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Top 5 Drugstore Moisturisers For Oily\Acne Prone Skin:

Top 5 Drugstore Moisturisers For Oily\Acne Prone Skin:

Hi Friends, Today i have a very interesting post for all those beauties with a Oily or Acne Prone skin...And i am one of them!!!
Finding a good moisturiser for Oily skin is much more difficult task than finding a moisturiser for dry skins..Reason if a moisturiser is little bit thick or greasy, it directly leads to breakout and a even more greasy skin..

I always try to find good drugstore products present in the market, so that most of the people can afford it and take benefit out of it....So, here are TOP 5 DRUGSTORE MOISTURISERS FOR OILY AND ACNE PRONE SKIN...

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1.  Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser: I have personally used this one and it is totally worth a try girls...It is Dermatologist Recommended..It moisturises dry areas and control shine in Oily areas..It says it is suitable for Combination skin...But it goes very well for the oily skin too..It retails for INR 299 for 118 ml of product. It hydrates the skin without making it shiny or oily...Really a good product for daily use...
2.Lacto Calamine (Oil Control): Lacto Calamine is a product which is in the market from like forever...But few years back, they launched their Oil Control variance, which works super for the oily skin people. It has a very light texture..almost runny...So it gets easily absorbed in to the skin in couple of seconds...It has Glycerin and Kaolin in it.
Really affordable..Around INR 150 for 120 ml..

3.Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturiser: This beauty product is one of most affordable option in the market yet so good in its performance..If you are a college goer or who so ever, who is extremely on budget or do not want to spend a huge on daily moisturiser, yet want some good quality product, this is one is for you..Retails for around INR80 for 100ml of product, which i think is unbeatable!
It has a light weight texture, will not make your skin greasy or oily...Perfect for daily use..Packaging is quite handy.....You will not feel any heaviness after its application...Really comfortable on skin..It wont clog pores too......
4. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion: This one is also great buy for daily skin care regime...It is a non greasy, non heavy texture..ideal for all skin types and yes oily skin people can use it..I don't think it will break you out or will make you look more shiny and oily..Really a good quality product like most of the Cetaphil products..Retails for around INR 300 for 100ml of product
5.Lotus Alpha Moist Alpha Hydroxyl Skin Renewal oil Free Moisturiser: This one is from one of my favourite brand Lotus Herbals...This moisturiser is also so good for oily skin people for daily wear...It will not make your skin oily...Really very light weight texture..It has grape extract,which acts as natural extract and has anti oxidant properties, which is really great for skin..Retails for around INR 250 for 80ml of product..but Lotus product is so widely available, that you can surely get a discount offer somewhere online....Really an amazing Light weight moisturiser for sensitive and acne prone skin.

So, friends, those were my top 5 Drugstore Moisturisers for Oily or Sensitive or Acne prone skin....Pick your choice, i am sure you will not regret buying any of the above product...My personal experience with these products was really amazing....
I would be doing full detailed product review for all these products, since all of them are such a amazing quality product..
Let me know if you guys want me to do similar post for Dry Skin People and do not forget to follow and like my blog!
Happy Reading & Stay Beautiful!!!! :-)

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