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My Review: VLCC Mud Face Pack

My Review: VLCC Mud Face Pack:

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It is a monsoon time here...Monsoons make my skin even more oily and acne prone....Whenever my skin becomes excessively oily, one thing I look for is to get a Mud or Clay face packs!!

Today, I will be talking about a face pack I have been using this entire summers and monsoons..It is Mud Face Pack from VLCC....

Mud Face packs are known to be very beneficial specially for Oily skin beauties, but I also feel that mud masks can be sometimes too dry for dry skin people. So, If you have a dry skin make sure to apply your regular moisturizer after removing the pack.

I have a super oily skin and to control it, I wanted a nice Mud Pack...So here is everything You need to know about the product:

About the Product:

  • This unique formulation enriched with Kaolin, Turmeric, Extract and Mint Oil cleanses the deep seated impurities and toxins and helps to remove excessive oil from the skin making it spotless and beautiful. It also helps to improve blood circulation that tightens and brightens the skin.
  • Ingredients include Kaolin, Garric, Zinc oxide, Almond Oil, Mint Oil, Sunflower Oil, Turmeric powder, Kikar Gond Powder
  • It is an Ayurvedic product.
  • Retails for INR 220 for 70 grams of product
  • Comes in a tub packaging
  • Have a shelf life of 3 years
  • Comes in a Plastic container
  • Have a soothing Sandalwood fragrance
  • Easily Available online websites as well as in the Cosmetic stores
  • Ready to Use Pack
  • Very smooth texture
My Experience:

To start with I think most of us are aware of VLCC and their skin care products. They do offer a great range of products to cater different needs. Once in a while I keep on picking their products and no wonder most of them works good. This time it was VLCC Mud pack.I have used this product for a multiple times. I have almost finished the whole tub now.

I am totally satisfied with the product. The immediate benefit I get from using this pack is, it makes my skin super smooth and supple. It is not at all over drying. It just does its work perfectly.

It comes in a tall tub\Bottle kind of packaging. It would have been great if there would have been a small spatula with it to take the product out. I do not think there would be any issue of spillage in case you want to take it with you while travelling. The cap closes quite tightly.

I really love its fragrance. It is very soothing. Its herbal with sandalwood as the most prominent scent.

Next comes the texture. It is very very smooth. It glides on the skin. Spreads very easily on the skin. Such a hassle free pack to apply!! I generally wash my face first and then apply this pack for about 20-25 mins. For the first 5 minutes, there can be a tingling sensation but nothing unbearable. I experience little tingling sensation specially on the areas I have tanning..It has helped me to get rid of the tan though not completely, but yes if I have been out day long, I come home and use this, this does help to calm down my skin and removes tan up to a certain extent. As I said earlier, It does makes my skin so soft :)

I have not experienced any breakout or allergies as such.

Pricing is affordable. You can get this easily online as well as on the local stores. Also, now a days every now and then sale and discounts are there, so you can definitely get it at some discount for sure!

Overall I think, it is a good face pack. It has helped to get rid of my excessive oiliness. 

Rating- 4.5/5

You can buy this from Amazon for yourself :) Here is the link for you guys. Do give it try once!

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