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Book Review: The Wind Beneath His Wings By Swati Lahoti

Book Review: The Wind Beneath His Wings By Swati Lahoti:

Hello My Lovely Readers,
I am back with an another book review for you guys.
The book I will be talking about is "The Wind Beneath His Wings": The Making of an IITian By Swati Lahoti.
It is a book written by a mother, about the journey of his son along with her & family while making through IIT!

About the Author: Swati Lahoti, based in Mumbai, is a writer by passion. A post graduate in English & MBA in Marketing & HR, she has worked as a copywriter with advertising agencies and a placement consultant. However, the role most dear to her heart is that of a mother, helping her two sons reach the pinnacle of success. This book is about her redemption- as a student. as a teacher, as a mother and most importantly as a daughter.

Published By: Prabhat Paperbacks

Genre: It is a true story\Inspirational\Biography

Language: English

No. Of Pages: 127

Price: INR 195/-

My Review: We often can find lots of Self help\Inspirational books for students who are preparing for competitive exams. Very rarely can we find a book meant for their parents!!

This is a book, which will not be just useful and motivational for the students, but will also be helpful for the parents specially the mothers...
Swati as a mother has described and shared her journey, throughout her son's preparation for IIT.

She has beautifully portrayed that how can a mother be a very important role in a child's journey to success. She has shared the challenges faced by Alind, her son during the preparation. How he faced those challenges and how as a mother she guided & supported.

In our Indian Society, education is often related to peer pressure, good numbers, good ranking etc.Her book sheds light on the importance of the role of parents. Just putting the kid in the best coaching center is not enough, to get a great rank & success. Parents support & motivation is needed in every step. She also shared the time table of Alind, which could be a great help for the students. Also, Swati has shared her own journey as a student in her young life and the mistakes she made and the lessons she learnt from them.

To make book more interesting and not like a typical boring motivational book, many situational cartoon presentations are included. Many a times she has related some Hindi movies dialogues or situations, to add a spice and fun element in the book!

It is not a very fat book and even the students can spare time to read this beautiful book and get the benefit out of it. The writing style of the author is very simple and with clarity. It is the kind of book, which all parents should read specially if their kids are about to start their journey towards higher education.

Overall, A nice book about a family's journey towards success.
Would surely recommend this book! Would also make a great gift for family
& friends!

Do pick a copy for yourself....

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