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My Review: Kiva Healthy Ayurvedic Shots: Ancient Wisdom Modern Avatar

My Review: Kiva Healthy Ayurvedic Shots: Ancient Wisdom Modern Avatar:

Hi Friends,

Keeping oneself healthy and fit is and has been always a very important part in our life. But recently "Staying Fit" has gone to next level altogether! Thanks to our Hectic and undisciplined lifestyle!
Moreover, we are forgetting our ancient wisdom, which our grand or great grand parents use to share..

So, here is a Brand named "Kiva" which works on a mantra "Ancient Wisdom Modern Avatar", which I think looks really interesting. Ayurveda has been there in our country from around 4000 years. But as our society grew and modernize, we seemed to gravitate towards more instant food and short cuts and Ayurveda took a back seat for most of us!
Here is their website link:

So, Kiva has brought into the market some health shots, basically a health drink...Kiva is Ayurveda 2.0. They are based on the goodness of the Ayurveda, though in a modern avatar to fit today's world. They have health shot in a test tube shaped plastic bottle of 40 ml. These are easy to carry in bag and Ready to drink. 

There are different shots aimed for different health issues having a unique set of ingredients. Like,

1. Lemon Honey Cinnamon for Weigh Management: Lemon helps to boost metabolism. Cinnamon builds bone strength and lowers cholesterol. 

2. Amla for Vitamin C Booster : Amla is a very rich source of Vitamin C and also loaded with lots of anti oxidants and minerals & Vitamins.

3. AloeVera for Tissue Repair: Aloe Vera is so popular these days. They can work wonders for skin and helps to reduce blemishes. The Egyptians call it the "Plant of Immortality".

4. Amla Giloy and Ashwagandha for Immunity: Amla again helps to boost immunity. Giloy and Ashwagandha helps to build inner strength.

5. Triphala Cumin for Digestive System: Triphala and Cumin are both known to help in the Digestion process.

These are priced at INR25 each for 40ml. It is sufficient for a single dose.
There is no added sugar. Shelf Life is for 6 months.

I really found the product is Unique and Innovative. Though how much does it work or benefit can be judged only after taking them for a while. I just had one each. All of them tastes quite fine.

They are convenient to use and easy to carry.
Do share your experience if you have tested these.

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Happy Reading!

Do Share Your Thoughts...

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