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Aloe Vera Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving!!

Aloe Vera Beauty Products I Am Currently Loving!!!!

Aloe Vera is something which has unlimited benefits for skin.It is often called as the Miracle Plant by the beauty experts. Now a days market is flooded with the Aloe Vera based beauty products. Aloe Vera is known to help beat the sun tan,preventing and curing acne and pimples, giving that natural glow to the skin.It is also used for hairs for improving its texture and provide a healthy shine to them.Aloe Vera is indeed a multi purpose plant whose benefits and uses list is never ending!!

I have always been a lover of the herbal skin care and hair care products. Being a Oily skin beauty, I always prefer beauty products, which are water or gel based and not thick cream based.So, most of the times Aloe Vera products works perfectly for me.They provide the required hydration to the skin without making it oily and greasy.

I am no doubt always on a lookout to try new herbals brands and write about them to help my audience. Today i would be sharing some of the Aloe Vera based beauty products, which i am using currently and quite satisfied with them. So.lets see what are my current favorites!!As you guys can see in the pic below, there is a whole bunch of green colored products!! :) So, lets get started!!
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1. Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel: This is definitely one of my favorite! So, the first product is the Aloe Vera gel itself. I do not have a plant in my house, so i usually buy ready made Aloe Vera gels from the market and this one is from the Patanjali brand...One of the most affordable and authentic aloe Vera gel i have used so far..I use it as a moisturizer, in preparing my home made DIYs face packs, as a serum on my hairs, making a aloe spray out of it...It is a never ending list..No wonder this is my fourth tube so far...These days you can get aloe Vera gels from various brands in the market, but it is always advisable to use fresh gel extracted from the plant to get the best results, but if you do not have a Aloe Vera plant in your home like me, you can surely buy something like this....Aloe Vera can surely make a difference in your skin texture if used regularly!!

2. Joy Pure Aloe Body Lotion: Now this is a product i have been using from more than 5-6 years continuously. After taking bath, this is the body lotion I apply.. I generally do not apply expensive body butters on my body on a daily basis..I think it is little bit of wastage of money to use 1000 bucks body butter on a daily basis..So for everyday after bath i tend to go for more affordable options in the market like this one...And these works totally fine..This one retails for around INR 180-200 for 500ml of product.This one is Aloe Vera variant, works perfect in the hot and humid summers where i do not need very thick and heavy moisturisation. I need more of a light weight non sticky body lotion which gets absorb instantly..For the days, where my skin is feeling more dry i use my Body shop body butters...

3. Joy Aloe Vera Cream: This is a Aloe Vera multipurpose cream..I use it on my face, on my hands, on feet..Basically it is a all purpose cream..The ingredients are similar to the above body lotion but this one has a cream consistency. Although a cream, it is extremely light weight and get easily absorbed into the skin without making it greasy. It has milk, glycerin and oil extracts etc which helps to make skin soft.It has a very soft fragrance. I really find it soothing. It is also a very affordable option for a daily use purpose. I have this huge tub of cream for around INR 250 for 500 ml. The texture is very smooth and glides on skin, In this price range, I love this cream.

4. Patanjali Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream. The base of this cream is also Aloe Vera primarily. As compared to the above Joy cream, this one is comparatively thick.Texture is really smooth with a lovely fragrance. Fragrance is mild not at all chemicals strong types.I generally tend to use this face cream in winters, when my skin is less oily. This Patanjali cream contains Shea Butter,Coconut,Wheat germ and olive oil. As you can guess from the main ingredients, most of the things used are known for hydrating the skin.This cream hydrates my skin pretty nicely but not too thick to make overly greasy..but yes i avoid using this in extreme summers...Really good affordable herbal skin care product.

5. Patanjali Neem Aloe Vera Face Pack: If providing the right amount of hydration is important for skin, then using a good face pack once in a while is equally important. Face pack provides that glow to the skin and helps to get rid of the skin tan. But it is very important to choose a suitable face pack according to your need and skin. For example, i have an acne prone oily skin, so for me Neem and Aloe Vera works great.I have been using this face pack from Patanjali, which contains Neem, Aloe Vera, Cucumber...And all these things works great for oily skin. Always read on the packaging of the skin care product to see if it is suitable for any particular skin type or will work for all skin types.This pack is really good and skin feels so clean after using this. I use this once in a week.A very affordable and organic product.Surely give this one a try....

6. Patanjali Aloe Vera shampoo: After taking care of my skin, next comes my hairs and Aloe Vera is equally good for hydration. Aloe Vera is known to provide shine to the dull hairs.This Patanjali Kesh Kanti Aloe Vera shampoo prevents hair fall, minimizes split Ends, Removes Dirt from hairs and scalp.It do contain a list of other great herbs. I really think Patanjali has some really good products in the market like the ones i have mentioned. These are herbal not 100% though, but yes at least more organic than the few other ones in the market.These are now widely available in India and very very pocket friendly. As you can see in the pictures below, i have already used more than half of the bottle.

7. Rexona Aloe Vera Deo: Smelling good is something which is a must for me. So, after taking care of my skin and hairs, I can never forget to smell good. Lately i have been loving this Rexona Roll on deo in the Aloe Vera variant. I have mentioned about this deo roll on my Instagram account. I am using this daily non stop!!! This smells so basic, soft and amazing. I really do not like to wear perfumes and deoderants which smell too strong and overpowering, while going on my work. I like to go for something which is more subtle yet fruity or flowerly..This one has a very soft fragrance. Staying power is also pretty good as for a Roll on Deo...
Really love the tiny cute packaging..Always in my handbag!!

So, friends those were the skin care\Hair care\Deoderants products which i am currently using and really liking in the Aloe Vera Variance.
Aloe Vera is such a multi functional plant. Best thing is to have a real plant in your house and try to use freshly extracted gel in what ever way you want. Fresh gel is always better than a sealed one in the container...
Do let me know what are your favourite products at the moment...

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  1. I don't actually use many aloe vera products, but that definitely needs to change because the plant has so many amazing benefits x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Yes..Aloe Vera works great for skin..Makes skin really smooth!! :)

  2. Great post. Articles that have meaningful and insightful comments are more enjoyable, at least to me. I really loved reading your blog. I also found your posts very interesting. if you want to get body skin care products so you can visit on our website.


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