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Top 15 Skin Care Tips For A Flawless Skin:

Top 15 Skin Care Tips For  A Flawless Skin:

Hi Friends, Having a Flawless Skin is a everyone's dream.But to achieve it.. is quite a task!
There are few skin care tips and habits, if we keep those in mind in our day to day life then having a perfect skin doesn't seem that impossible...
Maintaining good skin care habits should become a very important part in today's hectic life and polluted environment!Otherwise few years down the line all we will have will be dull and unhealthy skin..
Today i would be sharing very basic 15 Skin Care Tips & Habits that one should follow to have a healthy and flawless skin...

So, here are some Dos and Donts, which will surely help you to enhance as well as maintain your natural beauty!
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  1. Always apply Moisturizer: No matter you have a normal skin or Oily skin Or dry skin...One of the thing which should always be in everyone's daily skin care routine is applying a good and suitable moisturizer, to keep your skin properly hydrated. Here it is very important to note that you should always choose a moisturizer, which is according to your skin type...Example- Dry Skin people should go for more Oil based or Cream based product Whereas Oily Skin Beauties should go for Water or Gel based Moisturizers.   
  2. Always Apply Sun Screen: No Matter you are going out for just 5 minutes or for 5 Hours, applying sunscreen is completely mandatory. It doesn't matter if outside weather is not that sunny...Even if it is cloudy or rainy, you need to apply sunscreen....Harmful rays of sun can actually cause premature wrinkles on skin. 
  3. Choose your Makeup\Foundation according to your skin type: Just do not go mad on a foundation just because your best friend or your favorite celebrity is using it...Choose a beauty product which is good for your skin...Dry skins can go for more thicker and cream based Foundation....Whereas Oily Skins should go for real light texture like Liquid Or Mousse Foundation...Makeup should be picked always according to your skin type otherwise it can lead to breakout.
  4. Always Remove Makeup Before Hitting Bed: If choosing a right makeup is very important then removing all the makeup before going to bed is also equally important...The worst thing you can do to your skin is to sleep without removing your makeup. 
  5. Keep your Lips Hydrated: Use Lip Balms or Vaseline to keep your lips soft and hydrated. Never lick your lips when they are dry otherwise licking will make your lips more dry and chapped.
  6. If you are using lot of Matte Lipsticks then you need to hydrate your lips even more.Matte Lipsticks often leads to over dryness of lips..So if your planning to wear Matte Lippie, then do not forget to apply balm before applying it.
  7.  Usage of Long Lasting Makeup: Now a days lot of long lasting makeup is available in the market..One thing here is very important to note is that the more long lasting the makeup is, the more it will penetrate into your skin...So taking off this kind of makeup in proper way is very important.If you are wearing makeup for more than 3 hours, use a good makeup remover or Baby oil etc to remove it nicely. Then wash your face with a good face wash.
  8. Wash your face at least twice a day using a good face wash.
  9. Drink lots of water and juices to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. If the skin is dehydrated then obviously it will dull and uneven.Eat lots of green veggies and fresh fruits.
  10. Take Adequate Sleep: Sleep for at least 6-8 hours per day. It helps to relax skin and recover from all the stress it has gone through out the day. It helps to rejuvenate your skin. Proper sleep is really a necessary step for a healthy skin and healthy life.
  11. Change Your Eye Makeup Regularly: It is always recommended to change all your eye makeup every 6-8 months.Eye makeup is something which needs to be changed more frequently than other makeup products. This is because eyes and area surrounding eyes is the most sensitive and delicate area of your face, so do not take risk to use old and expired makeup on this area.
  12. Change Your Foundation Every Year: It is always recommended to change your Foundations every year. Foundation is something we use all over face and it also gets absorbed into the skin most.So one should always keep a tap on the expiry date of this product.Never use a Expired Product.
  13. Change Your Lipsticks Every Two Years: It is recommended to change your lipsticks every 24-30 months. Avoid using lipsticks which are old than 2 years..Using too old lipsticks can lead to darkening & Over Pigmentation of the lips..    
  14. Wash your Makeup Brushes\Sponges Regularly: If you are using makeup brushes or face sponges regularly for application of your makeup, make sure you wash your brushes regularly. Brushes & Sponges should be washed around every 10-15 days.Many times you get breakout and no matter how much care you are taking of your skin, you still get acne,breakout etc...It can be because of usage of dirty makeup brushes which have lots of bacteria in them.
  15. Try to Exercise Daily: Always try to workout or exercise daily. it helps to keep your skin clean since while sweating harmful toxins are released from the skin.It can be any workout of your choice...Be it a Yoga or Walking or Jogging or Gym or your favorite sport...Try to make time for your some physical activity.

So, Friends those were my few of the skin care tips, which everyone should keep in mind to get a healthy skin. 
If we maintain these healthy skin care habits, then getting and maintaining a flawless and glowing skin will not be impossible. 

Do let me know if you found this article useful..
Happy Reading!

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