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  1. An insightful guide! Choosing the perfect hair oil is essential for healthy locks. This blog simplifies the process, making it easier to achieve hair that truly shines.


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