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My Review: MOND'SUB Face And Eye Sheet Mask:

My Review: MOND'SUB Face And Eye Sheet Mask:

Hello Friends, I bought for you guys my review about a very different skin care product.
Facial sheet masks are all over the market these days and for the lazy bums like me, it can be like a savior!! ;-)

Every other you tuber or blogger or even a normal person are putting their pictures on social media, wearing these sheet masks....No wonder some of these sheet masks do work great...And helps in saving a lot of time when there is actually crisis of time and putting on a traditional face pack is not possible..

One such Brand called Mond'Sub also came up with these sheet masks and i tried two of them:

1. Brown Rice
2. Bio- Gold Collagen Eye Mask

About the Products:

  • Mond'Sub Masks are easily available on online websites like Nykaa, Amazon etc
  • Affordable..Most them I can see ranged from INR 100-200.
  • The above mentioned eye mask for INR 80.
  • Brown Rice is meant for Purifying, Brightening, Softening, Lifting and Firming the skin. It says brown rice protein contains variety of nutritional enzymes, proteins, amino acids and vitamins, which can instantly penetrate into the skin, soften, purify & brighten the skin. It enhances the softness of the skin and nourish it to look more gorgeous.
  • Brown Rice mask is meant for face and for the neck. It has 3D hanging ears :-)
  • Brown Rice mask also contains Pentapeptide Essence which helps in rejuvenating the skin.
  • The Bio Gold Collagen Eye Mask hydrates, moisturizes and regenerates your eye area. Contains Vitamin E, Aloe extract, Nano active gold, bone collagen and few others.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Recommended to use before going to bed in night for best results.

My Experience:

First of all, the availability of this product in the market is quite good specially on the online portals. I can see this mask in the pack of 4-5 sheets. This is really good since this makes the product little more affordable and it is always better to use a sheet mask or any other face mask for that matter few times, to actually feel some effect on the skin. I truly believe that just using a product once, can show you  very little affect of what it actually is capable of! 

The Brown Rice mask needs to be applied on the clean face for about 15-20 mins and then what ever serum is left on the skin, massage it gently so that all of that gets absorbed nicely. For better results, it is advised to use 2-3 times a week.

I just used it for once since I had only a single unit of it...One thing i felt instantly after using this mask is my skin felt really clean and soft. Brightening and firming I think can come only after few uses. As for the one time use, I can definitely feel my skin squeaky clean and very very supple, which I think is quite an OK performance for a single usage. 

It comes with an essence also, which can be used after the application of the mask or separately the other day. I used it the other day since I did not felt the need to apply anymore serum on to my skin. Overall, It was a good experience... Did not faced any breakouts or allergies etc! 

I think I will be purchasing the pack of 5 sheets and use it multiple times to notice the full effect. I would say I am not at all disappointed with the product and will try further.

Now comes the Eye Mask!!! 

I do not like to try many things on my under eye area except my good old almond oil...
But I decided to give this one a try and see if these under eye things work...Well this one is not my favorite thing. I applied it and kept it for 20 mins and then removed it and washed my face with normal water. 

Honestly speaking, I did not saw any major difference in my under eye skin. It looked almost the same...Just a little puffiness which i was having was reduced...Except that I did not noticed any change what so ever!!

So, clearly out of the two sheet masks I have tried, the first one which is MOND'SUB Brown Rice mask is the one i liked more and will try in future. The eye mask i do not thing i would like to invest my money on it..For me it did not worked much..

Let me know what was your experiences with these masks and any other from MOND'SUB . Would love to hear about it...

Rating- 3/5

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  1. loved this post :D

  2. Interesting article! Eye sheet mask is one of the best ways to deal withdry eyes. It can be used to treat eye allergies such dry eyes, puffy eyes, and blepharitis.

  3. Interesting article! Eye sheet mask is one of the best ways to deal with dry eyes. It can be used to treat eye allergies such dry eyes, puffy eyes, and blepharitis.

  4. The product can N95 Mask be applied with proper equipment and traditional material. Once treated, the surfaces are safe to touch with no known risks of toxicity. The active ingredients are safe and are not known to cause irritation or sensitization.


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