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Book Review: Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan - Remnants Of The Sikh Empire

Book Review: Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan - Remnants Of The Sikh Empire:

Hi Friends,

" Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind...."
                                                                               By - Nathaniel Hawthorne

I have always been fascinated by history and historical monuments and the stories behind them. Each monument has its own journey and story to tell!

Recently I read a book named as Sikh Monuments In India & Pakistan! Here is my review and all the information about the book:

Plot Summary: This book is an unique guide to many important Sikh monuments located in India & Pakistan. It catalogues numerous structures historically associated with the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh during early 19th Century. From Mughal to Sikh edifices, this book shines a spotlight on undiscovered masterpieces including Forts, Havelis, Palaces etc across theses countries.
It narrates the history behind these structures and also sheds light on the rich cultural traditions associated with the powerful nobles and courtiers of Lahore Durbar.
Some of these structures include strategic forts built in the tribal areas of Pakistan by the legendary Sikh hero Hari Singh Nalwa, the existence of which is completely unknown to the general public.

Author: Bobby Singh Bansal

About the Author: Bobby Singh Bansal is a writer, historian and documentary film maker. The author traveled extensively across remote regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border with the assistance of the Pakistan Army, in order to compile rare footage that documents these habitations.

Published By: Hay House Publishers India

No. Of Pages: 269

Price: INR 399

My Review:

Firstly, I would really like to appreciate the author, since it is evident that he has done some great amount of research in writing this book. He must have put lot of hard work in shaping this book.
I would say it is a typical book of History and is full of Historic information and facts about the mentioned monuments. It has a picture of that monument and all the related information & relevant background, with no glossy stories to spice it up!
It is strictly a "No Nonsense" Book!!!

If you are someone who are really into History and Historic building and monuments then definitely you will love this book. It is not a light read, rather it is an information guide about the Sikh Monuments in India & Pakistan.
As for my personal experience, since I live in India and never knew anything about the Sikh monuments in Pakistan. So, it was kind of interesting to know that there is\was a lot of Sikh history in Pakistan as well.

One thing I really appreciate in the book is the allocation of the chapters. Chapters are bifurcated according to the places Or Regions. So, you could just pick a chapter about that one particular city or region. It looked convenient and systematic to me as a reader..

One thing I did not like about the book is that most of the pictures are black & white, which makes it a little boring to look at!

Also, the author claims that some of the structures mentioned in the book are very rare and less known to general public. I think all the Historians would love this book!

I think it is a good option if you are a big Historical monuments lover or doing some kind of project where you require  information about Sikh Monuments. This book can give a huge amount of material Information.
But yes, if you are someone who is just looking for a casual book related to history, then you should give this one a skip...

The book is available in both Hard copy as well as Kindle version.You can buy this book from Amazon:

Do share your thoughts in the comment section, if you read this book or what is your current favorite book at the moment...

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