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All About Debon Herbals Skincare Products

All About Debon Herbals Skincare Products:

Hello my lovely readers!!

In today's post, I would be sharing some of the beauty products from a Herbal Brand named as "Debon Herbals".

I had never heard of this brand before and recently only I came to know about this. Debon has a wide range of products in Skincare and Hair care.

I have a bunch of products to introduce to you guys and I would be sharing brief information about each of them below. But before that let us know a little more about the Brand!

About the Brand: Debon Herbals is a herbal cosmetic manufacturer in India since year 1993. They have a proper qualified and competent Research team, which develops their products. Debon Herbal Products are based with natural ingredients extracted from herbs and plants. Their products are approved as per the ISI standards. So, basically they have a lot of emphasis on the quality and performance of their products with the least amount of unnecessary side effects.
I must say I am really impressed with the way they design their products and the range of products offered. Debon Herbal's products are easily available on

Now lets see what all I have got:

1. Protein shampoo: The first product is in the hair care segment and it is a Protein shampoo. We all know how much protein is needed for having healthy hairs. It repairs the hairs and add a brilliant gloss to them. Key Ingredient is Protein in shampoo Surfactant Base. This one has a very mild scent to it, no unwanted strong fragrance. Great for daily use. Retails for Rs 220/- for 300 ml of product. Have a shelf life of 3 years. Comes in a very basic bottle packaging. No fancy stuff there!

Buy Protein shampoo here:

2. Dandruff Cleanser & Conditioner Shampoo: This is basically Shampoo cum conditioner. This variant is made to target problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. The key Ingredients include Methi & Neem. This Shampoo is great to get rid of the dandruff and also condition your hairs at the same time. Retails for Rs 215/- for 300 ml of product. Has a shelf life of 3 years. Great for those days when you are in hurry and do not have time to use shampoo and conditioner seperately.

Buy Dandruff Cleanser Here:

3. Hair Conditioner: The third hair care product I have is Hair Conditioner. It suited my hairs pretty nicely and my hairs feel more soft and silky after its usage.The key ingredients are Vitamin E and Aloe Vera juice. Both the mentioned ingredients are excellent for nourishing the hairs.I like to keep it in my hairs for 10 minutes after washing hairs and then rinse it off properly. Retails for Rs 210/- for 300 ml of product. Shelf Life is 3 years.

Buy Conditioner Here:

4. Hair Oil: Who can ignore the importance of Oiling your hairs and scalp regularly with a good hair oil. Debon's Hair oil is meant for hair & scalp rejuvenation. It has some nice ingredients which are known to be very beneficial and effective for having a healthy hairs. Ingredients include Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Til Oil, Neem Oil, Groundnut Oil, Brahmi, Trifla, Aloe Vera, Henna, Bhringraj, Shikaki, Neem powder. I am using this oil twice a week. Retails for Rs 108/- for 100 ml of product. Shelf is of 3 years. Would highly recommend this one.

5. Under eye Cream: The first product in the skin care segment is Under eye Cream. The key ingredients are Almond oil, Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E, Lemon Grass Oil, Lavender Oil. This cream helps to revitalize the skin around the eyes, making it appear brighter & smoother. The Application method says apply & massage for ten minutes around the eye & then remove the cream with moist cotton wool. I apply it in the same way and did not use it overnight like other under eye creams. I would say it has definitely made my under eye skin more supple and smooth. But I do not think this is effective for dark under eye circles. Retails for Rs 90/- for 25 gram which I think is a great price tag. Shelf Life is 2 years.

But Under Eye cream:

6. Vitamin E Cream: This cream has softening qualities, minimizes wrinkles and blemishes. Helps to make skin look more younger. The key ingredients are Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamin E. When it comes to making your skin look more younger and blemish free, Vitamin E is the best thing you can give to your skin. Would highly recommend this one. It will surely help to clean out your skin. Retails for Rs 88/- for 50 grams. Has a shelf life of 2 years.

Buy Vitamin E cream here:

7. Body Scrub Cream: I love using scrubs for my face and body. This one is a scrub but in a cream form. It is very comfortable to use and scrub grains are perfect for exfoliation...nor too big nor too minute. The key ingredients include Orange powder, Kapurkachli, Rose powder, Lodhra, Ambahaldi. The smell of the scrub is okay not too great. Retails for Rs 154/- for 100 gram of product. Has a shelf life of 2 years. Comes in basic tub packaging, so quite convenient to scoop out the product and use. For the price, I think i liked it..Perfect scrub specially for body!

Buy Scrub here:

8. Almond Cream: This cream will work great for people with Dry skin. It is highly nourishing. The key ingredients are Almond Oil, Witch hazel, Siketh Tel, Tankhan Khar. Here I would like to mention that for Oily skin & Normal skin, this cream can be little heavy specifically in the summers. I felt little sticky also since I have an oily skin. For Dry skin, it will work perfectly. Out of all the products, the smell of this one is strong, but not irritating at all. Can be used for facial and body massage. Retails for Rs 132/- for 100 grams of product. Has a shelf life of 2 years. The packaging is similar to other products, that is a normal tub packaging.

Buy Almond Cream here:

9. Moisturizer: I love collecting and using different Body lotions and moisturizers. I loved this one too...Very comfortable and gets absorbed easily into the skin. Very mild floral fragrance. This lotion is even suitable for Sportsmen, athletes and swimmers. The key ingredients include Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E oil, Geranium oil, Jojoba oil & Groundnut oil. This is surely one of my favorite product from the lot. Retails for Rs 225/- for 300 ml. Has a shelf life of 3 years.

Buy Here:

Overall I am really satisfied with the Debon Herbal's products. They are affordable and are of good quality. Make sure you try at least one product from the Brand and do share your experience.

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Till my next post...Stay Happy! :)

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