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Book Review: Betrayals & Paybacks By Sana Shetty

Book Review: Betrayals & Paybacks By Sana Shetty:

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Today I am back again with an another book review. This one is Betrayals & Paybacks by Sana Shetty.

Plot Summary: Eight years ago Vedant Birajdar fled Tamara, a small village on the banks of the river Kaveri, after a wild night out with his best friends Jay Varma, turned disastrous. Now he is back and Jay is dead, Misha is engaged to another man and his older brother Tarun, is missing. All he left with is a strange messages Jay leaves on his answering machine, before his death.
Misha does not believe her brother, Jay, committed suicide. Not until Vedant turns up at her doorstep, bleeding and seeking her help. Together they have to figure out what really happened and they have to do it quick, before the body count goes up. But can Misha trust Vedant? He had already betrayed her once before, after all!

Author: Sana Shetty

Published By: Write India

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 192

Price: INR 175/-

My Review: As the name suggests, it is a story about Betrayals, Paybacks and Revenge....The story revolves around bunch of people. Narration style of the author is really simple and clear. First few pages will certainly arouse your curiosity and you will want to read more.
The plot is build quite interestingly. The story is not something which is very unique, but it is interesting enough to enjoy the book. Very simple and comfortable to read and you can finish it off in very less time.
The suspense factor of the book is quite good and overall managed nicely. The title is very appropriate with regards to the story.
I would like to recommend this book, if you like to read mystery, thriller....It is a good and a light read!

You can buy a copy of it from Amazon:

Till my next post...Happy Reading!!

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