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My Review: Lakme CC Cream...

My Review: Lakme CC Cream.....

Hi Friends, today i have a review of a beauty product from one of my favorite cosmetic brand 'Lakme'..I just love Lakme products.....Most of them are good and affordable!

So, Today i have my full review about Lakme CC Cream...CC Cream stands for Complexion Care Cream...
It is said that the CC creams are a little better version of BB Creams..

Ponds BB Cream Vs Lakme CC Cream:
Earlier i use to use Ponds BB Cream which is equally awesome, but then i switched to this Lakme CC Cream which is so amazing...One of the main reason was that in Ponds BB Cream, there are no shade variances available...they just have a single shade.....While Lakme CC Creams offers 2-3 Shades to choose from which is a big plus point and it really makes a beauty product more universal..
I choose shade "Bronze' in this CC Cream, which suits my skin perfectly( that is better than the Ponds BB Cream).....It really blends into my skin nicely.... 

About the Product:
  • It is Complexion Care Cream,which is suitable for daily wear.
  • It has SPF of 20
  • It says it Protects,Moisturizes,Brightens,Evens skin tone,Conceals and Freshens the skin..An All in One kind of product.
  • It is a everyday wear cream with a light coverage..So it even out your skin and make it like you are having a light base on it...Does not feel like a foundation.... 
  • So you will get an even and clean and bright face and with a SPF20
  • Packaging is pretty..Tube form..Light Brown Colour..Looks really classy....with a Sliver Metallic finish Cap
  • It has nice citrus smell....Really Refreshing not at all over powering and bold.
  • Retails for INR 275 for 30 ml of product.
  • Texture is little bit thick
  • Shelf Life is 2 years..
My Experience With Lakme CC Cream:

This is the product which is not at all new in the market now, it has been there for over a year or more i guess...I have been using this from last 6 months.....I really like this so much...It suits my skin like  a dream...
It is a great option for daily wear, where you just need something which can even tone your skin and make it look more smooth and clear and radiant...Does not look like you are wearing a proper makeup..This CC Cream really does that job...Since i have an oily skin, i also generally apply compact powder on it to give it a better finish...If you are a dry skin, i think that would not be necessary..
I do not mind my beauty product having a mild fragrance, so i totally love its mild citrus smell...

You really don't need much of a product for application....just a 2 pea size of it will be enough and it will do your job perfectly...It blends in the skin very smoothly..

 It gives my skin a very natural fresh look! Not at all cakey or heavy....Since it is not meant for a heavy coverage makeup...So do not expect it to cover your all imperfections like scars and spots perfectly...However, it will make their appearance lighter..
Texture is little bit on a thick side, so i generally tend to use my fingers for its application..

Final Words would be....Suitable for all skin types.....Oily skin like me, try to use it with compact powder......Finish it gives is absolutely smooth.....i Love it!
I am for sure going to repurchase this..

Rating: 10/10

So that was my review for Lakme CC Cream, do not forget to follow my blog for more upcoming reviews!
Happy Reading!



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  1. Lakme Cc cream is really good. I love it too. Great review.

  2. Very nice review. I really like it. It is a detailed review which is very helpful for me. thank you for sharing such an amazing review. I definitely try it and share my experience after that. thanks a lot.


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