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Book Review: It Was A Happy Trusting World, Then! By Vilas Kale

Book Review: It Was A Happy Trusting World, Then! By Vilas Kale:

Hello Lovely Readers,

I am back again with another book review. The book of the day is " It Was A Happy Trusting World, Then"! By Vilas Kale...

It is a travel related book.Basically, it is a travelogue of a hitchhiker's journey through Middle East and Europe in 1971.

Plot Summary:
Inspired by Western hitchhiker's, the cousins Vilas, Kumar and Vidula plan out their own trip. Travelling on a shoestring budget, they complete the journey by ship, bus and friendly lifts. Starting in Bombay, where they board a  ship, the narrative takes us through the Shah's Iran and some East European 'Iron Curtain' countries and onwards to Europe giving us vignettes of lands of a wholly different political era.

Published By: The Write Place

Genre: Travel

Language: English

No. Of  Pages: 110

Price: Rs 199/-

About the Author: Vilas Kale,66 is a social worker and businessman settled in Nagpur. He has been able to successfully balance his business with his social work and activism and also pursue his many hobbies including  passion for travelling. He is a trainer in public speaking and leadership skills. In the last few years he has started taking classes on the teachings of Samarth Ramdas and Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi.

My Review:
I love travelling and love to read and hear other people's travel experiences. So if you are a travel junkie just like me, then definitely you will like this book.

This is a simple travelogue and no fancy fiction! The main beauty of travelogues are, that they transport the readers to that time or place and eventually make them feel part of the journey.

You will feel as if you are reading the Author's personal dairy, since everything written is so simple and to the point.
This book is about all the travel experiences of Author Vilas with his two cousins, in 1971. I was really interested to read this book since it was about the world that existed much before I was born! It was fun reading about how the places and cultures were at that time.The Author has explained his first time experiences to those cities, their culture, people etc.. How some particular place looks like from the ship, then at the dock and then the city and people.

It was also interesting to read about travel through ship through such a long distance. The first few pages of the book is fun where he has explained all the travel preparations in a shoestring budget and our very own Indian Jugaads!

Overall, it is a very simple book or a dairy of a traveler.You can easily finish it in couple of days. It is a type of book which person from any age group can read... If you are in your 50/60's then also you can enjoy the book, since you can relate to it Or if you are someone like me who was born much after 70's, then also you can enjoy and know about that time of No Mobiles and No Internet!! :)

The ending of the book is also quite good, in which Author compares few of the places he re-visited recently, after his first trip. How some of the places have lost its charm while some of the places are as charming as before!

Author has also shared his photographs and post cards :)

It is a great one time read for any travel enthusiast!!

Do pick one copy for yourself:

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Till my next post, Happy Reading!

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