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My Review: Drink Goodness Drinks

My Review:  Drink Goodness Drinks:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing good and doing their best to stay fit and happy!!!
Recently, I got to try some of the health drink from a brand "drink goodness"
Here is the link to their website These are also easily available on Amazon in a packs as well as individual.

Their drink are in the form of Oats smoothie, Yogurt smoothie, Cold Coffee etc. I really found them interesting and not typically like other health drinks!

  1.  Oats Smoothie : We all know how nutritional Oats are specially, if we take them in the breakfast. Here they bring for us Oats but with a twist and that is in the form of Oats smoothie!! :) Oats smoothie are a delicious mix of ground Oats and Toned milk. Oats are known to be full of fiber and Milk adds a protein content into the drink, thus making it super healthy.So, next time if you are running late and have no time to sit and have a proper breakfast, make sure you have something like this which will make you feel full as well as provide required energy and nutrition. I have Oats smoothies in the flavor:  Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry! These retails for INR 49 for 190ml of product. I think it is a medium priced product not super affordable not too pricy! The consistency is quite thick and will actually make you feel full.

    You can buy it here: 

  2. Yogurt Smoothie: I personally have always loved flavored Yogurts.The best part about Yogurts are that you have them anytime and they can instantly make you feel refresh and energetic. Yogurts are good for digestion. Goodness Yogurt Smoothie claims to bring you all the rich nutrients of Yogurt and 100% natural fruit pulp.These contain upto 15% real fruit pulp with no added preservatives and artificial color. My personal favorite among the lot is definitely Mango Yogurt smoothie. It taste delicious. If you love mango and Yogurt, you will love this. Retails for INR 49 for 190 ml of product. 
  3. Goodness Cold Coffee: These are ready to drink bottled coffee made from fresh cold brew concentrate  and double toned milk.These do not contain any artificial colors and preservatives.It should be consumed with in 21 days from the date of bottling. It has two variants- One is Hazelnut and second is Classic! I personally did not like the taste of Hazelnut. However, If you are a lover of really strong Coffee with almost no sugar, you might like these. 
Pick one for yourself:

I found the products to be really promising and good quality. However, as far as taste is concerned you might like some and some not!

You can buy these from Amazon in packs also. Click here:

It you are someone who likes to try something new and different, you can surely give these a try. Very useful product to carry in your bag to office and have it as a snack or while travelling!!

Till my next post...Stay Fit Stay Happy!

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