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Book Review: Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib

Book Review: Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib:

Hello Friends,

Hope everyone is doing great! I am back again with an another book review. The book we will talk about today, is Aqson Level 1 By Sreejib.
This book is quite different from the books I have reviewed so far, since this one is pure Fantasy and that too by an Indian Author!! I love to read fantasy books but very rarely do I come across a good Fantasy book by Indian writer.....But this book turned out to be a total exception and I thoroughly loved reading it!

About the Author: The name of the Author is Koel Ganguli. She chose Sreejib as her pseudonym because it is her husband's name. Koel was born and brought up in Kolkata. After completing Mass communication, she got into content writing. Apart from her love for writing, she likes to read, travel and sleep. Koel loves fantasy and also believes that stories choose writers and not the other way round.

Published By: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Language: English

No. Of Pages:427

Price: Paperback - INR 399/- , Kindle - INR 279/-

My Review:

I have a Kindle version of it but it is also available in paperback. You can buy either of them from Amazon.
To start with, the story is a Fantasy Fiction.

Initially after reading a few pages, it was all confusing! The plot seems to be little complex. But as and when you will continue reading, all dots will join beautifully.

The story is about a battle between God and Lucifer. But they need to fight through participating in a game, with rules and regulations. So, there are two teams in the game..One is Team God and other is Team Lucifer. I was also very curious to know the meaning of the title of the book "Aqson". Actually, both the teams need to choose a color for themselves......So, one team chooses color Aqua and the other team chooses color Crimson...Hence the name of the game is "Aqson"!!!! Liked the concept :)

The ultimate goal of the game for winning, is to become Prime Minister Of India!!..Since they choose India, as the location of the game. My first thought after reading this is how becoming a prime minister of India, can be a fantasy tale!!.....But Author did quite an excellent job in building the story and not making it look funny.

Story revolves around lot of people and based in the City of Kolkata. There is a huge diversity in the characters and all of them are well explained....From Politicians to College students to Angels to God....

Author has quite an interesting way of writing. The plot built though intricate, but it engrosses you completely and also gets laughs from you with aptly placed situational humor. I found myself  laughing at many incidents in the story. This avoided making story heavy or dull and helped in keeping its pace.
All the chapters are named after famous Hollywood movies like The Sixth Sense, A Christmas Carol, Face Off, Maleficent which adds an unique charm to the book.

Also, I would like to mention that the story has shown the bond of friendship between Appy, Ollie, Toya, Goenka, AJ very beautifully.
This book is meant for all age groups, youngsters specially can relate to the characters and their mannerisms.
I loved reading this book since it is a fantasy fiction, but not a mindless fantasy tale but a cleverly written story filled with suspense, action and lot of sense of humor.
Personally I think the politics part was too detailed at some places, which was slowing the pace of the story.

If you like to read fiction and fantasy, you should definitely check this book. I enjoyed reading this and I am sure you will also love it.  Here is the link to buy, for both Paperback & Kindle Version:

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Till my net post, Happy Reading!! :)

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