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DIY Time: Get A Smooth & Clean Skin With Rose Powder:

DIY Time: Get A Smooth & Clean Skin With Rose Powder:

Hi Friends, Its a DIY Time again!
Again i have a very easy DIY yet effective home made face pack for my lovely readers!!

I have already shared my organic skin care haul, where i showed you guys 3 items i got for my upcoming skin care DIYs...Here is the link of that post....Please do check if you still have not read it! 

MY Mini Organic Skin Care Haul for DIYs 

So, today i would be using one of those ingredients in this DIY to get a instant clean and smooth skin.
The main ingredient for today's DIY is Rose Petal Powder..

Roses are something which are always associated  with feminine beauty and Aroma and Fragrance. There are N number of benefits and Uses of Roses..Be it a Girlish Rose Perfume OR Using A Rose Water as a Skin Toner OR Rubbing Rose Petal on Lips for getting those Pink Lips naturally OR Using Rose Petal Powder into various Face Packs and the list goes on....
So, today one such benefit i am going to share with you guys is making a face pack with the help of a Rose Petal Powder!

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Things Needed Are:
1. Rose Petal Powder
2. Curd\Yogurt
3. Honey

Rose Petal Powder: Rose Powder is something which is suitable for all skin types..It helps to tone your skin and make it appear more healthy. Rose Petals contains lot of anti oxidants which works great when mixed with different ingredients to form face packs..I purchased this ready made one from the market..You can make this also at home by drying the rose petals and grinding them.

Curd\Yogurt:Curd or Yogurt contains lactic acid. It has anti fungal properties so helps in reducing acne. Curd has been used from ages to remove pigmentation and tan from the skin. Curd can work wonders in making skin soft and radiant by removing its darkness. It also helps to calm and cool down the skin in summers.It also absorbs the excess oil from the skin making it clean and fresh.

Honey: Honey is great way to moisturize your skin leaving it soft and supple. It makes sure that while scrubbing, skin does not become overly dry. It hydrates the skin to keep it soft.
 How To Make this DIY:
 Take One Tablespoon of Rose Powder + Two Tablespoon of Curd + One Teaspoon of Honey

Actually this DIY was more of  a scrub paste for me..The reason being the Rose Petal powder i have is not that finely milled. It can depend on one brand to another brand Rose powder. I was expecting it to be more fine..Anyways, the benefits are still the same....So no problem...When i mixed these all 3 things..It became a kind of scrub type consistency for me.

Apply this pack for about 10-15 minutes and then make it little bit moist with water, so that while taking it off your skin does not get too much stretched. With the soft hands, with gentle circular motions keep on scrubbing the pack and then wash it off with regular water..

You will notice an immediate result..Your skin will look more radiant and fresh and smooth in texture. It will help to remove all the accumulated dead cells and making your skin look more youthful!

No need to add.. that the Rose fragrance in it just made my day..It smells so good! I am totally a Rose Fragrance lover!! That Aroma just refreshes your mood..
Curd and Honey make your skin supple and hydrated..Specially when you are taking off that pack with circular motions, honey makes sure that your skin do get proper moisture too and do not become dry.I think this DIY will be suitable for all skin types....And that is the best part of the DIYs that since all the products used are natural and organic, so you do not need to fear much about breakout and harsh chemicals.You can always give it a try..

 Do Try this DIY and let me know how you feel about it!
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Happy Reading!


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