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My Review: Patanjali Kajal

My Review: Patanjali Kajal:

Hello Friends, Hope you all are doing great. Today I would be reviewing a beauty product from our very famous herbal brand " Patanjali". It is Patanjali Kajal!!
This is something which is not at all new in the market. It was launched quite a while ago...I myself has been using this from last 6 months. So, here I am with all about what i feel about this Patanjali Kajal...

I have shared my fondness about the Herbal products in many of my articles and today in the Indian market, one of the most famous and affordable herbal brand is 'Patanjali'. I have been using and mostly loving its skincare and hair care products. Most of them work really amazing...But with this particular product, I am not very much impressed! Here is my experience..

About the Product:

  • From a very famous herbal Indian brand Patanjali
  • Definitely one of the most affordable Kajal in the market
  • Made up of natural herbal ingredients, so comparatively have very less chemicals in it
  • Comes in a very basic twist up Bullet packaging
  • Highly Affordable..Retails for INR 90
  • Easily available now. In different small shops,departmental stores, online etc
  • Smells like a real authentic grandmom made kajal  types :)
  • It says it soothes and relaxes your eyes.

My Experience :

I was super excited when i bought this, since I had read so much good things about it.I really had some good expectations from this Kajal. But unfortunately, it did not met my expectation level at all.

I love Patanjali products since most of them perform really good. But this is surely one of their not so good products.Lets see the positives first.....It is definitely one of the most affordable Kajal in the Indian market today and that too herbal!!

Being a herbal product, its ingredients list contains naturals herbs and oils etc which is obviously a very good thing..It has very less chemicals so less harmful for our eyes. Since Kajal is something i wear on a daily basis, so getting a real herbal one was a big Yes!

It smells awesome!!!It smells so authentic!! It smells like what our grandmom use to make in our homes long back!! It does not smell at all like a chemical. It smells real..

Highly Affordable!

Now comes the main part and why it failed to Impress me!!

It says it is smudge proof..which this is surely not...It smudges like crazy....I have oily skin and oily eyelids and this kajal does not last long at all..It slips and get all around the eyes within couple of hours...If you apply this in huge quantity to get full look, you will surely end up getting racoon eyes..
I tried using this on my waterline and it did not stayed at all..maximum one hour...I have a oily skin and lives in a humid climate,so for me this Kajal is not at all suitable.

Really a very weak staying power and if you apply too much, in no time it will look as if you have been punched by someone on face. It really smudges bad....

Coming to the Pigmentation part, I do not think this is the blackest kajal. Colour is very average not at all pure dark black. So i am not impressed with the color payoff either.

In the below picture you can see that in just one swipe, the pigmentation is gone and has become totally dull...Pigmentation is really really weak and does not stay at all and get removed and transferred very easily.

Packaging wise it is very basic plastic bullet type. Plastic quality could have been better. Cap does not close tightly and if you carry in your purse, cap can come off...Packaging is flimsy not good at all...

On and all, even though it is highly affordable, i do not think i would be repurchasing this...I hope like Patanjali other products, this will work great in future, if they decide to make some changes in the formulation and the packaging....I surely want my Kajal to be zed black and long lasting not necessarily water proof though..

You can buy this at:

So, friends that was my view and experience..Do share your thoughts in the comment section below and like my blog to get regular updates..
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