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5 Beauty Products I Am Using From More Than 5 Years...

5 Beauty Products I Am Using From More Than 5 Years...

Hi Friends, Today i thought to do something new, not just a haul or a review post...So,i came up with a idea of doing a post about 5 Beauty Products that i have been using for more than 5 Years..I really thought it is a interesting idea and will be a great read for my readers!

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These are very basic and budget friendly products, which are also great to use..And that is the reason i don't think twice to repurchase these things for my vanity...So,here is a look....

What are the things i have:

1.Livon Hair Serum
2.Ayur Skin Toner
3.Lakme Foundation
4.Lotus Scrub
5.Johnson's Baby Powder

So,these are the products which are part of my Vanity from more than 5 years...Trust me all the products are worth their price..Even though none of the product is of the luxury range, all are from drugstore category...their performance is extremely good and totally suits my skin needs...Some of the products even my mom is also using from years and we do not have any complaint about it.

Let me tell you guys about these 5 products in brief:
1. Livon Hair Serum: This is actually Livon De tangling Hair Fluid which instantly softens and smoothens dry,rough and frizzy hair..After i take my hair bath, i always make it a point to apply little bit of this, so that my hair does not break while detangling. It also makes hairs soft and you will feel your hair more silky...For Daily use, i am totally satisfied with this product. It Retails for INR 215 for 100ml of product. It is very easily available in the Indian markets..even a small beauty shop has it..

2. Ayur Herbals Skin Toner: Ayur is also one of the brand known for its herbal products, which i totally love. This toner has Aloe Vera in it. It is suitable for all skin types..It really helps to clean my face thoroughly. It takes away any traces of makeup or dirt from my face..I really love this...It has a pretty pink color and a nice fragrance..Price is INR 50 for 100ml pf product..

3.Lakme Perfecting Liquid Foundation: Definitely this is one of the cheapest foundation available in the Indian market..I think it retails for around INR150...Now this is the foundation i have been using from my college days..that is when i started using foundation and i wanted something which was very basic and budget friendly.I am a person who does not always like full coverage foundation on my daily basis..So, if i am going on to my work or going for a shopping, i do not like to have my face totally packed up with high coverage foundation..I want something more of a natural and light i use this Lakme Foundation on that...Obviously, when i go to parties, i use a different Foundation with a high coverage and a better finish...So, for daily basis...this is a really good option...

4.Lotus Apricot Scrub: This scrub is so amazing...One of my always favorite daily use skin care product.. It does its job of cleaning the skin and removing all the dead cells gently.very nicely....It retails for INR 135 for 100 g of product.It also smells really good and refreshing..This product is always in my bathroom...Suitable for all skin types....

5. Baby Powder: Now this product is such a versatile product...You guys must have heard about its various uses...I would be doing a separate post about it..This product is so useful and so nice...Firstly, it is gentle on skin as compared to other talcum powders...It smells so mild and soft...Really affordable and easily available. INR 99 for 200 g of product, which is not at all bad or costly..In beauty and makeup also, it can be used for various touch up, baking, as a dry shampoo etc..
I use it regularly after taking my bath...from years n years....:)

So, friends...Those were my 5 all time favorite super affordable quality products, that i have been using from more than 5 Years now...and i plan to use them in future too..
Hope you guys liked this post and found it interesting...
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  1. Baby powder is such a universal product and I love it an use it as well :)


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