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My Review:Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream

My Review:Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream

Hello Friends, Today's product review is about a very basic yet a must skin care product for almost every household.........I do not remember even a single Indian household in my life where this beauty product is not present....It is like 'Ponds Cream'....Yes it is there in the house....I am seeing this Product in my house since my childhood..So that is for almost 20 years...So, obviously this product requires a special mention on my Beauty Blog..Yes! It is Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream...

When winters start coming, the first skin care product which i or my mom purchase is this cold cream. My mom has been using this Ponds cold cream as we say, from before my birth......Its like our permanent winter skin care thing from like forever!

About the Product:
  • It says it contains 10 skin nutrients and moisturisers.
  • It says it  moisturise, nourish and Protect your skin
  • Firstly, the Packaging of this Ponds Moisturising Cold Cream is really cute and impressive. It is tub or jar kind of Packing wit ha blue and white Cap with the cute Ponds Logo on top it..
  • It is extremely travel friendly..We have been taking this cream on our holidays with us from forever.
  • The cap is the screw type not the push type, which makes it extremely comfortable to use and carry while travelling.
  • Texture is very smooth...Glides on skin
  • Texture is not very thick and not very runny...But it more towards thick side.
  • Gets easily absorbed into the skin
  • Has a very mild cream kind of fragrance...Not irritating at all
  • Retails for INR 82 for 55ml product
  • It is Made In India
  • Easily Available
  • Affordable
  • Available in many sizes
  • It is a Hindustan Unilever Brand-Ponds

 My Experience:

As you guys can see Ponds Cold Cream gets easily absorbed into the skin. The texture is not that thick, that it will not get absorbed into the skin and will leave your skin greasy.

It has a very mild and cream kind of fragrance...Infact i really like its smell specially in winters..It feels so creamy and rich for skin! :-)

As i told me and my family has been using this from a very long time, we have never seen any bad effects of it on our skin..It is totally suitable for all skin types.Not harsh on skin.

Really Affordable and easily available..Even a small nearby shop has this.

On and all i think this Ponds cold cream has been coming in my home from like always and it will be continued in the future in the same way...An amazing product for daily skin care...specially for winters..


I would like to suggest this product to everyone..Try it this winters..You will love it..

Hope you guys liked the post...Do share your views
Happy Reading!

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