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Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants By Anand Suspi

Book Review: Half Pants Full Pants By Anand Suspi:

Hello Friends!!! Hope everyone is doing awesome.

I recently read a book named as "Half Pants Full Pants" by author Anand Suspi and I think it is worth writing about it. So, here is everything about the book and my views about it..

Author: Anand Suspi

Published by: Hector Beverages India Pvt Ltd/ PaperBoat

Number of Pages: 221

Price: INR 195


" Childhood was a thing of the past but the child refused to leave", so said Anand Suspi. It is said that "time gone cannot be retrieved". Mr Anand suspi has proved it wrong to some extent. After reading every chapter, you would be tempted to keep the book aside and go down the memory lane, you will smile and remember many similar instances of your childhood. You will remember many friends who had been long forgotten. After  reading the book, many of your memories will start engulfing you. Definitely the book takes you back to many years or decades to your childhood.

It is amazing to see that author remembers every small incident in vivid details.Incidents narrated are not as such extraordinary,  all of us might have had similar experiences.

His efforts to convert five Paise coin to magnet, driving Railway engine, making records catching  mosquitoes everyday, dream to become Drum master and Father's Why? Unnecessary? , money card game and understanding time and value of money, escaping from home, pranks with rubber lizard, making  private detective gang , buying of TV, 28 monkeys saga in school, fights with elder brother and keeping record of fights, closing self in toilet to avoid vaccination, exploration to write a book,  starting of library and stealing of books, converting of cycle to fancy sports cycle, refitting of old pants into new designer pants despite  everyone's objection, craze to make pen friends and writing en-mass and then to VIPs... All these incidents reveal carefree innocence, formation of various mental impressions on young minds and how they behave, impulses to imitate parents and teachers  etc. etc.

Definitely book is really light and fun read. It  refress your mind after a long tiring day or will serve as a fun read on a Sunday afternoon!

I will like to recommend this book, since it is  worth reading once and remember your beautiful childhood memories.

You can buy this book from Amazon on decent discount..Here is the Link:

Do let me know your thoughts about the book if you read it and which is your current favorite book.

Happy Reading! 

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  1. very nice blog post! you can tell you work hard ! thanks for sharing



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