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Must Haves Hygiene\Health Care Products in a Handbag:

Must Haves Hygiene\Health Care Products in a Handbag:

Hi Friends,
Today I would be sharing some of the products which according to me should always be in our Handbag, to ensure a proper hygiene and health.

For us women whenever a word "Travelling" comes into the mind, the first thing that strikes is "Using Public Toilets"!!! Be it a Mall, Restaurant or some tourist place...Using a Public toilet is always an issue for women, considering most of them are not very clean OR germs free!

So, it is better to carry your safety from some unknown infection, in your own bag...Here comes the Role of our first product today "PEE SAFE Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray".

Here is the link to their website:

PEE Safe is meant to provide a Safe and Germs Free Toilet Experience. It claims to provide 99.9% protection against germs and removes foul odor. It deodorizes the Toilet. I think it is a really good initiative from the Brand to help people to safe guard themselves from UTI, Diarrhoea, Staph and many other diseases. 
It dries quickly within 5-10 seconds of spray.
I think it is really an innovative product and must have essential these days!
Be Safe with PEESAFE!

It comes in a spray bottle and retails for INR 120 for 40 ml and INR 180 for 75 ml of product. You can buy these from

Second Product which is a Must Have is PALM SAFE Foam Hand Sanitizer. It is an Alcohol Free AntiMicrobial Defense System.
It comes in a Pump bottle and is in the form of Foam.Firstly, it is Alcohol Free which makes it safe to use on skin and would not be harsh. You will not feel your skin dry after using it, it does moisturize the skin a little. It kills 99.9% of germs.

It comes in Peppermint fragrance. It retails for INR 140 for 60 ml of product. You can buy this from amazon or from their website.

Third product is MOSKITO SAFE. It is 100% Natural Repellent, which makes it safe to use on body. It is Alcohol free and Deet Free. It contains Citronella and Neem Oil. Retails for INR 140 for 100 ml of product. It is product which is safe for All ages even for kids. You can buy from:

 I think all the above mentioned three products are extremely necessary for us. In Today's hectic lifestyle, one is always on the Go. So, a Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Hand Sanitizer should always be carried in the bag, to avoid any kind of Infections and Germs.

I personally have been using Hand Sanitizers from my college days and it just had to be in my bag. So, if i am getting an option like PALM safe which is all gentle and safe for skin...Definitely a added advantage!

And MOSKITO Spray!!! Lets say it..We live in India and we have Mosquitoes..... So, no points for guessing, we do need mosquitoe repellent from time to time...

Hope this article would be useful for you :)

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Do share your thoughts!!! Happy Reading!

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  1. I totally agree with your list of products. :) Good content :)
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    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment...Will surely check out your blog :-)


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