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Oily Skin Care Tips- How to take care of your Oily Skin....

Oily Skin Care Tips- How to take care of your Oily Skin....

Hi Friends, today i have a very interesting topic yet a very useful one...How To Take Proper Care Of Your Oily Skin...

Taking good care and maintaining an oily skin can be one of a task....Seriously it is not that easy....Moment you take it lightly, and all you have is excess oil, clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, acne, pimples and what not..

But if we are little bit more careful and disciplined about our skin care regime, oily skin can be maintained quite nicely and you would not be having any of the problems and can keep your skin glowing and clean....After all oily skin people tends to get less wrinkles than compared to dry skin....So, you have a reason to love your oily is just that you need take proper care of it...

So, lets see some of the important points regarding Oily Skin Care Tips....:

  • Keep your skin clean: The first and the most important thing is to keep your oily skin clean..Wash your face atleast twice a day with a good face wash that suits your skin.Some people are of the opinion that you should not over wash your face, but i would suggest if you have a oily skin and you were outdoors, whenever you come back home,wash your face nicely.This would help to wash away all the dirt,pollution, oil that was accumulated on your face and will let your skin breathe. 
  •  Always remove your makeup before going to bed.
  • Also, do not apply or use too much of makeup continuously. I totally understand that many people's job or lifestyle demands it...In such cases make sure whenever you are at home not meeting anyone or just chilling, do not apply makeup once in a while and let your skin breathe..Believe me it will do wonders to the skin...
  • Try to avoid oily and deep fried food.
  • Moisturize your skin regularly.One of the biggest misconception for oily skin is that since it is oily, no need to apply moisturizer...This is totally wrong..Oily skin also needs to be properly hydrated..If you do not moisturize it nicely, it will secrete oil even more to cope up the dryness.
  • It is very important to know which moisturiser to choose...It should not be very thick or heavy in should be light or gel based. Now a days many moisturisers are specially meant for oily skin..take your pick and keep your skin hydrated.
  • Apply good sunscreen: Guys, i cannot stress this point enough.....A good good sunscreen is a must..Do not think sunscreen are not meant for oily skin...Or sunscreens will be making your face white or shiny or oily...Choose a correct sunscreen..The ones i am using are from Lotus and it is definitely one of the best sunscreen for oily skins...You can check my related post here: and Make sure you apply a nice sunscreen before stepping out in the sun..
  • Try to stay away from too much of sugar or fatty and oily food.
  • Drink lots of water..It helps to detoxify your body and keep your skin clean..
  • Eat lots of veggies and fruits to keep your skin fresh.
  • Use a nice toner or astringent.
  • Skin behave differently in different weathers or seasons..So keep a not just follow a hard and fast rule..Change your cleaning and moisturisation routine according to the season and how your skin is responding in that weather..
  • Excess oily skin sometimes can be too much of acne prone skin..In such cases, sometimes general rules can be not that effective, so you definitely need to see a doctor in such cases and get a proper plan to take care of your skin.
  • There are lot of DIYs face pack and scrubs which are so great for you oily skin people, these can be beneficial to take care of your skin nicely....Some of them i have also shared like... and
  • Some of the things which can be found in every kitchen or household can be so useful for oily skin are like Tamatos, Multani Mitti(Fuller Earth), Lemon, Cucumber,Aloe Vera, Rose water etc...Just make awsome face pack\face scrubs DIY and use them and keep glowing..
So, those were few of the important  skin care tips which Oily Skin people can keep in their mind and these will surely help you to take good care of your skin.

Hope this post was useful for the not forget to comment and like if you like it..
Till then, Happy Reading and Stay Beautiful!!

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