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My Review: EAT (Eat Anytime) Nutrition Bars Review

My Review: EAT (Eat Anytime) Nutrition Bars Review:

Hi Friends, Hope you all are doing awesome.

As soon as the word "Healthy Eating OR Healthy Food" comes into the mind, first thing that click is boring, something full of fiber and weird seeds and things to eat which have absolutely no taste!!

Today's lifestyle has become extremely hectic and one is always on the go and in hurry to stick to various timelines...In all this hassle and bustle, the one thing which gets ignored the most is, having a proper food at the right time. I myself had so many times skipped breakfast or lunch due to lack of time....And skipping your meals is extremely unhealthy which we all very well know!! Also, most of the times not eating the right food at the right time leads to overeating and binging on the junk food.

I recently got introduced to these healthy snack bars from EAT...Which are not only healthy & nutritional but also tastes yummy!

So, whenever you are travelling in India or even abroad OR missed your breakfast to catch a meeting....Carry these and save yourself from binging on those spicy Samosa :)

These are really easy to carry and neatly packed...So, just toss one in your bag and you are good to go. Choosing these snacks bars over the food from the road side shops or office nearby eating joints, you can reduce your intake of the unhealthy food and rather eat something which will give your body some energy and nutrition.

Unlike most of the healthy food available in the market, these taste amazing and comes in various flavors to choose from! I tried the following four:

Choco Peanut Butter
Mango ginger

These bars are made up of 100% natural ingredients like Oats, Seeds, Nuts and Dates etc. All products are made under the supervision of the nutritionist. My personal favorite out of the four is Choco Peanut one :)

Orange: Orange Bar has basically Dates as the base with the slight Orange flavor to it. According to me, it would have been better if it had some more of an Orange taste to it. In spite of being Dates as the base, it is mildly sweet which is definitely a great point. If you a lover of Dates you will surely going to love this.

Mango Ginger: This one also taste very similar to the above Orange Bar. The difference is it has more strong Mango flavor and ginger hint to the dates. Ginger sensation surely makes this a unique taste to try. I would prefer this one over the Orange personally.

Choco Peanut Butter: I so much love this one. My absolute favorite!! :) I love Peanut and I love Choco and this has both.....What more can i ask... This one is crunchy and little sweet. Has Chia seeds,Peanut and choco in it. I am sure this one will be a favorite to many kids.

Butter Scotch : This is a yummy mixture of Sunflower, Pumpkin and flax seeds. Such a great option which tastes yummy and provide a whole sum nutrition.

You can buy these bars from Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or Big basket etc. Retails for INR 50 each.

It is so great to have an option which you can carry with yourself while you are travelling!!

On and On, I would like to recommend these to you guys, If you are looking for some healthy snack bars which provide some nutrition as well as good taste.

You can also buy these yummy snack bars from Amazon by clicking below links:

Rating- 4.5/5

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