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Eat Healthy With Soulfull!!

Eat Healthy With Soulfull!!

Hello Friends,

How are you guys?
When ever it comes to having a healthy breakfast, the first thing that comes to mind is Cornflakes or Muesli...
But having a basic muesli everyday can be a little boring!!
Recently I came across a Muesli from a brand "Soulfull". This is the first time I have heard of this brand.We Indians are incomplete without Chaat or chatpata food in our daily lives!! Soulfull has very interestingly combined the both things the goodness of Muesli with a taste of Chatpata flavor.
So, the product I will be talking about today is Soulfull's Desi Chatpata Muesli!

About the Product:
  • From a brand named as "Soulfull"
  • A Vegetarian Product
  • Baked, Not Fried
  • No Preservatives
  • Made with Multi grains -High Fiber
  • Key Ingredients: Oats, Whole wheat flakes, Cumin, Chilli, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Edible Sunflower oil, Honey, Corn Flakes, Salt  
  • Retails for INR 245/- for 400 grams of product
  • Shelf Life : 9 months
  • Made In India

My Review:

If you are someone who does not like to have milk, then this can be a perfect alternative for you. Since this Chatpata Muesli is recommended to have with Curd or Buttermilk. I was little apprehensive to have muesli with curd because I always had cornflakes or muesli with milk. But still I tried this and was surprised since it is actually very yummy. The combination of Curd and Muesli wasn't bad at all.

So even if you are having your favorite Aloo Parantha or Egg Sandwich, still you can have this Muesli with them.Just take a bowl of Curd and add this and your yummy healthy snack is ready. I even ended up munching this as a snack!!
It is chatpata but it is not spicy! It has a very balanced sweet and salty taste.

Since it has to be eaten with Curd, So this is not restricted to just breakfast time but can be had anytime during the day. It can be an excellent snack which is yummy yet equally healthy!! :)
Often between the meals, we sometimes feel hungry...this can serve as a perfect snack.

Soulfull also offers some other great Muesli options like Muesli Masala, Fruity Millet Muesli, Crunchy Millet Muesli, Diet Millet Muesli.. I surely will be trying few other variances as well.

Also, I would like to highly appreciate the fact that the Brand is quite conscious about their responsibility towards mother nature since on the packaging, it is mentioned that the Carton is made from Recycled Paper! :)

Overall I really liked this product and would like to recommend this to everyone! It is great to try something different and this one is worth the try!!

You can buy this from:

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, share your experience if you have already tried this or any other product from Soulfull.

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Till my next post..Stay Healthy!!

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